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Ichiro and three two-base hits after an interval of seven years.  Four series of defeatss of Mariners by one runs batted in as many as three scores.

Ichiro of U.S. Major League and Mariners took an active part to four continuous fight Final Race with White Sox by "The 1st and light" with the forerunner participation doing and five at bat three safe hit one runs batted in three scores in the enemy's territory on the 29th (the 30th in Japan standard time). Mariners is defeated by 5-9, and is lingua as for four series of defeatss.
Ichiro at the right time stepped on the home of two game serial preemptive attack of Cottiman when the two-base hit that broke one base line in the first at bat was shot.
Shooting two-base hit between left and center field, and serial multi safe hit of two games of the second at bat. It returned alive to To home base of Cottiman. The third at bat also shoots this two-base hit of three game flat knots between left and center field also by Secandogoro in the fourth at bat received in seven time one death one base, and marks runs batted in at 14 games. In addition..third base..now..Sue..steal..decide..wild pitch..this..game..score..log..lingua.The fifth at bat fell in a central fly, and the batting average was raised to one rin for 30 percent oneminute by five at bat three safe hit one runs batted in one stealing three scores on this day. Ichiro..game..safe hit..June..now..Sue.Having shot three two-base hits by one game became the second times of majors in 2003.

The game is deprived of three times by White Sox that chases two points, deprives Pierre of four points at the right time by two points in the two-base hit etc. , and succeeds in the reversal. It deprived of an additional point little by little in one offensive afterwards as two person serial home run shot out to two at bat serial solo, Conelco, and Quentin in Castro, and Mariners was thrown off. The pitching staff piled up the lost point, and other Mariners ..White Sox.. ate four lengths though ten safe hits and the batting lineups showed power as Ichiro shot three two-base hits.


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Ichiro and Mariners five at bat one safe hit five series of defeats 2010.7.31 12:32

The Ichiro outfielder of Twins Mariners (target field on the 30th) Mariners was a forerunner participation doing, and five at bat one safe hit in "The 1st and right wing". Batting average and 310. It is defeated by 3-5 and 5 series of defeatss of Mariners.

The flight, and Ichiro plays and falls end and as many as three times in the grounder when mesne the launch of one time and the first ball. It cut in the struck out swinging and it was taken in the chance of six time two death third base where two points were chased though the straight ball of the external angle was carried to the adversity in the third at bat of five times. The fifth at bat of nine times is two grounders.

Mariners bathes in two point home run in Tormi by Pfister of the forerunner when the runner is permitted from two deaths twice because of the error of Figins and carries out a preemptive attack. It permitted to three times and when one point was lost by twining the error, an additional point was permitted to five times by two point home run of Casheya.
Mariners did not reach though connected the the batting lineup with six times and returned the 3 on.

In the practice before it fights of Twins, Ichiro of Mariners that confirms the feeling of the fence of the target field visited for the first time Http://www.sanspo.   com/mlb/images/100731/mla1007311155008-p1.jpg http://www.sanspo.com/mlb/images/100731/mla1007311155008-p2.jpg

【 pitcher ](Ma)Pfister, light, Orson, and ..B.. Sweeney-bird
(Ts)Baker and crane, Mihares, Geriar, and Cappsumauar
【 responsibility pitcher ](victory)Nine Baker victory nine defeat (S) Seven Pfister 3 of ..defeating..) victory ..Capps 1 S (.. defeats
【 home run ](Ts)Two the 13th Tormi Laon and 2 the first Casheya Laon

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Ichiro of U.S. Major League and Mariners was ..Royals war on base ground.. absent for putting a left calf on the 27th (the 28th in Japan standard time). Kenji Jojima is "The 7th and catcher" and the log linguas as for the forerunner participation doing and one safe hit one runs batted in. Mariners is defeated at Royals, and no four successive victories of the game.

It did not participate in the game though Ichiro who was absent because of four game serial moved its body by catch and the batting practice, etc. before it played a game. Expectation of judging participation while it is because there is still sense of incompatibility when running, and seeing state in the future.

The timely hit to the left line was shot at the second at bat that had been received in the no death second base though Jojima fell in the struck out swinging in the first at bat. The third at bat received by two deaths 2 in the third base is a struck out swinging. However, the hit to the left line is stricken to the fourth at bat, and this day is four at bat two safe hit one runs batted in.
The batting average became nine rins for 20 percent threeminutes.

The game added two points every seven times when extending one's lead in two Laon (six times and Caraspo that Royals had faced by one point lead of 3-2), added one point to nine times, and threw off Mariners. It won victory by 8-4 though two points every nine times were deprived.


【 pitcher ])Davies and light and Chen B Panya
(Ma)Pfister, Vanellus cinereus, and messenger-Jojima
【 responsibility pitcher ](victory)Pfister 1 of ..defeating..) victory 5 Davies victory 9 defeat 1 ..(.. defeat
【 home run ])B, two the fifth Panya Laon, and the fifth Betancort solo and 2 the eighth Caraspo Laon
Two the 11th Dehess Laon
(Ma)Wilson 5-2 Laon


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