The inspection committee that checks the lethargy sumo wrestling understands in Japan Sumo Association and having noted it has understood the 28th through nine piles (former grand champion sumo wrestler and Chiyonofuji) and Onoue's (former small join and beach-Shima) both master = Onoue = Sekiwaki and To capital (24).  nine = piles = champion sumo wrestler and Chiyotaikai (33) who fought by the Summer Sumo Tournament end

When Chiyotaikai opens its body and this match is pushed down, the body of the To capital is an easy turn.
Chiyotaikai extruded there, and leading was decided. After typing out, the Tomozuna inspection chairman (former Sekiwaki and Teru) called the master because he had gone up best ..this.. to ..opinion with "It wants both to do care".. inspection from Hanaregoma appeals and trials Director-General (former champion sumo wrestler and Kaiketsu).

The To capital is an injury of the right ankle and the straddle is profit Kazu.
The sugar diabetes and the muscle strain of a left thigh, and because energy was not felt, proptosis lingua Chiyotaikai is "It is oral and care stripes lingua", and chairman ..whole body Jocsou (.. Tomozuna the best ..this.. as for an Kado turn of the 13th times in history though the state of).
When he or she spoke, "The person in question is strictly warned", both masters are Iu.


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