The Sado Ke Take room of the Grand Sumo Tournament left by aircraft of the New Tokyo International Airport departure on the second for the friendship sumo wrestling (the sixth the fifth) in the Netherlands. It launched out into holding by assuming prevention to be thorough as a strong demand of the Netherlands and a special guard situation were paved though discontinuance was temporarily decided due to new influenza.


35 room affiliates such as bosses and wrestler ..face mask.. appear in the applying airport. The master and the Sado Ke Take boss (former Sekiwaki and harp-young)There may be the feeling tense by you. It was told the action to refrain all.

It spoke.  Going out other than the event are bans in the locale based on the group action. To avoid going into of outside man such as fans, the guard is specially disposed to the entrance of the hotel.


On the other hand, = Sado Ke Take = : from Bulgaria ..champion sumo wrestler and Kotooushuu (26) where parents are invited... It enjoys meeting parents. Because the washroom is steady, it is safe. It solved and the smile was shown.



Cotocouki and Sado Ke Take boss (At intervals of two people) Kotooushuu faced the souvenir picture with affiliates before the Netherlands leaves (From the left).






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