Kenji Jojima/Major League Marinersの最近のブログ記事

.doing large Yab.. suffer a series of defeats.

For putting a left calf on the 31st (the first in Japan standard time), Ichiro of U.S. Major League and Mariners was ..three continuous fight first match.. absent with done Angels on the base ground. Kenji Jojima doesn't participate either. Mariners suffers a crushing defeat to Angels by 0-10, and is lingua as for two series of defeatss.

It takes extra precaution and it doesn't participate from this game on this day though it is Ichiro who also has the possibility of the return.
It became serial absent eight games by this. The line of battle is scheduled to return to fight the second of doing in a day tomorrow as a starting member.

Angels overwhelms Mariners to the game by pitching and hitting. Geraro is two 12th fourthLaon in hunter's sacrifice fly that continues when carrying out a preemptive attack the third every three times as for one point. The fifth Rivera deprived to five times and the cleanup deprived of in large quantities ten points in playing a big roll of eight runs batted in as Geraro shot these two 13thLaon of two game flat knots at three 21stLaon and seven times. Saunders of the forerunner enumerated Kajime Sue 11 in the nice pitching of 7 time 3 safe hit no lost point now when throwing out.

【 pitcher ](E)Saunders and Berg French
(Ma)French, Jacbauscas, messenger, and ....low.. -.. Johnson
【 responsibility pitcher ](victory)Four French of ..defeating..) victory 11 Saunders victory seven defeat four ..(.. defeats
【 home run ](E)Guerrero 12-2 Laon, 2 13thLaon, and Rivera 21-3 Laon

Japan is good country!
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Kenji Jojima marked the forerunner participation doing and one safe hit by "The 7th and catcher". In the game, Mariners is lingua in Royals as for the shut-out defeat.

Jojima had shot the hit at the first at bat before the center of Mariners that became the only safe hit.
It is killed both, and one three at bat safe hit on this day of the second at bat and the third at bat to the short grounder.
The batting average became one rin for 20 percent fourminutes.

The Glynn key to the Royals forerunner marked nine times in the game, and the throw of the masterpiece sealed off was announced to one safe hit no lost point, and 13 Kajime was marked. The the batting lineup that became silent in front of Rolland Smith of the Mariners forerunner also covered the Glynn key to five times depriving Oribo of the 3 on at the right time, and Royals took down Mariners by 3-0.

Japan is good country!
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