The world table tennis championship Yokohama rally in 2009, and the young man in Japan is a breakthrough lingua. International Table Tennis Federation..homepage..China..approach..genius..criticize..Niwa..table one's teens..young generation..gain power.

However, Miztanihayabsa Seiya Kishikawa (21) (19) of the men's doubles is severe and the reality of Japan men's table tennis of bronze medal one after an interval of 12 years is severe. Fact..this time..rally..score..medal..among..Japan..this..copper..women's doubles..South Korea..copper..remain..all..China..Hong Kong..contain.Why is China's table tennis such strong?

This is a little different though there was an answer of" "Because of national game for the question by question site "Yahoo wisdom bag". As for table tennis, it is not only the barrel one of popular sports for Chinese, and correct because of a part of the entertainment of people dimension.

All of the 1.3 billion whole numbers not only have acquired the capability of table tennis at a moderate level through the school education when an easy expression is done but also it enjoys playing table tennis in life over the life. In most cases, there is a ping-pong table like the park, and is a Sterculia nobilis gem in many of general shops.

And, those who love table tennis of the old age that seems more than an unpleasant one's forties, in one's fifties, deflecting it are playing table tennis in such a public blue sky table tennis place.

The appearance of the view that people of the old age are doing the sumo wrestling and the judo at the street corner is rare though there are a national game and popular sports like the sumo wrestling, the judo, and baseball, etc. also in Japan. Table tennis is not so in the much more. The width of thigh of thickness of the layer is different at all.

The boy representative's Miyazaki Yoshihito supervision calmly : in the rally now. 「The target is overthrow China to the last. The problem is the future. 」
It is Iu when having said.  solve
When the part of the base not visible is matched, the wall in China that should overthrow it is too high usually.

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