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The 53th Kansai business group land championship (backup such as Mainichi Newspapers) began in Hyogo and the Amagasakishi memorial park athletic field on the 15th.
Kayoko Fukushi (Wacoal) wins the championship the girl there are man and woman 10,000 meters at the first day the fourth.
Shigefumi's Igawa (Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) did the first victory of the boy at 29 minutes 2 seconds 00.

 - ... As for the girl 10,000 meters, Fukushi decorated the return race since the all-Japan business group opposition girl long distance relay in December last year. The left foot fundus of gallbladder is hurt after all-Japan preliminary contest, and the New Zealand training camp of Japan Land Transporting in February is nonparticipation.
It quietly endures it in the tail though the first 1000 meters are slow paces of 26 seconds of three minutes in the race in which six people participated.
The pace of 80 seconds is carved once, and last spurt at a dash by 9000 meters.
It tightened by Hashiri of the last 1000-meter's ..bifid.. 56 seconds and dignity.
Fukushi「The race has not become accustomed yet. It becomes easy, it becomes painful, and the race is feelings bad. 」It seemed to be satisfactory in a race after a long time though was good.

 - The first the 53th Kansai business group land championship day (Hyogo and Amagasakishi memorial park athletic field on the 15th)= headquarters backup
【 boy ]- Shigefumi Igawa (Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)10,000-meter 29 minutes 2 seconds 00
【 girl ]- Kayoko Fukushi (Wacoal)10,000-meter 33 minutes 13 seconds 83

22-May 15, 2009 Mainichi Shimbun:15


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