The war pole changed greatly from the start by the remainder for one year. Catchphrase of rising in arms performance held in the first gym in Yoyogi was "Succession" last March The PRIDE color appeared thickly.

However, they were difficult to say to have shown the battle the same as the expectation. Only Misaki : leading since war ultra participation.
Has been defeated at the Misaki by one by the championship on January 4. It is Satoru Kitaoka to show opposite a sense of existence.
I was going to do in the war pole though am an important game and am Kitaoka the impression that wins and doesn't cut a lot of the judgment conclusion in home Molva molva's Pancras who is to nail setting fire spectator's eyes by the character ..serial and the null cis tick of the win by one.., to give Gomi, and to win the Lightweight title.

- Satisfaction of 5.2 war pole and "..name.. real"

Star..player..name..developing..promising..share..show.'War pole-the 8th formation-' that had been done in the Yoyogi The Second gym on May 2 was a rally brought into relief only with stance Oku in a present war pole.
The offing departure of the day and Masanori Kanahara who makes the seat of the favorite Ban'ishi further by perfect game carrying improve the febris of the hall by the offense and defense of the non-stop.
The impact with a big sharp KO play of mull Ron Sandro was left. The Omigawa road size is TKO win in the advantage on a physical side by having dropped the class together at a confident battle. "Neo-judo" style of Omigawa where the judo and boxing were fused is approaching the region of completion. Atmosphere who doesn't seem to be the fighter of the Takimoto sincerity muttered, "Honesty and ...... not thought to be able to win" while winning a sweeping victory to the comeback war faced putting the retirement is strangely unforgettable.
"It was interesting more than the expectation though it was a player alone who did not know when seeing. "The spectator who held such an impression in the rally now must be not few.

On the other hand, stances of DREAM that exists in the war pole and the rivalry as two large majors event of Japan are quite different.
Expectation of the the greatest class and "Interest the same as the expectation" are demanded from "I'm looking forward to it ..more than the expectation.." war pole in all rallies in relaid DREAM at prime time. If the expectation is 100, it is a failure in the rally in 90 points. Because the spectator mobilization and the audience rating are assessed every time severely, it is "Immediate effectivity. " to count

- What "Necessary evil" of DREAM plans

The confrontation of fan coveting Calvin is achieved in the return war of Tocic Yamamoto "KID" in 'DREAM.9' (Yokohama Arina) on May 26 ..final match of the middleweight throne and lower reaches of a river Tatsuya vs.J.Z of Jayson "Mayhem ....." of the mirror.., too. It is 'Super-Halc tournament. ' of the open category to be announced only a not good pushingVoves Sapp and Jae phone man, and it is complete and projects of valuing the audience rating to Minowaman to which even former major-leaguer's Jose Canseco allows one's name to be added furthermore. Isn't this "Necessary evil" to appeal to general layer though seem to be criticized from conscientious fan?Canseco..remote control..hand..stop..viewer..as it is..lower reaches of a river..Calvin..Jacarei..mayhem..see..fan..bird clapper.It might be sponsoring person's plan.

The pole of the war ..the stance different.. and DREAM are good faiths against "What we now should do". Improve the satisficing by real ""
Face the people depressing it to the project that can be thought to be an Kiwa thing. The both wheels becomes complete, the cycle is raised, and the restoration of , Japanese combative sports field is achieved.



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