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Only in a Japanese girl, Ishikawa Yoshizumi (16= Miki-House JSC) in the 99th place in world rank who had entered ..singles 8.. ..strong.. was defeated at Chou of two Olympics rally serial gold medal (China) in 1-4 in the quarterfinal.
It overcame many times in the rally, and it deprived of the second game. To fighting with the existence of the yearning「Happiness to So help me. There were a lot of studying. I want to become a player who can win reflecting the following. 」It was spoken by the radiant look.
Fighting secondarily after China had opened of August, '07. Cho : though the consequence is the same as 1-4. 「It was surprised. Growth is very early. There is a possibility of becoming rival in the future. 」With the highest praise. Do the meditate for a long time that the difference of the Fukuhara grinding stone river is asked and the assessment lingua of the latent ability of Ishikawa , saying that "Is a little on?".
Fukuhara expected as two main columns of a Japanese girl and plains are the second rounds and the assessment of Ishikawa where the other party who exceeded it by defeated inside and world rank was broken one after another is on the eel early.
The Japanese girl's Murakami supervision expected 16 years old ("Ishikawa was the strongest before the rally though the location that followed Fukuhara and plains now" and a valuable left handedness) as a main shaft of representative's doubles.
Still, Ishikawa :. 「It was not momentarily of the desire being able the win. It is not good at all. 」Clearly. The ace at the next generation aims on ..avaricious (avarice)...



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