Both of the one Osaka prefectural Police investigation division and the Nishinari station assumed that the taxi driver would be threatened by the 14th and the fee was trampled down and arrested former bruiser's Torres Martinez and both suspects of (21) = Osakashi Hiranoku and Yamamotoyo your (21) = same city Nishinariku = Takefumi by the apparent robbery.

Suspect Torres has come in the 15th place of the bantamweight of World Boxing Council (WBC) according to the homepage of the West Japan boxing association. It retired according to one investigation division in April.

When it takes the taxi from Sakaishi around 9:40PM, March 17th, and it will arrive at Osakashi Nishinariku Kitatsumori 4 in about 40 minutes, the suspicion of the arrest grips the arm of woman driver (58) and is a doubt of trampling down about 6000 yen of the threat and the fee, "Pay".

It escapes without taking anything because the driver sounded the personal alarm according to one investigation division though suspect Torres started depriving driver's jacket pocket of cash. The palmar pattern gathered by the taxi is suspect Yamamoto's and an accordance lingua.


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