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Prop shunsuke Nakamura joined the representation from Japan. The Chile war after it returns home from Scotland
It takes a rest for 2 days in aversion Shite, and more and more start linguas of the adjustment. "Everyone wants to take communications, and to spend time importantly. "The Uzbekistan war on June 6 from which it refrained after it had Belgium fought was tightened and sensorium Shite and the expression were tightened.

The nail is pierced to the optimism mood though another victory to the World Cup. 「It is difficult to win to Uzbekistan away. Is not everyone paralyzed?The other side also is obstinacy, and is sure to aim at the third preliminary contest place. 」。The caution was not loosened to an other party alone who drew to 1―1 at home last October. The win point is not calculated. "Do one's best to three remainder games. "

Sue missed 4th straight victory in Scotland Premier League now. The state of the hip joint is cause for concern.
The last stage of the league game struck the shot of the pain reliever and took part in the game. The condition is not thorough as spoken, "The body is plane".
Still, Toshi's Nakamura existence is indispensable for the team that faces an important phase.
「(soreness)It says and. And, if the performance falls, the player only of it. 」。
Offered strong determination and consciousness have blotted to the representation from Japan in tips of the language.


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