U20 (20 years old or less) world championshipの最近のブログ記事

The 2nd U20 (20 years old or less) world championship of Rugby did the final and the consolation final in four halls such as Tokyo and Chichibunomiya on the 21st in the final day, and the final of the same to last time card won a sweeping victory to England by 44-28 by New Zealand, and accomplished 2nd straight victory. The rhythm is gripped from a serial attack of Vax in the FW war though inferior New Zealand, and it reverses it by SO Cruden's PG at 25 the first half minutes.
It threw it off by Cruden and the trie etc. of WTB Guildford afterwards.

Japan that faced the final match of 15th place in Aichi and Ruisui deprives Uruguay of eight trie, and the rally first wins by 54-17 now. The low rank escaped, and the rally was finished in last time and the 15th same place.

Playoff hall: Chichibunomiya
New Zealand 44-28 England

3-4 final match hall: Chichibunomiya
Australian 5-32 South Africa

Five-final match of 6th place hall: 13-68 Rebestawalz France

Seven-final match of 8th place hall: 3-9 Rebestailrand Samoa

Nine-final match of 10th place hall: Hanazono Tonga 25-28 Scotland

11-final match of 12th place hall: Hanazono Argentine 27-10 Fiji

13-final match of 14th place hall: Canadian 22-32 Italy in Ruisui

15-final match of 16th place hall: Uruguayan 17-54 Japan in Ruisui


The 2nd place in 1st place New Zealand the 3rd place in England the 4th place in South Africa the 5th place in Australia the 6th place in France the 7th place in Wales the 9th place in Samoa 8th place Ireland the 10th place in Scotland the 11th place in Tonga the 12th place in Argentina Fiji The 14th place in 13th place Italy the 15th place in Canada the 16th place in Japan Uruguay

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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