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The 2nd U20 (20 years old or less) world championship of Rugby did the final and the consolation final in four halls such as Tokyo and Chichibunomiya on the 21st in the final day, and the final of the same to last time card won a sweeping victory to England by 44-28 by New Zealand, and accomplished 2nd straight victory. The rhythm is gripped from a serial attack of Vax in the FW war though inferior New Zealand, and it reverses it by SO Cruden's PG at 25 the first half minutes.
It threw it off by Cruden and the trie etc. of WTB Guildford afterwards.

Japan that faced the final match of 15th place in Aichi and Ruisui deprives Uruguay of eight trie, and the rally first wins by 54-17 now. The low rank escaped, and the rally was finished in last time and the 15th same place.

Playoff hall: Chichibunomiya
New Zealand 44-28 England

3-4 final match hall: Chichibunomiya
Australian 5-32 South Africa

Five-final match of 6th place hall: 13-68 Rebestawalz France

Seven-final match of 8th place hall: 3-9 Rebestailrand Samoa

Nine-final match of 10th place hall: Hanazono Tonga 25-28 Scotland

11-final match of 12th place hall: Hanazono Argentine 27-10 Fiji

13-final match of 14th place hall: Canadian 22-32 Italy in Ruisui

15-final match of 16th place hall: Uruguayan 17-54 Japan in Ruisui


The 2nd place in 1st place New Zealand the 3rd place in England the 4th place in South Africa the 5th place in Australia the 6th place in France the 7th place in Wales the 9th place in Samoa 8th place Ireland the 10th place in Scotland the 11th place in Tonga the 12th place in Argentina Fiji The 14th place in 13th place Italy the 15th place in Canada the 16th place in Japan Uruguay

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International Rugby Football Board (IRB) was announced that father in New Zealand WTB Guildford that had been won the championship in U20 (20 years old or less) world championship on the 21st died on the 22nd.
Father who had been watching finals by Tokyo and Chichibunomiya Rugby Field fell in the heart stroke, and was transported to the hospital immediately after the end of the game. Guildford deprives of eight rally trie now, and wins the king trie.


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Pacific nations cup of Rugby was done in Fiji on the 23rd, and Japan was defeated at junior All Blacks by 21-52(0-40 in the first half), and became two series of defeatss.

Japan became a painful deployment from which it was deprived of six trie only in the first half, and turned by 0-40.
The sunday punch lingua sounded the lost point in the first half and was completely defeated as it entered the latter half, and eight NO. Kitatani every five minutes ..first trie.. deprived of three serial decision trie.


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The new world record that Irie Ryousuke of the swimming race boy 200-meter backstroke (Condai) gave spoke and chairman Kazuo Sano of Japan Amateur Swimming Federation spoke the problem like the unofficial recognition from International Amateur Swimming Federation (FINA) on the 16th, "The log is heard whether to be recognized officially the announcement on the 23rd or 24". When the domestic bathing suit manufacturer of plural data gathering linguas is speaking from FINA, it is Iu.
In the bathing suit made by the Decsente company that had been worn when the creek puts out the new world by the Japan-Australia opposition in May, it becomes outside authorization by the bathing suit review of FINA, and it is a slight situation whether the log is recognized officially. Moreover, chairman Sano ..what the creek had worn.. described the bathing suit of 136 types in the inclusion total about this result time of the announcement though it was supposed to examine again with ..the problem amending.., "The report has not come from FINA".


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Mortifying..debut..swim..silver medallist..Tajima..Nene..)..retire..OL.
It is ..".. .... mortifying to win 2nd place a prize in the Sydney Olympics swimming race 400m Individual Medley in 2000.
Money. Former swim silver medallist Tajima yasuko among whom" is popular in one sentence.

The value of the retirement and the silver medal of the swimming race field was carried out next July ..how many trowed.. and the actress debut with ..pull.. spectacle society was carried out.
However, the executive of the league was done to Japan Amateur Swimming Federation that belonged Tajima without permission with this retirement and the spectacle society, and was a situation (Of course, the response of the mass communication is included cold 'Saizor') of no person who got indignant considerably at that time and did.

Only the minor part finally came to have been given though it went forward on the acting career by the formation of the backwater.
The majors advancement is a guest stopping to 'Let's stay at the country' in the tele east for NHK serial television novel 'Family' of 03 years and 06 years. Such Tajima quietly gave up one's acting career in 08.

「Please leave it alone because the member of the public now. It doesn't comment about the swimming race. 」
At home where the mass communication visited coverage, mother Eiko in Tajima is Iu when having talked.
The dream in the future is a designer it or an actress. This prosperity is too lonely though Tajima declared that it doesn't hesitate in surroundings. Though it hears of the rumor of location of powerful pressure in Tajima where the transfer to the spectacle society had been said at that time from the surrounding of Tajima.

Well, Japan Amateur Swimming Federation that belongs Tajima is in Kishi Memorial Gymnasium in Yoyogi.
You may say the head temple that bundles the amateur game of Japan though the one built at the Tokyo Olympics of 64 years of holding. As for the executive of the league and the association, man who put the excellent record in the Olympics and the world rally has installed on the executive though any game is so. The Japan swim appears one after another a speciality and a powerful player of the Olympics in the multitude.

「As for the league, Gotagota doesn't discontinue for a long time though Hiroko Nagasaki is also so. A present bathing suit problem is so. The problem increases, too, if money gathers only in the speciality though the sponsor and the revenue circumstances are richer than other leagues. 」The swimming race field is a journalist well informed.

It boils the same of any genre though it is said, "The name player doesn't necessarily become a famous manager" in baseball.
It seem to be ..mystery.. under the skin the misfortune Gotagota and afterwards with the spectacle society in Tajima even if the rumored pressure hangs to the public entertainments activity.

At any rate, Tajima goes to the company as contract worker's female office worker today. According to man who witnesses the commuting appearance「It is terrible and fast though is a bicycle commute even the station. It was surprised. 」The talent in the world that removes silver : so that it is made the best use of here.

However, the reporter had completely forgotten Tajima Nene until coverage was finished, too.
Not being possible to become Ka named the spectacle society : though another reason seems to exist, too.

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Mardie Brown supervision (46) of Hiroshima is the preemptive attack "Ctiu" lingua to optimism and the Nomura supervision on the 16th.
The team such as "I do not want to say the minus of my team" is ..Nom who complains.. Ticri. Two successive victories in K Sta Miyagi in the last fighting. Enemy's commander is made to be complained by successive victories further as a complete victory four wars this time.

Carp that has already decided alternating current war leading. The Brown supervision poured the preemptive attack "Ctiu" on the enemy's general by the invective to outdo the Nomura supervision.

「(In the optimism war. )The Nomura supervision only has to come to complain. It says very much or the complaint might be happy because I do not understand Japanese though it is not from the amount. 」

Confidence was shown to Cata and the optimism concrete facing while speaking to a sarcastic mixing after it had practiced in the Mazda stadium.

In the alternating current war, it fights with confidence as showing of the result to here of 12 victory seven defeat division into one.
Forerunner Iwaguma was done in the first match and KO was done four times in K Sta Miyagi of the last fighting. Though the forerunner is ..Tanaka who has enumerated eight victories of both league top Thailand on Hasebe and 18 on the 17th.. thick「Who defeats Uti even though who throws out?I think that it can win by even the first fighting by pitcher Tanaka's throwing out if baseball of Uti is done. 」It asserted it with great confidence solving.

In addition, the complaint of the Nomura supervision is Ticri. 「I do not want to say the minus of my team. A negative thing is not put out from my mouth. I think that it doesn't want to hear the fan. 」。The Brown supervision is thought that speaking ill of the player doesn't do, praise, and extend the merit. It is not complained, "You bet it is".

Full is thrown and Lewes of ..possession.. strongest Carp associate is thrown on the 17th. "Bow playfield park baseball stadium" in which the professional baseball is held after an interval of 52 years from 57 year and associate that the forerunner is powerful. 「The optimism war has been defeated last year, and wants to extrapolate the results if it throws out. I want to take the out by a little number of balls. 」It was enthusiastic. 
It regrettably defeats it in the mound where the first in the history of the alternating current war six successive victories hung last year. The fighting spirit is burnt to the revenge.

The Nomura supervision : in one side. 「It doesn't seem to be able to win Hiroshima. It was good in Pa. The low rank of outstanding when going to Se. 」The complaint doesn't stop before it fights. I want to open Nom's complaint completely by the complete victory four optimism war wars.


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"Meeting that achieves manager Valentine Lotte Mariners's residual" is a directive lingua in mass communications as for the visit to the Lotte headquarters on the 12th and the 15th and fil the signature to owner Takeo Shigemitsu appropriating. The contract renewal since the next season of this supervision is hoped for, the signature activity is done around ..Chiba.. ..the marine.., and when submission was decided because it reached, it is Iu in 100,000 person recent target from February this year ..this meeting... The Ishikawa sub-representative spoke, "Correspond to sincerity ()".

Source: Nikkansports.com

"Meeting that achieves manager Valentine Bobby's residual" composed of the fan that wishes Lotte and manager Valentine who has decided the retirement by the limit at this season consecutive pitching visits the Lotte headquarters in Tokyo and Shinjuku on the 15th, and the signature is fil to the Shigemitsu owner appropriating. ..this group.. Chiba, the deployment of the signature activity in the center.
The reaching calositas, and the decision lingua of the submission of the signature in 100,000 people whose number of signatures is target figures.
The Ishikawa baseball team sub-representative who had heard this movement from others calmly spoke, "It knew, and it was caught to do such an activity in sincerity". A lot of fans are actually divided in opinion to the voice opposed consecutive pitching hard on the Internet etc.

Sports Nippon annex

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Hiroshima was drawn by 4-4 with Sab (Seibu Dom) on the 14th at the end of 12 times of the extension.
The Brown supervision put substitution infielder's Kokubo in Suenaga of the left by a desperate large pinch of the defense and the bases full with none out of 12 times of the extension, and paved five infielder body pose in which it was made to defend behind the pitcher.

Left-..capture.. ..left grounder double play.. ..strike.. . that - 1 is unusual.  fly in front of of Kokubo the stricken strong grounder Kurose here
「It came off to Nakamae if not defensive there. Hama is the first time even here. 」(Kobayakawa blow coach)It made it big, and following Eto killed, and came away with a draw to Asot in a usual defense system.

Both fail though it attempts twice 2006 year though 5 person in Uchino plan is the 4th times in the assumption 4th year.
It the first succeeds in Nacabi now on the Sue May 6. In taking in the double play, this time is the first time.

The Brown supervision「It made it to such a defense as a means of last resort. It is understood that I think as the player cluttering, too and exists. 」The expression of and.

Two continuous fights and visitors' this one base side and right-wing seats were dyed red by the Hiroshima fan.
33,747 people and these days are super-crowded on the 13th by 32,795 people. The Hanshin game on the 11th the tenth seems to have by good Hiroshima than Hanshin of the slump and, now, to have the Cac ability in Kanto because it neither exceeded 30,000 people.

The baseball team affiliate of Seibu also「I think that it is from the giant war. It was supplemented though Hanshin game did not enter by the desire because the team was weak. 」With large thanks.

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(Seibu Dom on the 14th in 12 time of alternating current war and 4-4 Seibu Hiroshima = extension defined tie and Final Race and 1 minute Hiroshima 2 victory a defeat)

A large pinch of the bases full with none out was surpassed, and it escaped the defeat 12 times of the extension of the same point Hiroshima. Sei Uchino 5 that the Brown supervision spoke with "Dernier resort" came true splendidly.

A leftist hand, and infielder's Kokubo is alternatively, and is position in front of second base basic the left hand.
It flew in front of of the Kokubo, and it captured and an unusual double play of - 1 left-was completed though the ball of the pinch-hit and Kurose was sharp.

Kokubo who showed play settled by a sudden turn「It took a defiant attitude. As for doing, the life is the first. 」It is pleased.  Aoki that escapes the crisis「It came off when it was not five people. It was good in such a consequence. 」We expressed our gratitude. 


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・It consulted four Hikuma ... Mr. Misawa and the retirement within the year had been decided.

Mr. Mitsuharu of pro wrestler Misawa (age at death 46) who died in the Zi transection according to vertebrae cervicales (cervical vertebra) wounds hitting the cephalon hard in the game on the 13th, and having been determining the retirement by the limit this year have understood the 15th. Rong Nakata and director generalization Director-General (47) of the Molva molva announcer who had supported it as a staff post of Mr. Misawa since the creation of Nord clarified it.

After it had died suddenly of Mr. Misawa, director Nakata in Nord that had preserved silence said the fact of the shock.
When he did the decision for Mr. Misawa to retire within the year, and to send a new life as an entrepreneur, this Mr. who had visited the office in this day and Tokyo and the wan morning moon revealed it.
It is Iu when the date of the retirement and the plan after it retires were consulted in the locker room of Shizuoka and the Numazu rally held on the ninth.

 Mr. Misawa ..support.. had been said, "Staff in Misawa" since the Nord creation of August, '00.
For years, Mr. Misawa was telling the change in the frame of mind to "Sworn friend" that had both done joys and sorrows.
Mr. Nakata「It was said that the goodbye tour was not done before. I and the wife (When the retirement was near) heard it. 」With the confession.
The possibility of Mr. Misawa of determining to leave from the mat taking the opportunity of the turning point where Nord receives year tenth is high. After it retires, it is thought that it had the plan such as start-ups of the company.

However, the symbol of Nord hit the cephalon hard in other party player's rock drop, and became a person who did not return from "Numazu conference" in four Higo's Hiroshima University associations. Mr. Nakata who did not go with the tour rushes to Hiroshima, and is facing with Mr. Misawa. It was lonesomely spoken, "It was seen the laughed face".

No omission, and one's best throw always of Mr. Misawa who was to have become 47 years old on 18 days of local game. The president industry was held concurrently, and it reached critical limit mentally and physically.
There is a voice specified that far to the normal key in this tour, too.
Mr. Nakata「It was necessary to straighten the environment 2 or 3 years ago (It is possible to retire). When it is said probably because of who ...」I was muttered like blaming.

Mr. Nakata : about the new system of the group that loses the framework.
「It is necessary to decide it some time. After it settles down, I want to begin. 」It spoke. 

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Founder "Kanou jigorou" of the game will disappear from the title of the International Convention of the judo held in Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in December. The head temple of the judo that had been done on the 16th was reported in board of governors in Koudoukan. Mr. Haruki of Uemura took to the Koudoukan superintendent and the chairman of All Japan Judo Federation in April, and "Those who approved it" just moved backward from the top of the tela.
The rally started as "Hai approving Kanou jigorou association" that all Ren and Koudoukan co-sponsored in 1978.
However, it became sponsoring of International Judo Federation (IJF) this year, and it was incorporated to one of the grand slam rallies of the rating that followed the Olympics, the world championship, and Masters (four rallies a year). The new name is "Grand slam Tokyo. "
The Uemura superintendent as whom the IJF director also serves「IJF wants to unify other three horn grand slams and names. The crown lingua rally wants to think about approving master's name separately in the future. 」The idea of reviving was shown speaking.


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A judo girl Japanese representative opens the training camp in Ajinomoto National Training Center in Tokyo and Kitaku to the public on the 15th. "Different game tray" was introduced by the strengthening plan for the world championship (Rotterdam) in August.

The Ryuji Sonoda supervision is "Lead to how to make the body and the improvement of dynamic visual acuity" and a clarification though it is an aim to attempt the recreation by the training camp of ten days from the tenth. It already challenges the swim and table tennis, and the guidance of a boy Japanese representative and the Seiji Sakamaki supervision has been scheduled to be received by the handball on the 16th.
It is 78 kilo representative of a super-class, it is Maki Tsukada (27) of the Beijing Olympics this class silver medal, and = Sogo Keibi Hosho Co., Ltd. = :. 「Bathing suit?Putting on to You bet it is」Ten ..yell.. minutes to the queen world recapture , saying that "I want to stand at the center of the commendation stand" though the smile was floated. 

Http://hochi.yomiuri.co.jp/photo/20090616-265588-1-N.jpg Tsukada is ..yell.. ten minutes to the throne recapture.


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Pro wrestler: Hiroshima that falls while Mr. Mitsuharu of Misawa death playing a game

Mr. Mitsuharu, that is, Misawa pro wrestler (46) fell in president Nord in the professional wrestling Molva molva Nord Hiroshima University association that was Hiroshima prefectural synthesis gym in the Hiroshimashi Nakaku radical town at about 8:30PM of the 13th while playing a game, and the emergency was transported to the Hiroshima University hospital in the state of the cardio-respiratory arrest.
The death was affirmed according to the prefectural police Hiroshima Chuo station at 10:10.
The same police station is listening to circumstances from the sponsoring body and the opponent, etc.

Mr. Misawa participates in this day tag match according to Games-related personnel and the spectator.
Other party's backdrop was not able to be received, to hit one's head hard, and to move.
Mr. Misawa answered though the referee asked Mr. Misawa, "Were you able to move?", "It is not possible to move".
The game is a disruption as it is. When the man of the spectator that it is a doctor attempted reviving with automated external defibrillator (AED), it is Iu. At that time, there were about 2300 spectators.

Mr. Misawa belongs to the wrestling club by Tochigi and the Ashikaga worker large applying amount, and is an introduction in 81 to all-Japan professional wrestling.
It became face mask man's Tiger face mask (the second generation) in 84, and was popular.
The face mask is taken off for 90 years, and it acts by the real name.
It took an active part as an ace who followed Giant Baba and a jumbo Tsuruta both players (both deceased).
It resigns from all-Japan in 00, professional wrestling Molva molva Nord is established, and it serves as the president concurrently.
It was an acknowledged wrestler in a passive taste.


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Player Aiko Uemura was Freestyle Skiing (mogul) that fil the marriage report and in Tokyo and the shore commemoration gymnasium on the same day, held the marriage report interview by Tokyo the 11th with other party's player Kentaro Minagawa ..alpine skiing (rotation)...
The Uemura player who had bathed in an innumerable flash talked about pleasure that gripped the happiness of "It was pleased to have an interview in front of the Olympics like this" and "Gold medal class". In the future, the Uemura player will act as those like "Uemura" of the former name who play a game.

13 television cameras and about 80 reporters crowded and two appearance lingua people announced the relations appearance to reporters as the pairing of the heart type was immediately shown the interview at the beginning.
The Uemura player「It is for a long time together, and the appearance that holds out is gotten and the Mite hint is gotten. I was able to grow up as man, too. 」It solves and it greets it with a smile.
Moreover, player Minagawa who reveals Christmas last year : the proposal.
It was said, "I terribly was important, and wanted to convey even only feelings to the Olympics each other early" in a sincere expression.

The Uemura player is 29 years old in the Hyogo Prefecture birth in 1979 now. It participates from Nagano Games in the Olympics by three rally serial.
The consequence is left in the world championship held Fukushima inside a prefecture in March this year, and the representation from Japan of next year's Vancouver rally is decided informally.
Player Minagawa is 32 years old of the Niigata Prefecture birth in 1977. It participates in the Olympics by Nagano, Salt Lake City, Turin, and three rally serial as well as the Uemura player.

Http://beauty.oricon.co.jp/news/66858/full/image : the source here.
The new figure draft meeting of U.S. Major League began in Secaucus, New Jersey on the ninth (the tenth in Japan standard time), and Nashonalz nominated pitcher Stephen Strasberg of the right arm of the velocity 103 miles (about 166 kilo)(20= San Diego State University) in the first the entire place. The demand of this pitcher side is expected the aggregate amount 50 million dollars of the draft all-time high (about 4.75 billion yen), and doubted whether become mutual agreement. When the negotiation with the Na army broke down, Mr. Scott Boras also who was Red Sox Matsuzaka's agent reported the free-out extreme sports electronic version to be "Play in Japan is schemed".

It surely drinks and information with Niti this ball field has surfaced to Strasberg with 103-mile (about 166 kilo) right arm nominated to Nashonalz in the first place of the entire draft. Strasberg is a pitcher of the first place nomination of the whole of the 14th on draft history of 34 years person. The university student, and after the only entering of the representative of the United States and the agreement, the majors debut is immediately possible and criticized man of exceptional talent in the Beijing Olympics.

As the draft tracker, when the contract negotiation time limit of the same pitcher depends on the free-out dated the ninth August 17 extreme sports electronic version with the Na army, Mr. agent bolus is Iu when he will demand the aggregate amount 50 million dollars of the all-time high forehead (about 4.75 billion yen). It is Iu when insisting that Strasberg that it is major at once compared with about 52 million dollars that Matsuzaka connected with the army in 06 and playable to make it to the basis of the negotiation in the contractual coverage of Red Sox Matsuzaka should also connect the equivalent agreement.
However, it is a current state in the Na army that there is no room on the capital side. It did not agree with the crow pitcher of the 1st place nomination on the money side last year though the Rittso GM agency was optimistic , saying that "There was confidence to provide the capital to agree with the nomination player". After all, it did not arrive at the agreement as ..baseball team.. ..3.5 million dollar.. limit though the player side demanded the contract money of four million dollars or more.

There is a possibility that the negotiation breaks down this time. When the idea that Mr. bolus has Strasberg played to next year's draft in Japan is discussed when the negotiation breaks down, it is Iu according to this electronic version article. It is also possible that this pitcher still remains as it is in the university for the third grader.

For the draft tracker of Major League, the contract negotiation breaks down in the past, and there is an example that plays to the draft of next year in an independent league etc.
However, it is inevitable to expand the ripple to the Japan-U.S. ball field if the important person new figure like Strasberg plays in the baseball team in Japan. This pitcher seems to become the beginning of event of the trouble the negotiation that will start soon , saying that "What is seen to happen previously in the future" , saying that "It enjoys this moment with the friend and the family now" though he or she was delighted of the 1st place nomination.

The source: Is 166 the first place kilo right arm Japanese defluvium of the U.S. draft?

Grand champion sumo wrestler hakuhou (24) of the Grand Sumo Tournament resumes the practice in the Miyagino room in Sumida Ward, Tokyo on the third.

It starts aiming at the Nagoya Sumo Tournament (aichi prefecture gym at the first day, July 12). The sweat was thrown by the movement of doing and the foot of Koyasu etc. light.


The new grand champion sumo wrestler's birth inhibition was declared , saying that "Become a wall as long as I was" though Fuji champion sumo wrestler Hima (25) that took down a hakuhou by the playoff of the Summer Sumo Tournament and was the the first victory challenged the rope removing in Nagoya.


It is in Nagoya of three years ago that oneself challenged the first rope removing. Good results of 13 victories, 13 victories, and 14 victories (victory) were put in three places immediately before, and having permitted the victory of Qinglong to 14 Hime in the morning sounded and the promotion was put off also in Nagoya though 13 victories were enumerated.

I today am because of having been seen off at that time. The turn this time that I stop. 」。


Three places of Fuji Hima recently are eight victories, ten victories, and 14 victories (victory).

It blocks as a wall the junior of Mongolia inferior by the figure compared with own rope removing place.




Grand champion sumo wrestler and hakuhou http://www.sanspo.com/sports/images/090603/spf0906031808001-p1.jpg http://www.sanspo that enjoys catch as about 50 spheres and hakuhou pitchers after practice is finished.   com/sports/images/090603/spf0906031808001-p2.jpg http://www.sanspo.com/sports/images/090603/spf0906031808001-p3.jpg

The Sado Ke Take room of the Grand Sumo Tournament left by aircraft of the New Tokyo International Airport departure on the second for the friendship sumo wrestling (the sixth the fifth) in the Netherlands. It launched out into holding by assuming prevention to be thorough as a strong demand of the Netherlands and a special guard situation were paved though discontinuance was temporarily decided due to new influenza.


35 room affiliates such as bosses and wrestler ..face mask.. appear in the applying airport. The master and the Sado Ke Take boss (former Sekiwaki and harp-young)There may be the feeling tense by you. It was told the action to refrain all.

It spoke.  Going out other than the event are bans in the locale based on the group action. To avoid going into of outside man such as fans, the guard is specially disposed to the entrance of the hotel.


On the other hand, = Sado Ke Take = : from Bulgaria ..champion sumo wrestler and Kotooushuu (26) where parents are invited... It enjoys meeting parents. Because the washroom is steady, it is safe. It solved and the smile was shown.



Cotocouki and Sado Ke Take boss (At intervals of two people) Kotooushuu faced the souvenir picture with affiliates before the Netherlands leaves (From the left).





After the Summer Sumo Tournament, a grand champion sumo wrestler and a Hakuhou of the Grand Sumo Tournament did the first practice in the Miyagino room in Sumida Ward on the third.
The condition of the promotion of the champion sumo wrestler and Fuji Hima where it challenges rope To is declared for the Nagoya Sumo Tournament (aichi prefecture gym at the first day, July 12) and "Will win also in Nagoya as long as it does because it hits naturally" and rope To inhibition are declared, having said "Complete victory victory".
"New rival" and a fearless smile were floated.

A super-turnip of "1 in the world" that a white big bird had designed as part of a popular series and a project of the motorcycle of "1 in the world" getting ≪ ≫ Honda the 50th turnip sales anniversary reached.
It designs the figure of "69" that shows the Mongolia flag and the 69th generation grand champion sumo wrestler the keynote of the treatment.  blue that images Genghis Hearne where a historical hero in Mongolia takes the alias of "Coming Oocami"After it practices, the grand champion sumo wrestler who faced taking a picture :. 「Having thought is shape. It is not sober and not too gay either. 」It seemed to be satisfactory.  

White big bird http://www.sponichi.co.jp//sports/news/2009/06/04/images/KFullNormal20090604132_l.jpg across turnip voluntarily designed by project the 50th super-Honda turnip sales anniversary
Governor Tate large (22) = = of Ishii of the super-class gold medallist of 100 Beijing Olympics judo kilo who changes over to an integrated martial artist has an interview in Tokyo on the first, and the assertion lingua of the ultra integrated combative sports event war participation.

Hitoshi Saito who had served as the judo boy supervision of the Beijing Olympics sent the yell to Ishii of "..learning.. Otout Neno" , saying that "It wants you to improve the body and the mind taking care about the injury because the stage that I had chosen in the match". Activity was expected," "Because of man Ishii who did not compromise in tender accents though a severe comment was done in the professional conversion riot the Beijing Olympics and afterwards.

The supervision of the judo boy all-Japan of Shinichi Shinohara declared world championship (Netherlands Rotterdam on 26th - 30th in August) representative's strengthening drastic plan "Reinforcement" on the second. The victory : the reality only named Takushi Ono of 90 kilo class (28= Ryotoku-ji Temple educational institution employment) to the Shinohara supervision to return home from Russia international in which five world championship representative players participated to New Tokyo International Airport in the with a hurl of the sword , saying that "Do not talk". It was announced to be going to extend the camp training done in Tenri University on the ninth this month in ten days from first five days, and to increase the training camp to the rally once at first to four times in addition in July.

In addition, epistatic Seed of the world championship declares dispatching to Brazil international of the grand slam case (Rio de Janeiro on 4th and 5th in July) by 66 kilo class, Masato Uchishiba (30= Asahi Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.) within the eighth in the world rank that can be expected ..the place.., and Anai Tacashihata of Ono and 100 kilo class (24= Shoc)4 players except. Though the risk such as the injuries is accompanied only immediately before the championship of the world, too「It is severe if there is no seed (The epistatic advancement :). I want you to have consciousness doing and the player here severe. 」The transformation to "Demon" was sworn.  

The manifesto in ≪ Anai. ≫
All-Japan championship in April is controlled, and Anai expected as boy's ace : to the consequence of the second round defeat in Russia international. 「Suffering a disastrous defeat. Feelings might have come off. 」Discouraging.
It could do nothing but be laughed that it was ridiculed by the Shinohara supervision , saying that "If it was Ishii (present professional = martial artist), furnace as soon as not being defeated" (ridicule) without power. Moreover, Tsukada of 78 girl kilo super-class that won the championship in the Beijing Olympics since then and the game in the becoming it foreign countries seemed to have gripped response for the world championship , saying that "I want to finish it up firmly though 60(%) still".

General 100 world championship boy kilo representative of class Takamasa Anai (Tenri University employment) in August returned home from Russia international defeated by the second round as all-Japan king of the judo on the second, and it was spoken, "Suffering a disastrous defeat".

The defeat at an unnamed player in the next war by one though Iriadis of 81 Athens Olympics kilo king of the class (Greece) was won by the first round. 「All-Japan championship (April) ended, and it was stale. It was sweet. 」

All-Japan boy's Shinohara supervision. Ticri in reporters like well-known in enclosed Anai , saying that "(Converted it into mixed martial arts) It was necessary to be able ..remark.. to shoot it, please if never defeated in case of Ishii".

The Hadano gym of the judo (Kozakaicho hotel and Hadanotsyoshi superintendent) won the championship for the first time in the 21th mull cup central part boy judo rally school child's part, and decided the national convention entry done in Tokyo Budoukan following last year on September 20.

The same central part boy judo rally is a schoolchildren judo rally in which Toyo Suisan is held by the sponsor.
This year was opened by the Gifu Prefecture judo association superintendence in the Gifu arena in Gifushi on May 24.

In the part of the elementary school, 75 team are the participation linguas from nine central part prefectures. Sixth-year student's general, Szcai Suzuki, sub-general and Asakura 3, the mainstay, Wataru Hadano (captain), the next spearhead, Macotoki Kato, it vanned, Hagio Halcaki, the alternate, Koichiro Hiramatsu, Ryota etc. Isomura of 5 years, and it faced the team competition from this gym by 7 people.

There were as many as six games up to finals because there were a lot of entered teams. The Totono association judo classroom in Fukui Prefecture was broken by the fourth round, last year's representative of Ishikawa Prefecture and Takeno gym were won by the quarterfinal by 2:0, the semifinal also took down the Mikunicho judo classroom in Fukui Prefecture, and it remained in finals.

Finals were the Hashima judo boy scouts in Gifu Prefecture in last year's this university association victory team. The mainstay won by throwing over one's shoulder by one and it preceded it.
After the tie, the point was taken from the general by the hold-down, and however, the win of one mainstay was effective and a van, the next spearhead, and the sub-general were able to win the championship though he or she was couple 1.

Captain Hadano「It made inroads into best 4 for the first time, and it participated in the national convention last year. However, it holds out aiming at the first round breakthrough this year because the defeat by the first round. 」It is enthusiastic.  

http://www.tonichi.net/news.php?Seven school children in Hadano gym won the championship by mode=view&id=28210&categoryid=1 team competition
It had an interview in the place where super-class gold medallist's of 100 Beijing Olympics judo boy kilo Ishii satoshi was Tokyo during a day, and Hidehiko Yoshida et al. announced that the provisional contract was connected on integrated combative sports event "War pole (very ..not doing..)" of Japan that assumed a main battlefield and the same day.
The prime contract is scheduled to do by the person in question's request by the form of opening to the public that shortly invites fans.
I hear that when the number of games included in the agreement was made a period by the plural by about two years. The intention of the person in question who aims at the success in the integrated combative sports event of the United States including "UFC" is drawn, and the option that participation is perceived in these events is imparted to the agreement.
"Ishii is always OK. " though time and the opponent of the debut game are undecided. The debut game will be faced by "War pole-the 9th formation-(Tamano SA)" of holding this summer if it is early.

Seven classes in the total of the man and woman were done in Moscow on 30 international days of the judo in grand slam Russia the first days, and Misato Nakamura of the class bronze medal of 52 Beijing Olympics girl kilo (Mitsui The Sumitomo Marine and Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.) won the championship.
Kaoru Matsumoto (Teikyo University) defeated to Tomoko Fukumi (Ryotoku-ji Temple educational institution employment) and 57 kilo class as for 48 kilo class, and Japanese power controlled three girl classes. Ueno Megmi of 63 kilo class (Mitsui The Sumitomo Marine and Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.) was 2nd place.
The final and defeat 2nd place though Fukuoka Matsrigotoshou of 60 boy kilo class (Sogo Keibi Hosho Co., Ltd.) won through as Hiraakira Hiraoka (Ryotoku-ji Temple educational institution employment) is broken. The Otsuka Masahiko of 73 kilo class (Asahi Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.) was defeated by the third round.


Takayanagi Motonobu

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MF Takayanagi Motonobu in (J1) Hiroshima of one J League returned to the line of battle.
The injury of the back of the Uta thigh heals, and it participates the official game by the Yamazaki Nabisco cup Omiya war on May 30 after an interval of about one month.
"The momenta was a little, and there were a lot of mistakes, too. "The impression of 28 minutes in which it participated on the way is obscurity Hanai in the spoken expression though is ahead reflection.
- The actual combat sense is regained.
One one score assistance in eight official game games of Sue now until starting in advance for Yokohama M war of the league opening game on March 7, and injuring by the league Kawasaki war on April 26.
The hesitation was ..play.. lost, and it became regrettable withdrawal because it wrote and ..growth.. ..saying.. time.
"The sense of incompatibility was not able to be taken easily. " with "Even the return requires two weeks" though it was diagnostic. It took while it was a few to undergo rehabilitation.
Many of main forces are scheduled to take a rest to away Nabisco Haiooita on the third this month.
It comes in the place where the actual combat sense is regained for the inside and Takayanagi in the line at the young man center. The Petorobitti supervision expects recovery , saying that "(the 21st) It is likely to be able to take it to a good condition in the Nabisco cup for the league restart".
When pleasure that took part in the game was felt in the returning Omiya war because it renews, it is Iu. "The following turn ahead more positively, and attack it in passing and the dribble. "The posture made a foothold that rises with the ascending current again. 
Giraffa camelopardalis cup Belgium war done in Tokyo and National Stadium last night (May 31). I want to introduce the event before it plays a game here with the losing my temper calositas though representation from Japan and supervision (52) of Takeshi Okada won a great victory at a press interview by 4―0 after it plays a game though it is as telling it in assistant's this paper today (the first).

Team Bath of the representation from Japan arrived at 5:30PM. 20 recruited school children met the player in front of the locker room entrance as part of "JFA use program". MF Yasuhito Endo who had originally stepped down from a bus in the player walked while highly touching children by (29) =G Osaka =.
Afterwards, other players followed to Endo, too. Play a game..team..temporarily..dissolve..both hands..luggage..full of..player..provide..one of..hand..have..substitute..high touch..who has made.

However and .
It did not give children eyes, the high touch was not done, and there was a player who disappeared in the locker room who has made the earphone in 25 two people. I looked lonely the two Japanese representative players though it was likely already to have concentrated before it played a game.

In contrast, (30) = cell tick = is MF Shunsuke Nakamura to which it has gotten off Bath at the end.
He entered the locker room shaking hands with not the high touch but one person one. All children were chortling really looking at each other. I who had seen the spectacle became glad, too.

The player might have the idea of my own way about how before it plays a game to spend it.

However, still.
Eyes of two players and children who passed by in front of children are seen and it is Shunsuke Nakamura who has made the handshake. I think that the difference is great.

Prop shunsuke Nakamura joined the representation from Japan. The Chile war after it returns home from Scotland
It takes a rest for 2 days in aversion Shite, and more and more start linguas of the adjustment. "Everyone wants to take communications, and to spend time importantly. "The Uzbekistan war on June 6 from which it refrained after it had Belgium fought was tightened and sensorium Shite and the expression were tightened.

The nail is pierced to the optimism mood though another victory to the World Cup. 「It is difficult to win to Uzbekistan away. Is not everyone paralyzed?The other side also is obstinacy, and is sure to aim at the third preliminary contest place. 」。The caution was not loosened to an other party alone who drew to 1―1 at home last October. The win point is not calculated. "Do one's best to three remainder games. "

Sue missed 4th straight victory in Scotland Premier League now. The state of the hip joint is cause for concern.
The last stage of the league game struck the shot of the pain reliever and took part in the game. The condition is not thorough as spoken, "The body is plane".
Still, Toshi's Nakamura existence is indispensable for the team that faces an important phase.
「(soreness)It says and. And, if the performance falls, the player only of it. 」。
Offered strong determination and consciousness have blotted to the representation from Japan in tips of the language.
Japanese representative MF Honda who decides the first in representative goal by the Chile war waves the fair hair, and "Ssme of fight" is stricken and it has raised it. Representative call since preliminary contest of Asian cup Bahrain war in January. It peculiar to the Japanese refined to feel by a representative after a long time obedience.

「Gangan is disputed in the Netherlands (While practicing). Unnatural feeling now.  the natural environment it..man...  terrible all」。
It is not bad that relations are players good. However, the meaning war that is if going out to the pitch.
Disputing might lead to growth each other.
「If anything is endured, saying doesn't have the massage. Fight might be done and the other party be gotten to know though it is thought correct answer Hanai. It is impudent that it quarrels and the calositas and my goodness assumes to not being how. 」。
"Maxim" of the Netherlands 2 in Sue Mitral valve prolapse was ever-growing now.

The source is http://www.sponichi.co.jp/soccer/news/2009/05/30/02.html. 
Cannot the war of Uzbek Tamada 6.6 occur?... As for Japan Okada, the FW formation is catastrophic.

The possibility to be driven in to the situation with catastrophic FW formation of Japan Okada that puts this war ticket on an Asian final preliminary contest of the World Cup and the Uzbekistan war (Tashkent) on June 6 has come out the 29th. The Chile war on the 27th, and Keiji progression of the disease lingua FW Tamada takashi(29) is this Hiwake menu and adjustment.  the pain in the right ankleThe absence of the Giraffa camelopardalis cup and the Belgium war (national) on the 31st is decided, and fear that influences the Uzbekistan war has come out. The miscalculation that main force FW suffers from the accident seems to continue, and to be going to face the hot match in the contrary wind.

The accident overcame it FW of the resort. It starts in advance, and FW Tamada who has enumerated two scores is another menu and adjustment to five final preliminary contest all games on this day.
Supervision (52) of Takeshi Okada「It is said that it will be thought that the soreness occurs when kicking by the right foot. The next Belgium war is not used. 」The Giraffa camelopardalis cup the 31st declares it is made to take a rest.
In addition, the time of a complete confluence is opaque, and the possibility to influence the Uzbekistan war on June 6 has come out, too.

It fights Chile on the 27th progression of the disease lingua the sprain ..no sleep of the right ankle of the old wound... When it twisted, and the ball was kicked to the other party decayed and filled being stepped on the right foot from the rear side by the right foot immediately after the start at 32 the first half minutes, it hurt it again. Kicking by the right foot before it plays a game turns around and difficult Tamada turns around , saying that "Did not stop though it tried to stop thinking that the ball was recovered". It became a turnover on the way regrettably the seven minutes later.

Tatsuya Tanaka (Urawa) is nonparticipation in main force FW due to injury as for the training camp now. Tamotsu FW Ohisa also : because of bad health.
There was a blank of one week, and it just joined the way anther practice of this day. FW with results came though it was good news that FW Okazaki left two scores and consequences by the Chile war, and it suffered from the accident in succession, and situation Tona who left the anxiety aiming at the final qualifier in June came.

Tamada in the state that the soreness occurs : even running. 「Uzbekistan war?I think that it depends in the state at that time. 」Though the declaration is avoided「I think that here to negative go to positive leprosy without the fool because it is unpleasant. It is for one week or more, and I think that it is settled in my sense (The soreness :). 」It aggressively tries.  Tamada who becomes the source of the attack by preeminent keep power is a keyman person of Japan Okada.
It can do nothing but expect it of a marvelous restitution now.

Takashi Fukunishi of former representation from Japan MF attended the event of "Pia toque battle sports hedonism 2009" in Tokyo on the first, and it talked about soccer etc. of details and the representation from Japan of own active service retirement.
Mr. Fukunishi retires from the active service at the end at the season of 2008 that Tokyo Verdi played.
About the determined reason「Feelings inclined at the retirement because motivation that it wanted to continue was not a conviction. The end was decided in my feelings though there was a talk from various team (transfered the register). 」Feeling was revealed solving.

It participates in the Russia war of the World Cup (World Cup) for 02 years as a representation from Japan. Mr. Fukunishi who plays in two group league games in the World Cup for 06 years, and is experiencing two rallies.
World Cup..member..choose..sleep..(..laugh..)..do..do..fall..think..television..ahead..see..member..announce..episode..announce.

To the representation from Japan「I do not think the representative to shoulder it at the national anthem unison.
It strains when singing while seeing the rising-sun flag in the World Cup and the Japanese representative war. It helps, and because various people are related to the game, it holds out and I think that your voice is terrible of for benefactors.
(You of the supporter :. )Present Japanese representative players want you to put pressure because of the full voice. 」It commented.  

About the future work「I want to do work to pile up the soccer field that tells soccer. It challenges a lot, it wants to expand my width, and to play soccer strongly by Japan. 」It concluded it.  

The source is http://sportsnavi.yahoo.co.jp/soccer/japan/headlines/20090601-00000030-spnavi-socc.html. 
The soccer Japan representative is a reaggregation lingua in the hotel in the Chiba prefecture for an Asian final preliminary contest of the World Cup and the Uzbekistan war (Tashkent) six of the first at night.

MF Hasebe mentally and physically refreshes and the lingua with lodgings.
Though there was a free time around half a day「Especially, the body was not moved. It slowly rested it. 」Refreshing expression.

To three continuous fights of an Asian final preliminary contest of the World Cup from the Uzbekistan war
It was enthusiastic, "I had a different severity by the preliminary contest of the World Cup, and want to do the play that feelings started from the practice".

The boy representative candidate member who faced it was announced to the Australia training camp in preparation for the Universiade summer rally (July and Beograd) on the second the all-Japan university soccer league, and 22 ..certain GK woods (circulation Tadai).. people were chosen the full representative candidate's experience. The Akita supervision of Komazawa University commands.
The team leaves Japan on the 15th, and is an implementation in Australia as for two games. It returns home on the 21st.
The Universiade representative is scheduled to be announced after it training camps.

【 all-Japan university selection ]Information http://www.jufa.jp/modules/news/article.php? of 22 Australia camp participation member decisionstoryid=31

Oo Komazawa University of three Akirahiroshi University of Transportation Economics Toshioka in years of four of Akirahei Kawata Fukuoka University of four years.

Magnificence Kansai University Tanaka of the Yatacashi ..within this Yo 3.. Seikei sports university of three Kazuya Yamamura University of Transportation Economics Toshimori in years of two of Yusuke Higa University of Transportation Economics of Yuuge Kanagawa University of four Nori Nakayama Komazawa University Nendo two years of years of four of Waseda University Nakagawa Yuhei of four years for three years.

Tokai University Yuzo Iwagami in years of two of Daisuke Ito Juntendo University of years of four of Meiji University Daiki Yamada of Nakacho Ooyakenoinori Keio University three years of the Chiaki bible University of Transportation Economics four years of a senior Hashihidet Tokyo Gakugei University of south of Wazaka Haramasa university 4 four Toshiki four years.

Kentasc Fukuoka University of three Mishima Kangping Komazawa University Toshinaga in years of four of Takushoku University Yu Kobayashi of years of four of Kanagawa University Kazuji Mihei of four years.

The soccer Japan representative decided the tenth victory 3 years in a row.
The average audience rating of "Representative ..×.. Belgium of 2008 Kirin Cup soccer Japan representative" (Nippon Television Network Corporation-affiliated) was 17.8%(video research examination and Kanto the district).
The game overwhelms the Chile representative the 28th by 4―0 to a similar war.
The audience rating improves from 12.2% of the Chile war drastic because it is Golden on Sunday.
However, it did not reach "Universe person the Tsmaottosatoshi starring and NHK Taiga Drama" (20・7%) of the cingulum between simulataneous.

Hidetoshi Nakata (32) of a soccer former representation from Japan having donated 36,544 mosquito net Cho that there is an effect in the Plasmodium countermeasure to Democratic Republic of the Congo north Chivhu state in Africa has understood the first.

This Mr. distributed the mosquito net by using 28 million yen or more from the profit of world selection war 'TAKE ACTION 2008' in June last year, and inspected the site on May 11.
Though there was a risk bitten by the civil war intensification and the mosquito, too「I move and surroundings move. Always moving is important ..I... 」With Mr. Nakata.
This pattern is telecasted in Nippon Television Network Corporation-affiliated on the fourth "NEWS ZERO".
The following are scheduled to visit the World Cup venue and South Africa, and to distribute the ball.

The source is Mr. Nakata who visited Congo for the distribution of the http://www.sanspo.com/soccer/news/090602/scg0906020503001-n1.htm mosquito net. Http://www.sanspo.com/soccer/images/090602/scg0906020503001-p1.jpg talked to gently to children

Fuji champion sumo wrestler Harumafuji (25) where the the first victory was decorated with the Grand Sumo Summer Tournament resumed the practice in full scale in the Isegahama room in Koto Ward, Tokyo on the first, and it started aiming at the Nagoya Sumo Tournament that it challenges the rope removing (aichi prefecture gym at the first day, July 12). When you pleasantly throw the sweat by saying as senior pupil's lowest level of salaried wrestler in professional sumo Yassou Fuji each other the 13thTiredness Hanai of Summer Sumo Tournament. Because of it becomes tired and, however, tiredness gladIt responded to coverage with a smile.


The scarcity of the contents such as changes in the war of the hometown of rare Ikioi is being specified by Yokozuna Promotion Council (Shin) after the Summer Sumo Tournament, and an extremely high hurdle is imposed on the rope removing in the coming place. Power is necessary to be perceived the grand champion sumo wrestler with terrible Aura. When I am 100 years earlier, it thinks, and even I am complaint Hanai in the candid advice of Shin. It was possible ..pride one.. to lend it in case of "It was only done that I did even if said from the person very much" seriously catching it.


The power deficiency is incontrovertible to 126 kilo at the Summer Sumo Tournament because of the first-grade wrestlers lightest weight.

The weight deficiency is conscious. I want to increase weight to the Nagoya Sumo Tournament up to 130 kilo. It is thought as increasing the frequency of the muscle tray to enlarge the muscle to increase the eaten amount because it is difficult. The policy of the future was revealed.



The inspection committee that checks the lethargy sumo wrestling understands in Japan Sumo Association and having noted it has understood the 28th through nine piles (former grand champion sumo wrestler and Chiyonofuji) and Onoue's (former small join and beach-Shima) both master = Onoue = Sekiwaki and To capital (24).  nine = piles = champion sumo wrestler and Chiyotaikai (33) who fought by the Summer Sumo Tournament end

When Chiyotaikai opens its body and this match is pushed down, the body of the To capital is an easy turn.
Chiyotaikai extruded there, and leading was decided. After typing out, the Tomozuna inspection chairman (former Sekiwaki and Teru) called the master because he had gone up best ..this.. to ..opinion with "It wants both to do care".. inspection from Hanaregoma appeals and trials Director-General (former champion sumo wrestler and Kaiketsu).

The To capital is an injury of the right ankle and the straddle is profit Kazu.
The sugar diabetes and the muscle strain of a left thigh, and because energy was not felt, proptosis lingua Chiyotaikai is "It is oral and care stripes lingua", and chairman ..whole body Jocsou (.. Tomozuna the best ..this.. as for an Kado turn of the 13th times in history though the state of).
When he or she spoke, "The person in question is strictly warned", both masters are Iu.


Champion sumo wrestler Kaio of the Grand Sumo Tournament was invited to the working lunch of Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan opened in Tokyo and Yurakucho on the second, and it sweated like a pig in a severe question from the foreigner reporters.

It is thrust, smile wryly, look up at the sky, and own movement , saying that "When do you retire at last few years though are talked?". After the deliberation, "I want to put out one place one place and power until the day though it is not amusing even if such time when comes. "It spoke to another question with "I want always to win the championship until retiring".

In the question related to the wrestler death event that occurs in the Tokitsukaze room, the experience of receiving the corporal punishment before is revealed. Not bullying. There was this and it was possible to strengthen mentally. 」。

There was no hesitation in this in case of "I wanted to bring up a strong wrestler with my room ..being asked.." in the end "Dream in the future".



Asashouryuu is astonished, and : to woman's terrible attitude in the morning. "It is serious and it is scary. "


Asashouryuu in the 68th generation grand champion sumo wrestler's morning performs to CM of the carbonated drink '0 Fanta soda pops' (Coca-Cola Japan Co. Ltd.) newly put on the market.

The story to which it is misunderstood when playing a game while the junior high school student "Fan Taro" that performs Asashouryuu in the morning is studying, and the woman who performs her mother is angry with terrible attitude is progressed.


Take a picture..studio..sound..bellow..morning..Asashouryuu..instinctively..serious..scary..spill..mother..post..communication..viewpoint.


Woman of mother post about which it had been enthusiastic, "Anyway, it is not defeated at the Asashouryuu barrier in power in the morning" before taking a picture starts.

In the morning, CM where the yell would be faced to taking a picture in ten minutes, and acting of the flowerpot of two people shone was completed in Asashouryuu , saying that "Only the desire must get angry".


After it takes a picture, Asashouryuu : in the morning. Unpleasant, easy. However, it was serious and was scary. It is Iu as it talks gladly when having enjoyed it as for not Kotono who usually experiences but Shitution.


The chapter of new CM of 'Soda pops of us where fan Taro goes' to which Asashouryuu in the morning when it talks about the view performs "Fan Taro" enthusiastically is broadcast , saying that "I want to go out to the movie in the future" on Wednesday, June 17.



http://contents.oricon.co.jp/upimg/news/20090529/66529_200905290581563001243595779c.jpg http://contents.oricon.co.jp/upimg/news/20090529/66529_200905290592959001243595779c.  Jpg http://contents.oricon.co.jp/upimg/news/20090529/66529_200905290034028001243592692c.jpg source http://gourmet-cdn.oricon.co.jp/66529/full/?from_todaysnews


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