Takayanagi Motonobu

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MF Takayanagi Motonobu in (J1) Hiroshima of one J League returned to the line of battle.
The injury of the back of the Uta thigh heals, and it participates the official game by the Yamazaki Nabisco cup Omiya war on May 30 after an interval of about one month.
"The momenta was a little, and there were a lot of mistakes, too. "The impression of 28 minutes in which it participated on the way is obscurity Hanai in the spoken expression though is ahead reflection.
- The actual combat sense is regained.
One one score assistance in eight official game games of Sue now until starting in advance for Yokohama M war of the league opening game on March 7, and injuring by the league Kawasaki war on April 26.
The hesitation was ..play.. lost, and it became regrettable withdrawal because it wrote and ..growth.. ..saying.. time.
"The sense of incompatibility was not able to be taken easily. " with "Even the return requires two weeks" though it was diagnostic. It took while it was a few to undergo rehabilitation.
Many of main forces are scheduled to take a rest to away Nabisco Haiooita on the third this month.
It comes in the place where the actual combat sense is regained for the inside and Takayanagi in the line at the young man center. The Petorobitti supervision expects recovery , saying that "(the 21st) It is likely to be able to take it to a good condition in the Nabisco cup for the league restart".
When pleasure that took part in the game was felt in the returning Omiya war because it renews, it is Iu. "The following turn ahead more positively, and attack it in passing and the dribble. "The posture made a foothold that rises with the ascending current again. 


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