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"Meeting that achieves manager Valentine Lotte Mariners's residual" is a directive lingua in mass communications as for the visit to the Lotte headquarters on the 12th and the 15th and fil the signature to owner Takeo Shigemitsu appropriating. The contract renewal since the next season of this supervision is hoped for, the signature activity is done around ..Chiba.. ..the marine.., and when submission was decided because it reached, it is Iu in 100,000 person recent target from February this year ..this meeting... The Ishikawa sub-representative spoke, "Correspond to sincerity ()".


"Meeting that achieves manager Valentine Bobby's residual" composed of the fan that wishes Lotte and manager Valentine who has decided the retirement by the limit at this season consecutive pitching visits the Lotte headquarters in Tokyo and Shinjuku on the 15th, and the signature is fil to the Shigemitsu owner appropriating. ..this group.. Chiba, the deployment of the signature activity in the center.
The reaching calositas, and the decision lingua of the submission of the signature in 100,000 people whose number of signatures is target figures.
The Ishikawa baseball team sub-representative who had heard this movement from others calmly spoke, "It knew, and it was caught to do such an activity in sincerity". A lot of fans are actually divided in opinion to the voice opposed consecutive pitching hard on the Internet etc.

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