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An unexpected accident waited smoothly with four birdies without the bogey ..out in the first half.. having been flying Mitsuzuka.

The tenth of turns (394 yards and pars 4). It was given in a cheerful manner, and the gallery of this day exceeded 10,000. The many are the first ..strike.. . in the gathering teeing grounds.
"Manners breach" where flash of digital camera shines from the left in taking a picture in hall though must prohibition, and shutter sound of camera of cellular phone sounds from the rightThe club was instinctively thrown at ground when the schott chucked a leftie greatly and it entered the luff.
The following festival though regretted, "Only had to do over again".

Serial bogeyes as this hall is assumed to be a bogey.  up to the 12thIt started dragging the shake, and the bogey and the 16th collapsing as making it to the dowel.  by even the 15thTemporarily..give yield one's first place..deployment..go up..hall..birdie..putt..screw in.Two margins with 2nd place were tenaciously defended.
「Till then if said that it did not have concentration power. The end may be tightened by a serial birdie. 」Mitsuzuka burdened it with a responsibility own the tenth missed shots.

Latter half..hall..par..go in and out..intense..contents..become..what kind, 24 years old who shines to last year's rookie of the year award welcomes the confused fight , saying that "It is possible to concentrate from leaving others far behind". Even confidence to decorate three professional Kajime with "Daikin'orkid" of the Sue opening game now is ..shake.. ..

The source is Yuko Mitsuzuka who maintained a single head position with a total of 6 under during the second day. 
The second women's professional golf tour Nakagyo television Bridgestone ladies day(6421 yards and aichi prefecture Nakagyo GC Ishino = pars 72 on the 23rd)

(19) = reproduction proof entertainment = applied in the head position and applied Kumiko Kaneda who had gone out in 2nd place of three under to 4th place of four margins by two birdies and one bogey though dropped 73 and the score of one double bogey.
It ..rooting of "Gal friend" that runs from local and Aichi as the accident that hangs the right foot is in the round, too.. rouses oneself receiving. The the first victory by the fourth youth was caught in the range in history as a player after the professional had been converted.
Yuko Mitsuzuka who assumed circumference a total of 6 under by 71 did a single head position of two margins in 2nd place by (24) = free = and did the keep.

Jeans and the sandals appearance, etc. the brown hairIs about resemblance in the golf course?Kincmi roused oneself to the appearances of best friends who showed up by the makeup of gay Do.
Kanada that started collapsing beating a double bogey of three putts sixthly sinks three meters ninthly continue when four that should be loved eighthly friends are found and seizes the birdie. The bogey was suppressed though the rhythm was rebuilt afterwards, and it suffered from the accident that a right calf hung by the 15th, and only to the 17th it remained in V range.

Though golf is a gal friend named a complete amateur「I am always seen. It seems to hold out safely. 」With Kanada. "Nice birdie" and the rooting flew as soon as having saved par slightly removing the birdie putt, and dropping the shoulder in the latter half.
In "Main of the voice of the rolling hair" said, "Plane of the amount ..whether "Nice and what".. Ishi", the wry smile and the lesson in "It is not nice, and not birdie now" and the round. Pressure and the feeling tense of the finality class were the winds that blew ..where...

When the the first victory at 283 days of 19 years old the 24th is accomplished, the fourth young log in the history of the tour that follows the Miyazato indigo, Yokomine cherry blossoms, and Masuda Shinako. 「(The reversal :. )No impossible difference either. Friend?If it is possible to come more」
The visual line is raised and it challenges on the final day.

It ..Miss Nagoya's friend.. chats the round ..source.. on the way ..Kumiko Kanada (left).. ..happy.. 
'Mika Miyazato is the third women's the U.S. golf round to the head position at a dash by 62. '

【 cooperation on corning (U.S. New York) the 23rd ]The corning classics of the women's the U.S. professional golf tour did the third round in corning corporate color of the U.S. New York corning (par 72) on the 23rd, put out 62 of the rally Thai logs by Mika Miyazato of 19 years old who had gone out in 20th place, and rose to the top by a total of 17 under 199 as well as Kyouhide (South Korea).

It is, and the god combination can do of one eagle, eight birdies, and the satisfactions and challenges the this tour first victory on the 24th the challenge of the Miyazato beauty that challenges an Sue U.S. tour now of the schott and the putt.

Tamomoco after the Miyazato indigo also marks 64, it applies to 11th place of the Miyazato beauty and 4 margins, and it turns by 69 is a total of 8 under and exists in 39th place.
"Marunaka ladies' Olea europaea L. cup" final day of inferior part of the vestibular ganglion tour and the step-up tour of women's golf was done by Kagawa and the Takamatsu Gold corporate color (6257 yards and pars 72) on the 24th, and pro wrestler wicket Osamu's eldest daughter and wicket love (19= tele Tec) won the championship. It turns by 70 and it wins a come-from-behind victory over the wicket that went out of the fourth the second margin place. 「The short game of the difficulty was made good. To become a player who can play the game early by the regular tour, it practices. 」It was pleased.  It is possible to participate from the Resorttrust ladies' (5th - 7th in June) in four tour games by this victory.
Progolfar, Ishikawa ryou player (17) who called, singer and Akiko Wada (59) were "Phlegm" and had been yearning, and the first meeting were accomplished. Guest appearance of Ishikawa to talk show "Strongest battle in Akiko Wada" of cellular phone exclusive use broadcasting station "BeeTV" where 'Akko serves as chairperson. "Do not become a honor student overworking" and the god advice went out , saying that "I wanted to take and to return", too, if it was thought that it approached by maiden's face. Notice assignment : on June 20.

Wanting meet phlegm-The dream of 'Akko where it had been continued to send the love call of two years by TB S system "Leave it to 'Akko" etc. was finally fulfilled.
The expression of Wada that arrived at Ishikawa private practice place in Saitama and Matsubushimachi where collection was done that became a mix without gladness and the turgescence , saying that "It is possible to finally meet". In "-phlegm" and the excited state when you meet "Life" Ishikawa. It shakes hands with each other continuously. 「The hand is big. When the hand is big, the container is also large. 」
It stressed.  Moreover, it reports to "It is called phlegm without permission and is kipper" and the person in question. The other party exists even as for the man, that Ishikawa is special though Wada where the name is often called by the first name. "Frame of mind like mother" and "Phlegm" applied dear, and lovelily be able The talk of about 30 minutes is a short run lingua as for "Phlegm".

The family make-up etc. of Ishikawa were researched for this day beforehand, and "Monthly Ishikawa" was read.
It feels admiration , saying that "Because it is a person who is terribly steady, it is not possible to crush though it is thought, 'Let's crush (Overwhelm it) and do' when actually meeting" because it renews at a good young man. Advice that "Parental love" of wanting you to grow up unrestrictedly on that or "Do not become a honor student overworking" and is Wada seemed was sent. Other Ishikawa「Television when Sunday becomes rest(..'-.. leaving. 』)The signature is put in good Masters flag when participating and it presents it , saying that Is seen". In addition, a basic stance when entering, it was improvisation lesson Shite as for the usage of the knee, and Wada was made to be pleased in the address of golf.

The following ambition of Wada is a round with phlegm. A good score such as 89 and 91 had been put out before.
However, it stopped for the disc hernia prolapse of nucleus pulposus, and to make it transform dream to reality, the club was gripped again for these six years.
In the desire, "It is impolite if it doesn't take it to 100 (within 110)", it turns round the course at the pace of 2 and 3 times a month.
After it collects, dreaminess Wada still :. 「It was a person as thinking because it actually met it. It becomes an another person after one year in case of this age and I want to meet again next year. 」It wished a dream round to be Narrator and phlegm.

The source is Akiko Wada who draws its body to you and Ishikawa player of the yearning. Http:// that surrounding staff is surprised at the maiden yellowtail, too
Kun and preliminary contest fall-
The final preliminary contest of the Japanese district of the second war of Sue majors and U.S. open championship (beginning on the 18th and U.S. New York Farmingdal in June) was held by the stroke play of 36 halls in Ibaraki and the Ryugasaki corporate color (par 72) on the 25th now of golf.
Ishikawa of 17 years old (Panasonic) that aimed at a Japanese, minimus participation ended in 18th place by 70 of the even pars, and was not put in five epistatic people to whom the participation right to this war was given. Finishing 18 halls of the first half and 21th place of five margins and having delayed starting to 5th place sounded, the latter half was unable to move upward, too and the preliminary contest fell.

(09/05/25: Daily sports)

Familiar FC Tokyo

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Familiar FC Tokyo in soccer J1 decides the first Premier League promotion in men's volleyball, and it seems to attract attention in the future.

1st place in the challenge league that corresponds to two Premier League. The surpassing promotion of Premier League the eighth place was very decided to Miyoshi at the set rate in the replacement war though one victory one defeat. Deprivation of single-unit from Panasonic that did at 2nd straight victory, and the first all-Japan man and woman selection rally losing after full set to JT by a narrow margin in league until the sixth this month. The verification lingua of can the enough fight of Premier League.

An original team name is Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.. FC..Tokyo..amendment..original..Hiko..Director-General..J League..hang players positively contribute to participation and the activity in the region in the volleyball classroom intended for the junior high school student.

Premier League at the next season might wrap the gym by the assistance of the soccer training, and be sensational.


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Only in a Japanese girl, Ishikawa Yoshizumi (16= Miki-House JSC) in the 99th place in world rank who had entered 8.. ..strong.. was defeated at Chou of two Olympics rally serial gold medal (China) in 1-4 in the quarterfinal.
It overcame many times in the rally, and it deprived of the second game. To fighting with the existence of the yearning「Happiness to So help me. There were a lot of studying. I want to become a player who can win reflecting the following. 」It was spoken by the radiant look.
Fighting secondarily after China had opened of August, '07. Cho : though the consequence is the same as 1-4. 「It was surprised. Growth is very early. There is a possibility of becoming rival in the future. 」With the highest praise. Do the meditate for a long time that the difference of the Fukuhara grinding stone river is asked and the assessment lingua of the latent ability of Ishikawa , saying that "Is a little on?".
Fukuhara expected as two main columns of a Japanese girl and plains are the second rounds and the assessment of Ishikawa where the other party who exceeded it by defeated inside and world rank was broken one after another is on the eel early.
The Japanese girl's Murakami supervision expected 16 years old ("Ishikawa was the strongest before the rally though the location that followed Fukuhara and plains now" and a valuable left handedness) as a main shaft of representative's doubles.
Still, Ishikawa :. 「It was not momentarily of the desire being able the win. It is not good at all. 」Clearly. The ace at the next generation aims on ..avaricious (avarice)...
"Golden Week is table tennis" is "World table tennis 2009" in the password brilliantly unfolded in Yokohama.
Television Tokyo Channel 12 Ltd.'s staking the fate of a corporation on and having delivered it (?) every day might be knowing of you.

World table tennis can do nothing but already be seen as a favorite idol because the lineup to make the popular girl ana- of which the tele east boasts taken the plate day and night, and to make not only the active appeal for this event but also the arrangement of popular idol group and AK B4 8 of eight main forces and the formations of it to "Eight AK B4 table tennis part" (Though table tennis experience 0). The strategy here defeat at complete.

Especially, it will not become it when not telling it because it frightens special unit "Sterculia nobilis 7" that seven girl ana- people formed for the rally now, the more wonderful.

It appears with the costume of gay Do (Ohashi unpawn design) though it is not even if asking holding it without forgetting the ecstasy and the anxiety of The One, and this : though Matsumaru Yuki (28), Sachi Otake (25), Seika Suguro (24), Uminoyomis Maeta (25), Aiuchi Yuka (23), and Rena Akimoto (23) are members around Ohashi unpawn (30).

Even only a black skirt was going pink and sleeveless to wear the eye mask like Miss SM tentatively with the uniform of table tennis as a girl ana- though a very limit and full exposure though it was as a motif.

Is does serious soup in the tele east overflow and it Hanai?It doesn't describe at all even though the official site is seen though it doesn't know what table tennis and dealings you exist. Moreover, what are it is not dressed to the company but clothes that oneself thought about?

There might not have been what became serious even here the tele eastern and marketed the girl ana- before.
The Meretrix meretrix ..Ohashi unpawn.. ..".. says tide" etc. and Ero in the unit.
It observes and it declares and it performs to the variety of a large amount of by that number of people though made gravure done by the idol magazine.

And, at the same time as actually feeling that the level of a tele Easterner Neno ana- goes up ... The accident of the milk of that and the Ohashi unpawn has been actually felt. Http:// ..../as a weapon the kill without fail fore buttocks regarded as 92 centimeters though the Ohashi ana- that has been done.  the one with unshakable position of the ace one theory

ueda momoko

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On friendly terms as both and consultants is admitted though relations of ueda momoko (22) were reported to "The female 7" of the sale after it plays golf of optimism, Tanaka, and the girl on the 26th.

Tanaka is assisting in the tour done in Miyagi and Rifu last September, and the mail so on is like dealings that encourage each other each other.

Miho Koga

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Women's professional golf tour "The 28th Wisteria lignita Lophura swinhoii ladies classics" begins in Shizuoka and Kawana Hotel GC Fuji C(6464 yards and pars 72) on the 24th.
The combinations of the first days were announced on the 22nd, and original Erisai (21) that had cried while marking course record "64" in last year's rally because of 2nd place became previous year champion's Saiko Uehara (25), queen prize of the last season, Miho Koga (26), and this class.

Miho Koga abandoned the practice round in super-sexy "Clothes". It opens by the round-neck ahead, and the back is ..back...  the wear at the previous state of the round of this dayThe exposure level was a high thing in "The string of the brassiere was seen" if it swung. There was an indication, "Wasn't it too sexy?" from other professionals who witnessed it, and clothes had been changed to different wear in haste (moxa cautery) before the round.
"It is regrettable because it was lovely" and Koga. Yes, the man fan is also regrettable etc.

- Source


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"Varnalredes" of women's golf is done for three days from the 15th in Fukuoka and Fukuoka Century GC (6594 yards and pars 72). Kumiko Kanada (19) of the rookie to which the slump continues from the opening game declares the seal of a backward remark as a breakthrough on the 13th. It aims at "Ketsbat" in penal provision and it aims at the preliminary contest breakthrough of second at department Shite and four games.

The rookie that can hesitate aims at the breakthrough putting bind on oneself. Kanada where the preliminary contest breakthrough at four games hung to a minimum norm took a vow with a smile.

 「A backward remark has not been done any longer. There is golf's being sure being sure not to improve in a minus idea. It also was said also by papa. 」

The proposer is father and Mr. Hirokichi of the coach. All members of "Team Kincmi" exclusive caddie and sweat shirts.. seal negative remarks such as "Became tired", "It is useless", and "It is in bad condition" on this day, and penal provision is a setting voluntarily lingua by ten times of the NG word , saying that "One time of Ketsbat".  Kanada

It faced by the formation of the backwater, and after the professional had been converted, the first qualification process in the fifth game was accomplished in "Life card ladies" in April , saying that "If it was useless, favorite ice was stopped this time, and the brown hair was returned to the black" (9th place). Reproduction of.  aimThe department slope rhe also ties to the speed-up the penalty of two degrees by a positive idea , saying that "Slowed because it was worried".

However, as much as seven degrees are short runs in the practice round on this day as for the NG word. "Became tired" seems to become considerable asceticism in Kanada of habit of saying.

The image: "Ketsbat" is department lingua Kincmi (left) in me by ten times of a backward remark. Does the trainer Suzuki already rehearse?
Singer and Hiromi Go (53) are Progolfar, Ishikawa (17), and first meetings in the hotel in Chiba Prefecture Naritashi on the 15th. It achieved also by as many as three gorgeous schott that exchanged great Progolfar and Isao Aoki (66) who was active in the world. I was going to send the village of Gokigen in the fourth war of an overseas boy majors and the PGA Championship in August and to send it to the advice of wide World in special invitation Kun.

「It Kirakiras and it is a good young person of though met for the first time. Oh dear, feelings are 17 years old in me. 」。
It : to the young warrior and Kun : to the village of the smile of defeat fresh. 「Mr. village is one in the television for me. It strains rather than glad. 」It felt shy.  

It participates in Two people are "Rejendocharitiproamatornament that Aoki and jazz trumpeter's Terumasa Hino (66) sponsors, and is done for two days from the 16th in Asakura Golf Club in Chiba Prefecture Sakurashi". After the round of the practice in the same place, three schott that had added Aoki in the festival at the previous night when the place was moved to the hotel was achieved on this day.
The village goes to study to New York for 01-four years, sets up home now, and reciprocates as Japan.
It is known as a golf expert of spectacle society, and the skill is a single class. It plays in the golf course in various places if it turns round the whole country by bringing the golf bag in the concert tour, and it has time to spare.
The television is watched without lacking four large majors rally.

A valuable own experience is connected directly with Kun where it challenges a professional from all over the U.S.. Immediately, it has introduced oneself to the advisor. 「Being able to say from me is "Do in Rome as the Romans do. "It is also important with pride as the Japanese in the climate in familiarity. The feeling that enters from me (To the world). Exactly, Mr./Ms. Aoki is also so. 」The maxim only of the village.

Kun that turned into the student also completely :. 「It holds out to the street. The United States : in love. 」With the consent face.
The village is "GO GO GO" and ejaculates to concluding. Being able the economic environment in gay Do as if ..the victory prayer...

The source is Hiromi Go it, Ishikawa, and Isao Aoki from the left that appears in the same play in the festival at the previous night of charity golf. 
, and to participate in the PGA Championship of Sue majors Final Race with the special invitation frame now since done in U.S. Minnesota Thea sinensis Suka's Haseltine National golf club on August 13. The participation at the age of 17 pulls out 19 years old of the gene Sarazen (United States) in 1921 and becomes a minimus log in the history of the rally.

It ends in the preliminary contest fall though the majors rally debutted to the Ishikawa player by Masters Tournament in April in which it participates by the Japanese minimus.

Ishikawa where it was made hearing a formal decision of the PGA Championship participation immediately before the conference from the affiliate talked about the participation application form, and the surprise and pleasure came into the hand and it talked about feelings in the mixing expression.

--Current feelings

"Can possibly able to go out, and is surprised not to have heard it for hearing now. "

--Professional's from all over the U.S. impression

 「A familiar, thin rally in Japan compared with other majors rallies. There is an image of unknown world, too. 」

--17 years old becomes minimus participation in history.

 「There is a sense of incompatibility, too, when hearing that I make the log though it is thought it is honored. When playing, the age is unrelated though it is thought that a local gallery is paid to attention. To leave a good consequence, I want to do one's best. 」

--All Americans and all Britain match, and the dream of the four great majors participation swells.

Can "I think, and want to attain that it is terrible some time even if it is not this year. "

The image: It has professional's from all over the U.S. application form and Ishikawa of the smile. ..reporter's who covers blessing by "Mr. fashion", too.. coverage = Fusa Ibaraki Prefecture Shimo country club

Source: The Sankei Shimbun
There are neither multiusing "Hold out" nor an ordinary serif "I want to touch the fan" etc.
Ishikawa is watching eyes of the person who asked, and it answers haltingly. The language that thinks independently is honest without stretching oneself. The comment sounds in the mind of the person who hears it.

Boy tour and Chunichi Craunz final day at the time of which being on the third. Ishikawa has started striking three U without doing the expression of the will that plays a provisional ball the conviction of the 15th shot eyes put in the woods as OB.
"A story might have to be told to you. "The mistake in a rudimentary rule was voluntarily excised at a press interview.

「I do not think that the fan that had come about my class understood what occurred. It is regrettable that you were not good at the clarification from your mouth. 」。The valve of reflection was bravely described.

Conference when participation in Masters Tournament was decided in January. 「It might be held that I participate and this generation's junior player be holding the compound trowing. However, it is believed that it will set it up without fail in the same stage with them in the future. I want to tell everyone the experience in Augusta. 」。Not only pleasure that obtained the ticket to the dream but also messages to companions were not forgotten.

Because Ishikawa has been covered since the junior age, it has noticed. Hoof in the politeness like the day when the consequence was not accompanied according to coverage. The reason to collect the support of the fan and the sponsor is only youth and not ability.

The source
Japan Ladies' Professional Golf Association announced that they executed a free medical examination of the breast cancer in the hall of "Nakagyo television Bridgestone ladies" (beginning on the 22nd and Aichi and Nakagyo corporate color) on the 11th.
The rally participant and the director of the association wear the object on the 21st the 20th in the day of the practice.
This association agrees to enlightening activity "Pink ribbon movement" to aim at understanding and support to early detection and the early treatment of the breast cancer, and is working.

Moreover, because players who turned round the whole country in the tour were not able to have the occasion that quite received the medical examination, a free medical examination in a tournament hall the first of this time was achieved. When Miho Koga (26) and Yokomine sakura (23) are scheduled to be consulted a physician, it is Iu though the inspection is done in medical examination Bath carried into the hall parking lot.
This is due to the contribution of "New hair style*" updated by the blog of official site "" in Miyazato.
In the renewal on this day that spelt the appearance in which the hair was cut, Miyazato in which it had commented to the hairstyle that "Forelock switching off ! after an interval of years how many" and "The impression changes completely when there was a forelock" are new published photograph 2 cutting though said, "I and no matter doing very my photograph pack experience".

Then, the storm of the large highest praise : from the fan of Miyazato where this photograph was seen. ――。About 300 comments were drawn to this blog, and the major billboard was unusual for the billboard "It was ..Maji.. lovely", "It is confusedly lovely", "Woman No1 whom wanted to be embraced", and "Terribly suit", and the reaction friendly occupied the majority.

In U.S. women's tour = Michelob ultra opening that ended on the tenth this month, it changes one's mind by the image change though Miyazato where a result so-so, that is, 9th place was left. Do it become a further leap?

Http:// 19-May 13, year livedoor/sports watch 2009:29
The Ueno Hiroharu swimming race chairman of Japanese Miznoren reported re-guidance that Pierce mounting, tea hair, and girl player's gorgeous manicures were prohibited to the Japanese representative player as an attitude to take an active part by the Rondon Olympics in the chairman meeting on the 12th in 2012.

The conception of honorary chairman of Hironoshin Furuhashi, and swimming race representative's prohibited matter even by five wheels for each.
The Ueno chairman「It is unnecessary because it becomes a player who plays the game in the world (Gay externals :). Because the all-star representative has changed places a lot, the confirmation lingua. 」With the clarification lingua.  

Sports Nippon

track & fields

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The 53th Kansai business group land championship (backup such as Mainichi Newspapers) began in Hyogo and the Amagasakishi memorial park athletic field on the 15th.
Kayoko Fukushi (Wacoal) wins the championship the girl there are man and woman 10,000 meters at the first day the fourth.
Shigefumi's Igawa (Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) did the first victory of the boy at 29 minutes 2 seconds 00.

 - ... As for the girl 10,000 meters, Fukushi decorated the return race since the all-Japan business group opposition girl long distance relay in December last year. The left foot fundus of gallbladder is hurt after all-Japan preliminary contest, and the New Zealand training camp of Japan Land Transporting in February is nonparticipation.
It quietly endures it in the tail though the first 1000 meters are slow paces of 26 seconds of three minutes in the race in which six people participated.
The pace of 80 seconds is carved once, and last spurt at a dash by 9000 meters.
It tightened by Hashiri of the last 1000-meter's ..bifid.. 56 seconds and dignity.
Fukushi「The race has not become accustomed yet. It becomes easy, it becomes painful, and the race is feelings bad. 」It seemed to be satisfactory in a race after a long time though was good.

 - The first the 53th Kansai business group land championship day (Hyogo and Amagasakishi memorial park athletic field on the 15th)= headquarters backup
【 boy ]- Shigefumi Igawa (Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)10,000-meter 29 minutes 2 seconds 00
【 girl ]- Kayoko Fukushi (Wacoal)10,000-meter 33 minutes 13 seconds 83

22-May 15, 2009 Mainichi Shimbun:15
The east winning technique west
-  Kimurayama One victory five defeat extruding. Takeshi state mountain One victory five defeat *
-  The Black Sea Inclined to switching off of four victory two defeats. Horse chestnut-mind Four victory two defeat *
-  Five view piling victory one defeat extruding. Ten'oocami Three victory three defeat *
-  Two Hocshiyouticara victory four defeat pulling down Yutaka Kyou  Four victory two defeat *
-  King Pochon Three victory three defeat extruding. Kakizoe Five victory one defeat *
-  Three victory in the sky three defeat extruding at time. Miyabiyama Four victory two defeat *
-  Dejima three victory three defeat pulling down Yamamotoyama Four victory two defeat *
-  Mt. Iwaki Inclined to switching off of three victory three defeats. Shimo One victory five defeat *
-  Tochinonada three victory three defeat pushing down Washi Two victory four defeat *
-  Inclined to switching off of hometown of rare Ikioi of five victory one defeat. Cotossmukic Five victory one defeat *
-  Yoroshi style One victory five defeat extruding. Mi Hotori Two victory four defeat *
-  Tripping up Yutaka-two red Rong victory four defeat insula in morning Two victory four defeat *
-  Tsl Two victory four defeats. Protruding. Four victory on Australian honor road two defeat *
-  Two Chiyotaikai 4 victory defeats. Protruding. One Tamanoshima victory five defeat *
-  Inclined to switching off of one Yasmi victory five defeats. Cotocouki Four victory two defeat *
-  Kaio Five victory one defeat sending off. To capital Two victory four defeat *
-  Asahi Ten'ootori Two victory four defeat extruding. 0 Fuji Hima 6 victory defeat *
-  Cotoou state Beginning four victory two defeat hanging. 0 Yutaka Shinhata victory six defeat *
-  White big bird six victory 0 defeat Australia style of trick of throwing the opponent grabbing the loin band over his arm 0 victory six defeat *
-  Totikirameyama Two victory four defeat extruding. One Qinglong 5 victory defeat * in morning

Complete victory: White big bird and Fuji Hima

- It is a participation grand champion sumo wrestler and victory is all champion sumo wrestler formations since then in July, 2008.  eight Hime in the place
It is an active service grand champion sumo wrestler and victory is all champion sumo wrestler formations since then in July, 2007.  five Hime in the place

Today's interval receivable at maturity class
The consequence in the car is here.

Tomorrow's grand champion sumo wrestler and champion sumo wrestler war
In front of Shimanishi Seki Cotoou state-Yutaka-.  Three The University of Tokyo Seki-Australian honor Mitinishizeki Wakinishi small join Totikirameyama-champion sumo wrestler of Kanto Cotocouki Irioo Kaio-Yutaka Shinhata Tomae.  In front of Kansai Irioo of Fuji Hima one east small Ketstsl-.  To capital Higashiseki Qinglong west grand champion sumo wrestler Cou white big bird-sideward in Ten'ootori - morning two Asahi

Kameda three brothers

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Advancing the preparation in which three brothers (Tsuyoshi of Oco Kameda, Otsuyo, and Watakeshi (both Kameda) of boxing) participate all together on June 27 in the performance of Mexico holding has understood the 15th. Father Shiro clarified it.

Three brothers' becoming complete short covering at a loss is the first if it achieves it. Fighting named lobster Salado (Mexico) in the ninth this flyweight place is decided informally as World Boxing Association (WBA) former light flyweight king's Ocotakeshi. The camp is requesting to WBA that this is assumed to be a final match of Lightweight tentative throne.

Dencaosan of a present king of this class (Thailand) has a problem in the management as Ocotakeshi and double are contracted.
"100 percent in hearing" and it ..Shiro.. ..possibility to be recognized the final match of the tentative throne.. insists.
As for Otsuyo, when the Inter Continental throne is made to be aimed, it is Iu.

Moreover, it mentioned it to the possibility of receiving Encbat of the Beijing Olympics bantamweight gold medal (Mongolia) as a cadet in the Kameda gym.
The war pole changed greatly from the start by the remainder for one year. Catchphrase of rising in arms performance held in the first gym in Yoyogi was "Succession" last March The PRIDE color appeared thickly.

However, they were difficult to say to have shown the battle the same as the expectation. Only Misaki : leading since war ultra participation.
Has been defeated at the Misaki by one by the championship on January 4. It is Satoru Kitaoka to show opposite a sense of existence.
I was going to do in the war pole though am an important game and am Kitaoka the impression that wins and doesn't cut a lot of the judgment conclusion in home Molva molva's Pancras who is to nail setting fire spectator's eyes by the character ..serial and the null cis tick of the win by one.., to give Gomi, and to win the Lightweight title.

- Satisfaction of 5.2 war pole and " real"'War pole-the 8th formation-' that had been done in the Yoyogi The Second gym on May 2 was a rally brought into relief only with stance Oku in a present war pole.
The offing departure of the day and Masanori Kanahara who makes the seat of the favorite Ban'ishi further by perfect game carrying improve the febris of the hall by the offense and defense of the non-stop.
The impact with a big sharp KO play of mull Ron Sandro was left. The Omigawa road size is TKO win in the advantage on a physical side by having dropped the class together at a confident battle. "Neo-judo" style of Omigawa where the judo and boxing were fused is approaching the region of completion. Atmosphere who doesn't seem to be the fighter of the Takimoto sincerity muttered, "Honesty and ...... not thought to be able to win" while winning a sweeping victory to the comeback war faced putting the retirement is strangely unforgettable.
"It was interesting more than the expectation though it was a player alone who did not know when seeing. "The spectator who held such an impression in the rally now must be not few.

On the other hand, stances of DREAM that exists in the war pole and the rivalry as two large majors event of Japan are quite different.
Expectation of the the greatest class and "Interest the same as the expectation" are demanded from "I'm looking forward to it ..more than the expectation.." war pole in all rallies in relaid DREAM at prime time. If the expectation is 100, it is a failure in the rally in 90 points. Because the spectator mobilization and the audience rating are assessed every time severely, it is "Immediate effectivity. " to count

- What "Necessary evil" of DREAM plans

The confrontation of fan coveting Calvin is achieved in the return war of Tocic Yamamoto "KID" in 'DREAM.9' (Yokohama Arina) on May 26 match of the middleweight throne and lower reaches of a river Tatsuya vs.J.Z of Jayson "Mayhem ....." of the mirror.., too. It is 'Super-Halc tournament. ' of the open category to be announced only a not good pushingVoves Sapp and Jae phone man, and it is complete and projects of valuing the audience rating to Minowaman to which even former major-leaguer's Jose Canseco allows one's name to be added furthermore. Isn't this "Necessary evil" to appeal to general layer though seem to be criticized from conscientious fan?Canseco..remote it is..lower reaches of a clapper.It might be sponsoring person's plan.

The pole of the war ..the stance different.. and DREAM are good faiths against "What we now should do". Improve the satisficing by real ""
Face the people depressing it to the project that can be thought to be an Kiwa thing. The both wheels becomes complete, the cycle is raised, and the restoration of , Japanese combative sports field is achieved.
The world table tennis championship Yokohama rally in 2009, and the young man in Japan is a breakthrough lingua. International Table Tennis Federation..homepage..China..approach..genius..criticize..Niwa..table one's teens..young generation..gain power.

However, Miztanihayabsa Seiya Kishikawa (21) (19) of the men's doubles is severe and the reality of Japan men's table tennis of bronze medal one after an interval of 12 years is severe. Fact..this time..rally..score..medal..among..Japan..this..copper..women's doubles..South Korea..copper..remain..all..China..Hong Kong..contain.Why is China's table tennis such strong?

This is a little different though there was an answer of" "Because of national game for the question by question site "Yahoo wisdom bag". As for table tennis, it is not only the barrel one of popular sports for Chinese, and correct because of a part of the entertainment of people dimension.

All of the 1.3 billion whole numbers not only have acquired the capability of table tennis at a moderate level through the school education when an easy expression is done but also it enjoys playing table tennis in life over the life. In most cases, there is a ping-pong table like the park, and is a Sterculia nobilis gem in many of general shops.

And, those who love table tennis of the old age that seems more than an unpleasant one's forties, in one's fifties, deflecting it are playing table tennis in such a public blue sky table tennis place.

The appearance of the view that people of the old age are doing the sumo wrestling and the judo at the street corner is rare though there are a national game and popular sports like the sumo wrestling, the judo, and baseball, etc. also in Japan. Table tennis is not so in the much more. The width of thigh of thickness of the layer is different at all.

The boy representative's Miyazaki Yoshihito supervision calmly : in the rally now. 「The target is overthrow China to the last. The problem is the future. 」
It is Iu when having said.  solve
When the part of the base not visible is matched, the wall in China that should overthrow it is too high usually.

The source
Beach volleyball, JBV tour 2009, the 3rd war, and the Kirishima brewing opening (Miyazaki Prefecture Miyakonojoshi and Kirishima factory Garden on the 15th) volleyball former Japan girl representative's "It is a princess who was" Sugayama or (30) = WINDS and Sayaka Mizoe (18) = Sanno Institute of Management = class that was was the first round, and it was defeated at Mutsumi Ozaki and Kusano pawn = Shonan Bellmare = class by 1-2.

Sugayama..Mizoe..set..score the first..set..set..drop..once..war..defeat.
It was defeated straight, and it disappeared to Yanagawa Yuki and the Keiko Urata class as 2-0 at the first day though Sugayama and the Mizoe class turned to the repechage.

Moreover, (35) of Ko Nishimura 1 and Keisuke Imai (29) class = Uinz = wins straight and has advanced the 1st round to the 2nd round about 2-0 about the boy to whom Sugayama and ardent love were reported.

Miwa Asao (23) and steady Nishihori (27) classes that came in 2nd place in the second war = id one = : by the first round.
It fights against Eiko Koizumi and Remi Shuto = free = class, and it advances to the second round in 2-0 and a straight winning. It aims at the top of Japan of the earnest wish again.

Both of the one Osaka prefectural Police investigation division and the Nishinari station assumed that the taxi driver would be threatened by the 14th and the fee was trampled down and arrested former bruiser's Torres Martinez and both suspects of (21) = Osakashi Hiranoku and Yamamotoyo your (21) = same city Nishinariku = Takefumi by the apparent robbery.

Suspect Torres has come in the 15th place of the bantamweight of World Boxing Council (WBC) according to the homepage of the West Japan boxing association. It retired according to one investigation division in April.

When it takes the taxi from Sakaishi around 9:40PM, March 17th, and it will arrive at Osakashi Nishinariku Kitatsumori 4 in about 40 minutes, the suspicion of the arrest grips the arm of woman driver (58) and is a doubt of trampling down about 6000 yen of the threat and the fee, "Pay".

It escapes without taking anything because the driver sounded the personal alarm according to one investigation division though suspect Torres started depriving driver's jacket pocket of cash. The palmar pattern gathered by the taxi is suspect Yamamoto's and an accordance lingua.

Sugayama kaoru

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The romance came to light on WINDS = = the 14th player (30) who was ..princess write specially of the nova.. Sugayama of the beach volleyball field attention. Sale..weekly photograph magazine..Friday..senior..aspect..combination..say..fold one's
The other party is player Ko Nishimura 1 who converted it from the former and all-Japan representative player into beach volleyball as well as the princess write specially (35). Two people are scheduled to participate in the rally that starts on the 15th in Miyazaki Prefecture.
What remark is attention ..whether shoot out...

It was popular after it converted it into beach volleyball at white beautiful skin and the pretty face as well as fairy and Miwa Asao (23) or came to light to the princess who was the romance.
Other party's Nishimura is a player who belongs to same professional beach volleyball team "WINDS".
One meter 75 and the height is a popular player only in the same libero coming from as the princess write specially who is collecting visual lines of the female fan by the body of the tightened myoplasm in addition to dauntless features though it is diminutive.

According to "Friday", two people have a meal together in the high level roasting on a hot plate shops in Tokyo and Hiroo together with the sponsor of the team on the night of a certain day. Afterwards, it gets on black Benz four-wheel drive that Nishimura drives and it will drive to the princess write specially at night.
Nishimura who got off the car when coming near in the ramen shop on the way : in ..difference beginning aspect combination.. state of the vinyl umbrella of ..saying.. in the princess write specially. And, princess write specially's arm twines round Nishimura's arm before one is aware ....
After eating the ramen, the car of two people taken is Iu when it disappeared in the underground car park in the apartment house where Nishimura lives.
The belonging office of two people : to the coverage of Sankei Sports. 「The belonging team must be and there must often be what to the same two people behave both. It is likely to move together by car. There is no fact of association. 」With the denial. Moreover, the clarification lingua of the point assumed to have gone to Nishimura's apartment house , saying that "Live in the separate building of the same apartment house group".
However, two good people must be in a considerably good dealings when there was a scene where the lover plays in the car besides the arm is united each other.

Volleyball is both started as a school child, and a nationwide victory is experienced at high school days. It is elected to all-Japan representative, and the position and the same libero etc. and the career look like. And, it goes forward both, and it seems to be able to be said to the same target that is the Rondon Olympics participation in 2012 an exactly suitable partner in above all.

The source is 

Kei Nishikori

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It has been understood that player Kei Nishikori of the men's tennis appears in game for Wii "EA SPORTS grand slam tennis".
23 great players of old and new like player John McEnroe and player Maria Sharapowa, etc. appear, and player Nishikiori is the only Japanese player, and it becomes "Debut" in the game.

15 players of ..Raphael Nadal.. active service (8 players of the legend by Pete Sampras and Bjorn Borg, etc. and the first world ranking places) appear in the game in the real name.
Each player's like player's face, wear, and the voice and a form, etc. when serving it features are expressed in the round.
Moreover, the monopoly license agreement is connected, and it becomes the hall of British Open.
The center court in Wimbledon was reproduced, and the court of a four great rally of all France and all Americans and all Australia also collected.
Remote control..racket..choose..manipulation..handedness..face..customize..player..promote..real

Player Nishikiori who appears in the Japanese version package as well as McEnroe and both players of Nadal
「I think the old and new superstar players in the world to be play at the tennis court on behalf of a Japanese player, and good at participation in the game.  very gladWhen you feel the excitement and the enjoyment as the professional in the game」It comments.  
Sale schedule of game this summer for 6090 yen.

- Source
RAKUTEN to the crown sponsor of the tennis Japan opening.

Nippon Tennis Society announced that RAKUTEN became a crown sponsor with a new Japan opening in October the 14th. It is the first time and Iu that optimism becomes a support company that applies the name of enterprise to the crown of the Big rally of tennis.

It had a rough going the enterprise search that succeeded after American International Group, Inc. (AIG) of the U.S. insurance major withdrew from the crown sponsor after last year, and the influence of the economical depression was received. As the breakthrough, a Japanese association connected the affairs consignment contract of the aggregate amount one billion yen with IMG Tokyo of the major management company for five years, and was requesting the sponsor search.

Source: The Sankei Shimbun 2009.5.14 16:39

Hiroshi Masuoka

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Hiroshi Masuoka (49) who was the ace driver of the Mitsubishi team that withdraws from the Dakar rally attends ten annual conference symposium of this rally in Tokyo for 11 days, and the assertion lingua of the active service further directions.
The privateer and the intention of participation when the future.  develop a car on the market in Mitsubishi Motors
It was spoken though it was necessary to collect the activity capitals of about 30 million yen, "Hold out positively without throwing away the dream". Holding schedule of ten annual conferences in Chile from January 2 to the 17th as same South America Argentina as this year.
The stage that runs on the dune and the sand road is increased, and it brings it close in the state of the course of Africa done until 07 years.


The bank announced

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 in 2010 the 11th of soccer the purchase lingua the right concerning the sponsorship of FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) Brazilian rally for the World Cup South African rally and 14 years.

Player Japanese representative captain Yuji Nakazawa is appointed to the character.
It campaigns as an issue and goods of an original card concerned fall on in June.

The visa and inferior part of the vestibular ganglion license agreement of the U.S. credit card major with the dealership of the FIFA sponsoring event like the World Cup etc. are concluded.
The silver can use the logo and the image etc. of the World Cup for sales promotion. Moreover, the prize that the ticket of this rally hits by the end of this fiscal year is scheduled to be done.

The Furukawa Tsgi chairman of the conference silver「The assistance project is provided through 24,000 post office nets. I want to brighten up the world's largest sports event together. 」With the clarification.
It was said, player Nakazawa of the same seat lingua was "It is who has made play not shameful".


Baseball kingdom

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The wall of "Baseball kingdom" blocks in the business of making to the lawn of the elementary school to which governor Toru Hashishita in Osaka Prefecture aggressively tries.
The reason for the Uchino ground is that the voice to express disapproval in "The soil is basic" and making to the lawn comes out. The maintenance is a burden in the school.
The prospect of reaching 50 schools of the target doesn't look up though the prefecture starts the offering of the request school on the 15th.

「The lawn is the highest. It wants to make a lot of schoolyards a lawn even by one school and to dissipate by children. 」

The schoolyard lawn making is up to a long-cherished desire for former lugger man's governor Hashishita since last year's gubernatorial election.
Making of 22,197 schools of the whole country in the elementary school to the lawn is 873 schools (4%). In the prefecture, it stays in 105 schools (10%) of 1023 schools.

The prefecture starts the business of making to the lawn assisted up to 5.3 million yen a school at current year. After the request school is raised, it starts it aiming at summer vacation. Governor Hashishita hung out 50 target schools that hit five times proposed by the charge department, and applied the budget of 273 million yen.
However, the person in charge :. 「The reaction of the school is bad. 50 schools are. 」It leaks it.  

One of the causes is baseball.

"The ball bounds irregularly when Uchino is a lawn. "

Osaka in which it boasts of ten victories of most in the whole country in Koshien of summer. In the elementary school in Toyonakashi that was, many of successive Peritonsillar abscess directors were baseball officials, and the voice to express disapproval in making to the lawn went up. Man (61) of the representative of the little league that uses it to practice this schoolyard leaks it , saying that "It can do nothing but search for other practice places if made to the lawn" though the school and guardians decided for the part that doesn't hang to Uchino to be made a lawn this month.

Cases not advanced as baseball is considered by making to the lawn are various places according to the prefecture.
The person in charge「Because Uchino in the sacred ground and Koshien of baseball is a soil, the condition as which the practice place is the same is requested to win. The difference of the culture of the rugby playground and the soccer stadium where a lot of turfs exists is a wall. 」

Do the greatest of the maintenance expense of the lawn in the budget of 10 billion yen at current year and the hoop and the prefecture internal school including the business that promotes 4/5(upper limit 48 million yen) are motions 0.  the Japan sports promotion center that manages totocalcio "toto"

Another difficulty is a burden of the maintenance. In the Osakashi internal elementary school that introduced the lawn four years ago, the principal and the head teacher bear mowing and the fertilizer rolling, etc.The principal is "There is ..being possible to do.. not massaging it ..You tell 'em!.. though said easily by governor Hashishita. "The woman in local where the water rolling is continued : every morning. 「Turf is the one to bring up the child. Maintenance and money are indispensable. 」It solves and understanding is requested.

Moriguchishi where making to the lawn stays in one school ..water service fee of 100,000 yen or more a year a school.. hesitates.
"Cannot help becoming careful under the present situation" (city educational commitee) and Iu.

Governor Hashishita : to the coverage of Asahi Shimbun. 「It was said that our son (When becoming a lawn) was not able also to play baseball. As for the maintenance, it thinks about correspondence. 」It talked. 

(Continue. )Source: Http://

The spectator mobilization is a sponsoring game of Tokyo Dome, and never 42,000 people are good without the cleavage.
It is a virtually impossible task in a good seat of Tokyo Dome that sees baseball if becoming it even before.  solve

Can the ticket at a position near the playground like seats behind the plate etc. be taken?
The enterprise has been buying up S seat in seats behind the plate and seats near the playground in A seat on 1 and three base side during year as a sheet.

Therefore, even if the regular fan buys the ticket of S seat and A seat, it will watch in the upper row.
How should I do to become it to secure a good seat in Tokyo Dome?The note shop and acquaintance's Tste can do nothing but be traced, and it get a ticket in case of the giant war.

However, the view is possible even in the sheet frame Hanai straightening and Same-day purchase in case of the game that people except the giant such as Nippon Meat Packers and Orix sponsor by S seat near the playground during year. This law applied to Orix vs. optimism war that had been done in Tokyo Dome on April 18 because of the sponsoring game of Orix.

And, the forerunner is Iwaguma who made the name roar in the world in WBC. There were a lot of throws of Iwaguma in the seat not thought to be "Absolutely" as for the skilled lingua fan usually.

Moreover, it is likely to sponsor it in Tokyo Dome in the last stage of the season when the giant's sponsoring game is canceled.
At this time, a good seat can be aimed at equally because there is no sheet frame during year.
If the baseball watching is done anyway, the thing that wants to see in a good seat. The legume knowledge that is known and not lost.
However, though the next game is "Hokkaido Nippon Meat Packers VS Orix" on 11th - 13th in August and a previous still story ....


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