Hidetoshi Nakataの最近のブログ記事

Hidetoshi Nakata (32) of a soccer former representation from Japan having donated 36,544 mosquito net Cho that there is an effect in the Plasmodium countermeasure to Democratic Republic of the Congo north Chivhu state in Africa has understood the first.

This Mr. distributed the mosquito net by using 28 million yen or more from the profit of world selection war 'TAKE ACTION 2008' in June last year, and inspected the site on May 11.
Though there was a risk bitten by the civil war intensification and the mosquito, too「I move and surroundings move. Always moving is important ..I... 」With Mr. Nakata.
This pattern is telecasted in Nippon Television Network Corporation-affiliated on the fourth "NEWS ZERO".
The following are scheduled to visit the World Cup venue and South Africa, and to distribute the ball.

The source is Mr. Nakata who visited Congo for the distribution of the http://www.sanspo.com/soccer/news/090602/scg0906020503001-n1.htm mosquito net. Http://www.sanspo.com/soccer/images/090602/scg0906020503001-p1.jpg talked to gently to children


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