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As a result, Japan return → Hanshin Tigers Iri theory disappeared completely.

The charge reporter of Yankees talks.  It might be ..".. so. It had been said for a long time, and the person in question began to have stricken resignation once as it came here and the person changed though resolution red sandal tree, and Yankees seems to have decided that Matsui was discharged at the season of now the residual.

The answer seemed to have gone out for the discussion of Matsui's agent (agent) and Yankees at the end" The major-leaguer who was connecting the multi agreement doesn't move by the following agreement in the final year of the agreement. Minimum has times of the muck so that the agent may take the following agreement at the previous year.

There you go for Matsui. 「Matsui's agent has behaved in old times of. It seemed to have Matsui's Dodgers transfering the register at time when the Torri supervision to which Matsui was assessed high left Yankees and it changed over to the supervision of Dodgers and to have had the discussion with Yankees by the fear Shite agent in the place in which it had heard it. 」。

The story of Dairigtool. , saying that "The failure is held for Matsui, it operates on the knee, and the agent thinks that it held out considerably".

There was five horn element in the reason why Yankees inclines at the recontract with Matsui.
(1)A lot of runs batted in are match strong.
(2)It knows baseball well.
(3)The leadership criticism is not done.
(4)It does to the team mate well.
(5)There is absolute popularity from the Japanese person in local, and are a lot of fans from Japan, too.

And, having become the conclusive evidence of the residual :. 「A present Matsui excelling is another baseball team Hanai who does the multiyear contract. The next season becomes an agreement from the state and the age of the body for one year. The annual salary is suppressed naturally, and it is worth using it in case of it. 」(charge reporter)It becomes it.  Any large player is wandering in Major League as the agreement is exchanged for one year in many baseball teams in later years.

The idea of the respect is dry. And, the way of calling the baseball team in Japan when there is no offer is a quotation.

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Yankees White Sox (Yankee Stadium and 13:05 Japan standard time: 2:05 on the 31st) White Sox 1  0  1  0  0  0  0  0  1 Three Yankees.     1 0 2 0 0 0 5 0 x 8

Strikeout batting average of four Hideki Matsui 5 designated hitter forerunner participation result at bat score safe hit runs batted in spheres
 4 0  0  0  0  1   .268
Grounder ..back first batter line blink (right).. ..play.. eight times six time in third Garcia 2 (right) back no death two time in first at bat four time in second back first batter Garcia (right) miss struck out at bat one base grounder at bat two death in back base in the fourth Garcia 2 (right) grounder at bat

【 pitcher ]
(Ho)Garcia is Williams, and a line blink peer jeans key.
(Ya)(victory) Chamberlain, Asebes, Marte, Robertson, fuse, and coke Posada 【 responsibility pitcher ]  Garcia of ..defeating..) nine Asebes victory one defeat two ..(.. defeats

【 home run ]
(Ho)Solo (Ya) two the 24th daemon Laon and 3 the 25th die Laon of the 32nd Tesheira

and was not made a safe hit to the White Sox war in New York by "The 5th and designated hitter" on the 30th (the 31st in Japan standard time).  four at bats
Yankees won a sweeping victory the game by 8-3.
Caiot did not sound in the at bat afterwards when Hideru Matsui was held in check to the struck out swinging by Garcia of the White Sox forerunner in the first at bat of two times either. Blow contents are the struck out swingings, two grounders, two grounders, and ..play.. grounders.
It ends in no four at bat safe hit, and the batting average :. It became 268.


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Yankees White Sox (Yankee Stadium and 13:05 Japan standard time: 2:05 on the 30th) White Sox 0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0 Yankees  0  4  0  4  0  1  0  1 X 10

Four at bat one score two safe hit one runs batted in 04 sphere 0 strikeout batting average. It strikes, the back pinch-hit is sent the back death three time in Hidarit second base Contreras (right) second at bat six time in fourth at bat of back first batter Contreras (right) one grounder four times in the third at bat and back death 1 and third base Contreras (right) right-wing line two-base hit (runs batted in 1) one base 8 times back of 271 the first onetime in the at bat two deaths 1 when prevenient in Carasco (right), and it moves backward.

【 pitcher ]
(Ho)Contreras and Carasco, Panyarpiagenske, and Castro
(Ya)Mitore and Molina Gordin

【 responsibility pitcher ]
(victory)Three Mitore victory one defeat
..(.. ..defeating..)Five Contreras victory 13 defeats

【 home run ]
(Ya)The 23rd Rodriguez solo


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