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It has done ..unpleasant... Is this called ..drinking.. deployment to You can't mean that?
Two starts under, and none of schott in the first half is imaginable.  ..latter half.. beat "42" by the stable Ishikawa playerIn addition, where do it revive to the last minute though the king Tiger, and I also was looking forward.

This preliminary contest fall of two people is "Fail together" that everyone fears. The swing was not stable to the Tiger from the first day, and a lot of duffle scenes were had as for as many as two Hime. A lot of swings that entered from the inside were seen from the downswing to the impact. The swing of the Tiger that the Daegu reservoir was not suitable for the track of the downswing was seen for the first time.
It is likely to have become a good experience for the Ishikawa player. The bogey short run afterwards is too good though it thinks the tenth double bogeyes to be reluctant. This Ishikawa player is to have learnt scary of that though it is golf that the flow changes due to one mistake.

The Tiger worried about golf of feelings bare of the rampaging Tiger, and was not able to play golf for the Ishikawa player though was seen the scene where reporters that surrounded the Ishikawa player worry of I. The end such as the worst consequences and failing together that noteworthy player's pairing brings will have been faced.

Well, I want player Kenichi Kubotani to keep remaining and to play golf without any inhibitions for two days though the viewpoint since tomorrow. And, I want Tom Watson who leads the rally in head position Thailand now the leading part and for you to exist like last year Greg Norman until the final day. Please ..enjoyment.. wait even for tomorrow's report my victory expectation.

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Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
fell into doing the 2nd round with turn berry Eilsacors (7204 yards and pars 70) in the British northwest, and the 21st first day place in the debut on the 17th the British Open championship of golf.

Tiger Woods of the same class as Ishikawa (United States) fell the preliminary contest four exaggerated ..exaggerated totaling 5.., too.
After it enters of the professional, it is the second due to the event since U.S. open championship in 2006 that the father's death and is the adjustment deficiency that Woods falls the preliminary contest in the majors rally.
Tom Watson of 59 years (United States) who had been giving eight majors victories including British all 5 victory rose to the top in the head position with the Steve Marino (same as above) with a total of 5 under.

Kenichi Kubotani in the second first day place finishes the 2nd round by 72, and Japanese power is a total of 3 under and 4th place Thailand.
Ryuji Imada who had gone out in 120th place turned by 69, and accomplished the qualification process of the wish ..exaggerated totaling 3...
As for Yuta Ikeda, Hiroshi was both exaggerated totaling 7 and Yanohigashi exaggerated and nine Kondo exaggerated, exaggerated 14 of Oda Komei, and fell into ten the preliminary contest.
70 epistatic people and player to the same order have advanced to the final round.

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Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
"Marunaka ladies' Olea europaea L. cup" final day of inferior part of the vestibular ganglion tour and the step-up tour of women's golf was done by Kagawa and the Takamatsu Gold corporate color (6257 yards and pars 72) on the 24th, and pro wrestler wicket Osamu's eldest daughter and wicket love (19= tele Tec) won the championship. It turns by 70 and it wins a come-from-behind victory over the wicket that went out of the fourth the second margin place. 「The short game of the difficulty was made good. To become a player who can play the game early by the regular tour, it practices. 」It was pleased.  It is possible to participate from the Resorttrust ladies' (5th - 7th in June) in four tour games by this victory.


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