The soccer Japan representative is a reaggregation lingua in the hotel in the Chiba prefecture for an Asian final preliminary contest of the World Cup and the Uzbekistan war (Tashkent) six of the first at night.

MF Hasebe mentally and physically refreshes and the lingua with lodgings.
Though there was a free time around half a day「Especially, the body was not moved. It slowly rested it. 」Refreshing expression.

To three continuous fights of an Asian final preliminary contest of the World Cup from the Uzbekistan war
It was enthusiastic, "I had a different severity by the preliminary contest of the World Cup, and want to do the play that feelings started from the practice".
The boy representative candidate member who faced it was announced to the Australia training camp in preparation for the Universiade summer rally (July and Beograd) on the second the all-Japan university soccer league, and 22 ..certain GK woods (circulation Tadai).. people were chosen the full representative candidate's experience. The Akita supervision of Komazawa University commands.
The team leaves Japan on the 15th, and is an implementation in Australia as for two games. It returns home on the 21st.
The Universiade representative is scheduled to be announced after it training camps.

【 all-Japan university selection ]Information of 22 Australia camp participation member decisionstoryid=31

Oo Komazawa University of three Akirahiroshi University of Transportation Economics Toshioka in years of four of Akirahei Kawata Fukuoka University of four years.

Magnificence Kansai University Tanaka of the Yatacashi ..within this Yo 3.. Seikei sports university of three Kazuya Yamamura University of Transportation Economics Toshimori in years of two of Yusuke Higa University of Transportation Economics of Yuuge Kanagawa University of four Nori Nakayama Komazawa University Nendo two years of years of four of Waseda University Nakagawa Yuhei of four years for three years.

Tokai University Yuzo Iwagami in years of two of Daisuke Ito Juntendo University of years of four of Meiji University Daiki Yamada of Nakacho Ooyakenoinori Keio University three years of the Chiaki bible University of Transportation Economics four years of a senior Hashihidet Tokyo Gakugei University of south of Wazaka Haramasa university 4 four Toshiki four years.

Kentasc Fukuoka University of three Mishima Kangping Komazawa University Toshinaga in years of four of Takushoku University Yu Kobayashi of years of four of Kanagawa University Kazuji Mihei of four years.


The bank announced

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 in 2010 the 11th of soccer the purchase lingua the right concerning the sponsorship of FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) Brazilian rally for the World Cup South African rally and 14 years.

Player Japanese representative captain Yuji Nakazawa is appointed to the character.
It campaigns as an issue and goods of an original card concerned fall on in June.

The visa and inferior part of the vestibular ganglion license agreement of the U.S. credit card major with the dealership of the FIFA sponsoring event like the World Cup etc. are concluded.
The silver can use the logo and the image etc. of the World Cup for sales promotion. Moreover, the prize that the ticket of this rally hits by the end of this fiscal year is scheduled to be done.

The Furukawa Tsgi chairman of the conference silver「The assistance project is provided through 24,000 post office nets. I want to brighten up the world's largest sports event together. 」With the clarification.
It was said, player Nakazawa of the same seat lingua was "It is who has made play not shameful".



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