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Fuji champion sumo wrestler Harumafuji (25) where the the first victory was decorated with the Grand Sumo Summer Tournament resumed the practice in full scale in the Isegahama room in Koto Ward, Tokyo on the first, and it started aiming at the Nagoya Sumo Tournament that it challenges the rope removing (aichi prefecture gym at the first day, July 12). When you pleasantly throw the sweat by saying as senior pupil's lowest level of salaried wrestler in professional sumo Yassou Fuji each other the 13thTiredness Hanai of Summer Sumo Tournament. Because of it becomes tired and, however, tiredness gladIt responded to coverage with a smile.


The scarcity of the contents such as changes in the war of the hometown of rare Ikioi is being specified by Yokozuna Promotion Council (Shin) after the Summer Sumo Tournament, and an extremely high hurdle is imposed on the rope removing in the coming place. Power is necessary to be perceived the grand champion sumo wrestler with terrible Aura. When I am 100 years earlier, it thinks, and even I am complaint Hanai in the candid advice of Shin. It was possible ..pride one.. to lend it in case of "It was only done that I did even if said from the person very much" seriously catching it.


The power deficiency is incontrovertible to 126 kilo at the Summer Sumo Tournament because of the first-grade wrestlers lightest weight.

The weight deficiency is conscious. I want to increase weight to the Nagoya Sumo Tournament up to 130 kilo. It is thought as increasing the frequency of the muscle tray to enlarge the muscle to increase the eaten amount because it is difficult. The policy of the future was revealed.




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