Surrey Con'wa (Britain) was broken by throwing over one's shoulder in the 3rd place final though Watanabe of the debut was defeated at Annette Mesa Rosh (Hungary) by one because of the semifinal. It became piece in medal of the rally and Japanese power piece fifth (money 3, argentic, and copper 1) following three money girl fourth now. As for 78 girl kilo class, even Nakazawa (Sogo Keibi Hosho Co., Ltd.) who two rally serial and was 2nd place in the world championship competed and was defeated at Celine Le Brun (France) in the first world ranking place in the first match.

Takushi Ono (Ryotoku-ji Temple educational institution employment) defeats 90 boy kilo class at the player of Uzbekistan by the third round.

- The smile doesn't show it to a painful deployment.
A painful 3rd place final. Con'wa is advanced, and it is continued to become obstinacy though throwing good over one's shoulder doesn't hang to the other party, and is not advanced the game to the precedence. "The others' games are seen and played a game 'It is not ..that judo.. ..no equipment..'. "The smile was hardly shown though throwing over one's shoulder was decided at last at the end of extra innings and the bronze medal was won.

The cause was in the semifinal. The other party is Mesa Rosh that fought many times in the world junior age.
It is a player of "Wrestling type" to give priority to the strategy that takes the leg from the union person. The guidance of passive posture was taken , saying that "Let's drew in to my pace and put the technique" at looking for other party's attitude, and about 30 seconds. It goes flooey, and the defeat by one. It became a monotonous attack and the judo that was able to consent was not able to be done even by the 3rd place final.

However, there is a light in the medal in the debut, too. Upper Yamiyabimegmi who was the authority in 70 girl kilo class is an assertion in March as for the active service retirement. It led by one step by a class not amusing when whoever became a representation from Japan.

Tomoko Fukumi (Ryotoku-ji Temple educational institution employment) who won a gold medal at 48 girl kilo class is a classmate of Ibaraki and Tsuchiura.
Watanabe of 23 years is Iu , saying that "Understand when encouraging it though there is no conversation each other". The activity of Fukumi connected by hard bond is sure to become Watanabe's support in the future.


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(..may being to stop.. = Mitsui The Sumitomo Marine and Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.) in the first world ranking place it wins by one and do the first victory of class bronze medallist's of 63 Beijing Olympics girl kilo Erisabet Berebultose (Netherlands) in 63 girl kilo class in the final. The gold medal of the rally of Japanese power piece third was won now. Five games, and the Iu Chito all one Honsho-overwhelmingness from the 1st round to the final. Shite defeat of defeat by one at player Switzerland by the third round though Hatahico (Asahi Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.) exceeded the second round of the first match to world championship among Tomo in three time Mede place et al. (of) in 81 boy kilo class.
It did not advance it to the repechage because 16 strong stopping.


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  and Misato Nakamura of the Beijing Olympics bronze medal (Mitsui The Sumitomo Marine and Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.) won a gold medal at 52 girl kilo class. Kaoru Matsumoto of 57 kilo class (Teikyo University) was defeated in the 3rd place final, and the medal win did not become it.
Nakamura won by a tenacious war, stood from the second round of the first match to Yanet Berg Moi (Cuba) in the final, and it stood in the top in the predominant victory Chio putting and the debut. The hurt calositas in the quarterfinal ..Kaoru Matsumoto of the debut (Teikyo University).. ..the right hand.. sounded in 57 kilo class, and it was defeated by one with the semifinal and the 3rd place final.
The Otsuka Masahiko of 73 boy kilo class (Asahi Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.) was defeated at David Kebhishibiri (Georgia) by one by the first round, and defeated.


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