Japan Sumo Association announced that they disposed multi-function portable terminal "IPad (Polygonum tinctorium Lour. pad)" to the stable etc. with 51 on the 23rd.

Iu in case of the purpose is to know the contents etc. of board of governors from each boss to the wrestler and the propman.

In the gambling in-situ survey, the answer form that transmitted the facsimile went well, and a part of room included the example of not reaching etc. , and communication ..president Hanaregoma (former champion sumo wrestler Kaiketsu)" did not go well.

The clarification lingua , saying that It will disclose information in the future and it shares".

60 has already been bought though there is a voice whose it made to "Polygonum tinctorium Lour. pad" because there are a lot of bosses who that are big the boss and the hand that doesn't use the personal computer and not good at the mail manipulation etc. of the cellular phone in the association, too.
When the usage is disposed sequentially on the clarification lingua, it is Iu.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!

Asashouryuu is astonished, and : to woman's terrible attitude in the morning. "It is serious and it is scary. "


Asashouryuu in the 68th generation grand champion sumo wrestler's morning performs to CM of the carbonated drink '0 Fanta soda pops' (Coca-Cola Japan Co. Ltd.) newly put on the market.

The story to which it is misunderstood when playing a game while the junior high school student "Fan Taro" that performs Asashouryuu in the morning is studying, and the woman who performs her mother is angry with terrible attitude is progressed.


Take a


Woman of mother post about which it had been enthusiastic, "Anyway, it is not defeated at the Asashouryuu barrier in power in the morning" before taking a picture starts.

In the morning, CM where the yell would be faced to taking a picture in ten minutes, and acting of the flowerpot of two people shone was completed in Asashouryuu , saying that "Only the desire must get angry".


After it takes a picture, Asashouryuu : in the morning. Unpleasant, easy. However, it was serious and was scary. It is Iu as it talks gladly when having enjoyed it as for not Kotono who usually experiences but Shitution.


The chapter of new CM of 'Soda pops of us where fan Taro goes' to which Asashouryuu in the morning when it talks about the view performs "Fan Taro" enthusiastically is broadcast , saying that "I want to go out to the movie in the future" on Wednesday, June 17.


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