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It was diagnosed that Nishikiori examined a right elbow that did the stress fracture again in New York this month, and cured.
However, it returned home still for the soreness to remain, and to do the inspection and treatment in Japan. Expectation of staying in soreness not complete.
It did not leave Motuo of the return, and participation in the end of August from all over the U.S. became hopeless.

Nishikiori was determined, and a thorough receiving treatment was decided domestically.
In "To tell the truth" and the title lingua blog「It is in Japan now. To tell the truth, it came back last week. (omission)It is scheduled that it is in Japan until training for a while in Japan, and recovering. 」It clarified it. 

It was diagnosed by the authority of the elbow that looked after the major-leaguer etc. on May 20 as the stress fracture. It was said that the racket was not able to be gripped, and was obligated to about three months receiving the reinspection in six weeks. When the reinspection was received, "It was said that the stress fracture would already have recovered. "However, it is Iu , saying that "Made it because there was still a soreness to looking after in Japan".

The shock is inscrutable for Nishikiori. It is said, and it is said the long-run rest when recovering. It fluctuates between hopes and fears in every case, and it is brandished. In the blog June 22「It doesn't see ahead at all. It doesn't understand when to recover, and when it is possible to play tennis is not understood. It is painful ..That's it... 」Sorrowful feelings were revealed.

The cause of the soreness is still unclear, and the prospect of the return doesn't look up. Absence is thick so far though Nishikiori is training by National tray Sen in Tokyo now after an interval of Japan ..boy.. 71 years of last year.  ..16.. all Americans who ..strong.. entered
"When do it still recover without being discouraged though it manages not to understand?"
The greatest treasure of the Japan tennis field struggles.

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Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!

Kei Nishikori

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It has been understood that player Kei Nishikori of the men's tennis appears in game for Wii "EA SPORTS grand slam tennis".
23 great players of old and new like player John McEnroe and player Maria Sharapowa, etc. appear, and player Nishikiori is the only Japanese player, and it becomes "Debut" in the game.

15 players of ..Raphael Nadal.. active service (8 players of the legend by Pete Sampras and Bjorn Borg, etc. and the first world ranking places) appear in the game in the real name.
Each player's like player's face, wear, and the voice and a form, etc. when serving it features are expressed in the round.
Moreover, the monopoly license agreement is connected, and it becomes the hall of British Open.
The center court in Wimbledon was reproduced, and the court of a four great rally of all France and all Americans and all Australia also collected.
Remote control..racket..choose..manipulation..handedness..face..customize..player..promote..real

Player Nishikiori who appears in the Japanese version package as well as McEnroe and both players of Nadal
「I think the old and new superstar players in the world to be play at the tennis court on behalf of a Japanese player, and good at participation in the game.  very gladWhen you feel the excitement and the enjoyment as the professional in the game」It comments.  
Sale schedule of game this summer for 6090 yen.

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