Yokomine sakuraの最近のブログ記事

Japan Ladies' Professional Golf Association announced that they executed a free medical examination of the breast cancer in the hall of "Nakagyo television Bridgestone ladies" (beginning on the 22nd and Aichi and Nakagyo corporate color) on the 11th.
The rally participant and the director of the association wear the object on the 21st the 20th in the day of the practice.
This association agrees to enlightening activity "Pink ribbon movement" to aim at understanding and support to early detection and the early treatment of the breast cancer, and is working.

Moreover, because players who turned round the whole country in the tour were not able to have the occasion that quite received the medical examination, a free medical examination in a tournament hall the first of this time was achieved. When Miho Koga (26) and Yokomine sakura (23) are scheduled to be consulted a physician, it is Iu though the inspection is done in medical examination Bath carried into the hall parking lot.



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