Irie Ryousukeの最近のブログ記事

The new world record that Irie Ryousuke of the swimming race boy 200-meter backstroke (Condai) gave spoke and chairman Kazuo Sano of Japan Amateur Swimming Federation spoke the problem like the unofficial recognition from International Amateur Swimming Federation (FINA) on the 16th, "The log is heard whether to be recognized officially the announcement on the 23rd or 24". When the domestic bathing suit manufacturer of plural data gathering linguas is speaking from FINA, it is Iu.
In the bathing suit made by the Decsente company that had been worn when the creek puts out the new world by the Japan-Australia opposition in May, it becomes outside authorization by the bathing suit review of FINA, and it is a slight situation whether the log is recognized officially. Moreover, chairman Sano ..what the creek had worn.. described the bathing suit of 136 types in the inclusion total about this result time of the announcement though it was supposed to examine again with ..the problem amending.., "The report has not come from FINA".

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