Takamasa Anaiの最近のブログ記事

The supervision of the judo boy all-Japan of Shinichi Shinohara declared world championship (Netherlands Rotterdam on 26th - 30th in August) representative's strengthening drastic plan "Reinforcement" on the second. The victory : the reality only named Takushi Ono of 90 kilo class (28= Ryotoku-ji Temple educational institution employment) to the Shinohara supervision to return home from Russia international in which five world championship representative players participated to New Tokyo International Airport in the with a hurl of the sword , saying that "Do not talk". It was announced to be going to extend the camp training done in Tenri University on the ninth this month in ten days from first five days, and to increase the training camp to the rally once at first to four times in addition in July.

In addition, epistatic Seed of the world championship declares dispatching to Brazil international of the grand slam case (Rio de Janeiro on 4th and 5th in July) by 66 kilo class, Masato Uchishiba (30= Asahi Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.) within the eighth in the world rank that can be expected ..the place.., and Anai Tacashihata of Ono and 100 kilo class (24= Shoc)4 players except. Though the risk such as the injuries is accompanied only immediately before the championship of the world, too「It is severe if there is no seed (The epistatic advancement :). I want you to have consciousness doing and the player here severe. 」The transformation to "Demon" was sworn.  

The manifesto in ≪ Anai. ≫
All-Japan championship in April is controlled, and Anai expected as boy's ace : to the consequence of the second round defeat in Russia international. 「Suffering a disastrous defeat. Feelings might have come off. 」Discouraging.
It could do nothing but be laughed that it was ridiculed by the Shinohara supervision , saying that "If it was Ishii (present professional = martial artist), furnace as soon as not being defeated" (ridicule) without power. Moreover, Tsukada of 78 girl kilo super-class that won the championship in the Beijing Olympics since then and the game in the becoming it foreign countries seemed to have gripped response for the world championship , saying that "I want to finish it up firmly though 60(%) still".

General 100 world championship boy kilo representative of class Takamasa Anai (Tenri University employment) in August returned home from Russia international defeated by the second round as all-Japan king of the judo on the second, and it was spoken, "Suffering a disastrous defeat".

The defeat at an unnamed player in the next war by one though Iriadis of 81 Athens Olympics kilo king of the class (Greece) was won by the first round. 「All-Japan championship (April) ended, and it was stale. It was sweet. 」

All-Japan boy's Shinohara supervision. Ticri in reporters like well-known in enclosed Anai , saying that "(Converted it into mixed martial arts) It was necessary to be able ..remark.. to shoot it, please if never defeated in case of Ishii".



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