-  Comerica Park on 1-3< Tigers Raz >* the 29th (the 30th in Japan standard time)

The rehabilitation lingua after an interval of about three months.  Raz Iwamura Akinori infielder (30) who is DL of 60 days injure a left kneeWhen the forerunner participation is done by "The ninth second base", ..the first at bat.. ..strike.. . in front of the right suddenly. It contributed to victory by two at bat one safe hit 24 sphere two scores.

「It adds terribly for me by can the game even if win or defeated and not becoming of the calositas the language. Moreover, being possible to contribute to victory by stepping on the home base twice was terrible and big. 」It was spoken that it chewed it well solving.

Detroit entering at expedition destination of 3A Durham Corp. from Virginia Norfolk at morning of this day. When the forerunner participation was percussed, it is Iu from the Madon supervision , saying that "Is the preparation good?".

Left knee of sliding receiving of Iwamura by the Marlins war on May 24 anterior cruciate ligament's (..dust.. ..passing..) etc. wounds. The undeletion ..miraculous...  temporary Sue despair seeing nowIt returned for the team that aimed at the playoff advancement.


【 pitcher ])Price, Weiler, Balfour, and Hauelunabaro
(Ta)Robertson, minor, and perry-Laird
【 responsibility pitcher ](victory)Six Price 7 victory defeat (S) 1 Robertson of ..defeating..) victory 1 ..(of Howell Corp. 16S.. defeat


Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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