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Mortifying..debut..swim..silver medallist..Tajima..Nene..)..retire..OL.
It is ..".. .... mortifying to win 2nd place a prize in the Sydney Olympics swimming race 400m Individual Medley in 2000.
Money. Former swim silver medallist Tajima yasuko among whom" is popular in one sentence.

The value of the retirement and the silver medal of the swimming race field was carried out next July many trowed.. and the actress debut with ..pull.. spectacle society was carried out.
However, the executive of the league was done to Japan Amateur Swimming Federation that belonged Tajima without permission with this retirement and the spectacle society, and was a situation (Of course, the response of the mass communication is included cold 'Saizor') of no person who got indignant considerably at that time and did.

Only the minor part finally came to have been given though it went forward on the acting career by the formation of the backwater.
The majors advancement is a guest stopping to 'Let's stay at the country' in the tele east for NHK serial television novel 'Family' of 03 years and 06 years. Such Tajima quietly gave up one's acting career in 08.

「Please leave it alone because the member of the public now. It doesn't comment about the swimming race. 」
At home where the mass communication visited coverage, mother Eiko in Tajima is Iu when having talked.
The dream in the future is a designer it or an actress. This prosperity is too lonely though Tajima declared that it doesn't hesitate in surroundings. Though it hears of the rumor of location of powerful pressure in Tajima where the transfer to the spectacle society had been said at that time from the surrounding of Tajima.

Well, Japan Amateur Swimming Federation that belongs Tajima is in Kishi Memorial Gymnasium in Yoyogi.
You may say the head temple that bundles the amateur game of Japan though the one built at the Tokyo Olympics of 64 years of holding. As for the executive of the league and the association, man who put the excellent record in the Olympics and the world rally has installed on the executive though any game is so. The Japan swim appears one after another a speciality and a powerful player of the Olympics in the multitude.

「As for the league, Gotagota doesn't discontinue for a long time though Hiroko Nagasaki is also so. A present bathing suit problem is so. The problem increases, too, if money gathers only in the speciality though the sponsor and the revenue circumstances are richer than other leagues. 」The swimming race field is a journalist well informed.

It boils the same of any genre though it is said, "The name player doesn't necessarily become a famous manager" in baseball.
It seem to be ..mystery.. under the skin the misfortune Gotagota and afterwards with the spectacle society in Tajima even if the rumored pressure hangs to the public entertainments activity.

At any rate, Tajima goes to the company as contract worker's female office worker today. According to man who witnesses the commuting appearance「It is terrible and fast though is a bicycle commute even the station. It was surprised. 」The talent in the world that removes silver : so that it is made the best use of here.

However, the reporter had completely forgotten Tajima Nene until coverage was finished, too.
Not being possible to become Ka named the spectacle society : though another reason seems to exist, too.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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