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Wakui of the third negotiation breakdown : to the do-or-die resistance.
Seibu and pitcher Hideaki Wakui faced the third the contract renewal negotiation in Seibu Dom in saitama prefecture Tokorozawashi on the fifth, and 200 million yen of keeping things as they are was reserved by the same forehead as show the last. It was not possible to take an active part in the match place of second-half game to which the victory hung and the show of keeping things as they are had been received though the last season was a result of 14 victory eight defeat.

Wakui「It did not change at all this time though my request forehead was told for the first time. It will not be possible to sign with keeping things as they are next time. It is necessary to think about the independence camp little by little. 」Solve and care about the do-or-die resistance.
On the other hand, the general manager of the Maeta baseball team also is completely negative, and has made ace's contract negotiation of the increase with the incentive etc. a marsh , saying that "At present, do not think".

Hideaki Wakui

Japan is good country!
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The audience rating of three continuous fight of professional baseball "Giant-Hanshin" relay (Nippon Television Network Corporation-affiliated) done in Tokyo Dome is announced on the 23rd at the end of last week, and the log lingua of a low audience rating of 5.4%(video research examination and Kanto the district) to the second war (3:00PM of the 21st).

The first war (7:00PM of the 20th) done by the night game is 6.0%.
It was low-level with three wars.  6.4% Toya and the advance lingua ..the third war (3:00PM of the 23rd)..
13.6% is recorded by the first war in the Kansai district.

Japan is good country!
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The new figure draft meeting of U.S. Major League began in Secaucus, New Jersey on the ninth (the tenth in Japan standard time), and Nashonalz nominated pitcher Stephen Strasberg of the right arm of the velocity 103 miles (about 166 kilo)(20= San Diego State University) in the first the entire place. The demand of this pitcher side is expected the aggregate amount 50 million dollars of the draft all-time high (about 4.75 billion yen), and doubted whether become mutual agreement. When the negotiation with the Na army broke down, Mr. Scott Boras also who was Red Sox Matsuzaka's agent reported the free-out extreme sports electronic version to be "Play in Japan is schemed".

It surely drinks and information with Niti this ball field has surfaced to Strasberg with 103-mile (about 166 kilo) right arm nominated to Nashonalz in the first place of the entire draft. Strasberg is a pitcher of the first place nomination of the whole of the 14th on draft history of 34 years person. The university student, and after the only entering of the representative of the United States and the agreement, the majors debut is immediately possible and criticized man of exceptional talent in the Beijing Olympics.

As the draft tracker, when the contract negotiation time limit of the same pitcher depends on the free-out dated the ninth August 17 extreme sports electronic version with the Na army, Mr. agent bolus is Iu when he will demand the aggregate amount 50 million dollars of the all-time high forehead (about 4.75 billion yen). It is Iu when insisting that Strasberg that it is major at once compared with about 52 million dollars that Matsuzaka connected with the army in 06 and playable to make it to the basis of the negotiation in the contractual coverage of Red Sox Matsuzaka should also connect the equivalent agreement.
However, it is a current state in the Na army that there is no room on the capital side. It did not agree with the crow pitcher of the 1st place nomination on the money side last year though the Rittso GM agency was optimistic , saying that "There was confidence to provide the capital to agree with the nomination player". After all, it did not arrive at the agreement as team.. ..3.5 million dollar.. limit though the player side demanded the contract money of four million dollars or more.

There is a possibility that the negotiation breaks down this time. When the idea that Mr. bolus has Strasberg played to next year's draft in Japan is discussed when the negotiation breaks down, it is Iu according to this electronic version article. It is also possible that this pitcher still remains as it is in the university for the third grader.

For the draft tracker of Major League, the contract negotiation breaks down in the past, and there is an example that plays to the draft of next year in an independent league etc.
However, it is inevitable to expand the ripple to the Japan-U.S. ball field if the important person new figure like Strasberg plays in the baseball team in Japan. This pitcher seems to become the beginning of event of the trouble the negotiation that will start soon , saying that "What is seen to happen previously in the future" , saying that "It enjoys this moment with the friend and the family now" though he or she was delighted of the 1st place nomination.

The source: Is 166 the first place kilo right arm Japanese defluvium of the U.S. draft?


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