Two of the 43 precessions who had played in this class exceeded the preliminary contest by men's golf and British Open championship (turn berry Eilsacors) 2nd round on the 17th. Watson of 59 years who wins five degrees in the past the championship and Manna cello of 16 years old. Peaceful atmosphere like the parent and child drifted for a long time in the round mesne of two days. Watson「It was a very impressive child. While facing the hall by the 18th『Nothing is changed. Let's enjoy it according to the current. 』It was told. "The Manna cello「It doesn't forget for a long time for this two days. I want to show wonderful play until the weekend. 」。


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putting out.. and the circumference are the quina ..sighting information of "Hero who fell".. odors of the plural from the golf affiliate and the gallery. What on earth has occurred in the jumbo?

There is a stirring performance and the sports goods company affiliate who knows well specifies though it is jumbo, "Here begins to wither rapidly recently". The abstention on the way plays a game and three games of two games and preliminary contest falls though it participates in seven wars in total this year when You may depend on it. Only 54th place, 56th place, and San (Mr. phlegm) barrel consequence can be left though two games of the remainder finally pass the preliminary contest.

No exaggeration to say landing in hell from the jumbo with power to drop the flying bird of that before exactly.

「It is said, "The Malus japonica has started from jumbo Mr." in surroundings. It is likely to sit on the chair of the restaurant in one absent-minded person for a long time, and do eyes of the whereabouts of the hit ball and it exists very much also in the practice place ..the chase.. others on far eyes are nothing but sitting without gripping the club on the bench. 」(same as above)

In addition, being surprised had happened. A certain gallery talks about the witnessing story.
Tea was not pierced so that hitting one's tee shot in the teeing ground in the future may come but it was absent-minded, put out the marker, and it ..".. had almost left in the teeing ground.

Have it made a mistake on green of jumbo Mr. to Give me a rest, and everyone who was was frozen there. addition..tournament..affiliate..score..count..make a mistake..very often.
being said (BG) though underestimated declaration Gse is from old times"

In addition, the jumbo is Iu because Hyogo and the Yomi melon country where the other day's Mizuno opening that Ishikawa had won the championship was opened were courses where ups and downs are intense when having from beginning to end screamed.
It ..".. was surprised because only it went up for a moment on the slope and there was a Hooch remark. Might it come here and physical fitness decreased at a dash.

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For the most favorite sports player, Ishikawa of men's golf progressed from last year's 12th place to 2nd place.

Ichiro of U.S. Major League and Mariners of 5 years in a row was favoured to 30 percent or more in the top. Hatadai Tanaka of the professional baseball optimism is top 10 it is the first entering. Mao Asada of figure skating with a lot of support among womens was 6th place, and 8th place of Shunsuke Nakamura who joined Espanyorl of 1 Spain was the highest in soccer. A white big bird is 1st place in a favorite wrestler of the active service 2 years in a row.

In favorite Prosports, the professional baseball defends 1st place 14 years in a row, and the variation is none also in 2nd place soccer, the 3rd place Grand Sumo Tournament, and the continuing order.
The advance ..approval rating.. lingua in the most favorite pennant chasers after an interval of three years.  giant of the head positionOptimism is maintenance in the first Pacific League place as for the entire 4th place.
Kashima in 2nd place stood in the top in a favorite soccer team in place of Urawa last year.

The investigation executed from June 1 this year to the 9th by an individual interview for 4000 men and women of 20 years or more in the whole country chosen randomly, and obtained the answer from 1244 people.

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