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In the girl Rugby league, the Japanese representative candidate player tryout is opened in the forest seaside park in Tokyo and the southeast on the 14th, and ten beginners by the public offering are the participation linguas.
It is sub-Waterhouse Vanessa that pulled eyes of the affiliate who has Canadian's father and mother of two Japanese generations , saying that "The beautiful woman passes" (23). "Enjoyed it ..where it passed because the Karate was a contact sport.." and the tackle practice were handled with a smile as the former junior world king of the Karate.

Talent excavation plan that receives official program adoption of seven Sei in Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016.
Chairman Noriko Kishida of this league appealed, "It can know girl Rugby more".
The 2nd attendee who does in the same hall on the 28th is the shortest and possible the debut by East Asian Games (7 Sei) in November, too.  in case of passing in the offering

The source is http://hochi.yomiuri.co.jp/sports/ballsports/news/20100315-OHT1T00024.htm Waterhouse sub-Vanessa http://hochi.yomiuri.co.jp/photo/20100314-104707-1-L.jpg.

Japan is good country!
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Apartheid (apartheid) collapsed and Mandera became first black's president in the stage and South Africa of the soccer's World Cup (World Cup) in 1994. The Rugby World Cup held of the home country in 95 next year, and the black player of the South African varsity that won the championship was 1 person. After that, the white player who stands in the pitch in the rally 15 years and now is one person, too.
The wall of sports of black disrupts "Country of the rainbow" to the white and soccer as for Rugby and the cricket now.

"Booth". An enthusiastic rooting goes up from the auditorium whenever tall defender and Mattew booth player (33) who has the pet name of "Giraffa camelopardalis" in the South African varsity feel after the ball.
The booth player who was the white boasted of full popularity to the black layer, and became the model of a super poster of the rally now.

Rugby and the cricket spread to a white rich layer in South Africa in Britain that was the dominion as well as Britain before.
Soccer that can be enjoyed where has extended to the black community if there is one the ball.

Four horn league of each race was established in the apartheid age, and the game was done separately.
Though the league was consolidated to one as a relaxation countermeasure in the 80's
A professional team and the boy team disappeared from the white society that had disliked alternating current with the black.

The booth player who had started playing soccer at the age of five mixed with the team in black accommodation space and played.
It is said to the Britain BBC broadcasting, his.. "Being able ..father who was amateur's soccer player.. courage though violated the apartheid".

Mr. Mario route in South Africans kind relationship study place says, "The white doesn't want to fear visiting to the game of soccer buried as black's spectator, and to go to see the rugby match in an opposite reason by the black".

The black accounts for 80 percent of the general population in South Africa. However, the blacks of 30 representative players were only six people in the South African varsity that had decorated the victory secondarily with the Rugby World Cup in 2007. The fact to which the white player was rejecting this room with the black player came to light, too and Europe and America media were written up, "The racial barrier has not collapsed".
President Mandera at that time : in the Rugby World Cup in 1995.
The trophy was passed putting on Jersey where the uniform number of white's captain Francois Pinarl had attached.
Pinarl「It was encompassed by the intense happiness. We were uniting into one when getting up on the next morning. The democracy of South Africa was one years old at that time. A lot of South Africa is the achievement linguas by today that became 16 years old. 」The breast is put solving.

However,「The black is predominant the white and will continue Rugby to soccer in the future. It is root sitting Sumono in the characteristic and the culture of not discrimination but sports. 」The perception is shown.

Mr. Shiki of the Aube ray mat in the think tank and the policy research center in Johannesburg lives「White's soccer fan watches a European league in satelite broadcasting and the black is watching a domestic league.
The white and the black are desirous of coming the assistance of a domestic league in one stadium starting with the World Cup. 」It speaks. 

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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