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Familiar FC Tokyo

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Familiar FC Tokyo in soccer J1 decides the first Premier League promotion in men's volleyball, and it seems to attract attention in the future.

1st place in the challenge league that corresponds to two Premier League. The surpassing promotion of Premier League the eighth place was very decided to Miyoshi at the set rate in the replacement war though one victory one defeat. Deprivation of single-unit from Panasonic that did at 2nd straight victory, and the first all-Japan man and woman selection rally losing after full set to JT by a narrow margin in league until the sixth this month. The verification lingua of can the enough fight of Premier League.

An original team name is Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.. FC..Tokyo..amendment..original..Hiko..Director-General..J League..hang out..region..stick..synthesis..type..sports..club..locate..clarification.All players positively contribute to participation and the activity in the region in the volleyball classroom intended for the junior high school student.

Premier League at the next season might wrap the gym by the assistance of the soccer training, and be sensational.



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