Kumiko Kanedaの最近のブログ記事

The second women's professional golf tour Nakagyo television Bridgestone ladies day(6421 yards and aichi prefecture Nakagyo GC Ishino = pars 72 on the 23rd)

(19) = reproduction proof entertainment = applied in the head position and applied Kumiko Kaneda who had gone out in 2nd place of three under to 4th place of four margins by two birdies and one bogey though dropped 73 and the score of one double bogey.
It ..rooting of "Gal friend" that runs from local and Aichi as the accident that hangs the right foot is in the round, too.. rouses oneself receiving. The the first victory by the fourth youth was caught in the range in history as a player after the professional had been converted.
Yuko Mitsuzuka who assumed circumference a total of 6 under by 71 did a single head position of two margins in 2nd place by (24) = free = and did the keep.

Jeans and the sandals appearance, etc. the brown hairIs about resemblance in the golf course?Kincmi roused oneself to the appearances of best friends who showed up by the makeup of gay Do.
Kanada that started collapsing beating a double bogey of three putts sixthly sinks three meters ninthly continue when four that should be loved eighthly friends are found and seizes the birdie. The bogey was suppressed though the rhythm was rebuilt afterwards, and it suffered from the accident that a right calf hung by the 15th, and only to the 17th it remained in V range.

Though golf is a gal friend named a complete amateur「I am always seen. It seems to hold out safely. 」With Kanada. "Nice birdie" and the rooting flew as soon as having saved par slightly removing the birdie putt, and dropping the shoulder in the latter half.
In "Main of the voice of the rolling hair" said, "Plane of the amount ..whether "Nice and what".. Ishi", the wry smile and the lesson in "It is not nice, and not birdie now" and the round. Pressure and the feeling tense of the finality class were the winds that blew ..where...

When the the first victory at 283 days of 19 years old the 24th is accomplished, the fourth young log in the history of the tour that follows the Miyazato indigo, Yokomine cherry blossoms, and Masuda Shinako. 「(The reversal :. )No impossible difference either. Friend?If it is possible to come more」
The visual line is raised and it challenges on the final day.

It ..Miss Nagoya's friend.. chats the round ..source.. on the way ..Kumiko http://hochi.yomiuri.co.jp/sports/golf/article/news/20090524-OHT1T00042.htm Kanada (left).. ..happy.. http://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2009/05/24/images/KFullNormal20090524165_l.jpg. 


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