Ski mogle/Skete figureの最近のブログ記事

Player Aiko Uemura was Freestyle Skiing (mogul) that fil the marriage report and in Tokyo and the shore commemoration gymnasium on the same day, held the marriage report interview by Tokyo the 11th with other party's player Kentaro Minagawa ..alpine skiing (rotation)...
The Uemura player who had bathed in an innumerable flash talked about pleasure that gripped the happiness of "It was pleased to have an interview in front of the Olympics like this" and "Gold medal class". In the future, the Uemura player will act as those like "Uemura" of the former name who play a game.

13 television cameras and about 80 reporters crowded and two appearance lingua people announced the relations appearance to reporters as the pairing of the heart type was immediately shown the interview at the beginning.
The Uemura player「It is for a long time together, and the appearance that holds out is gotten and the Mite hint is gotten. I was able to grow up as man, too. 」It solves and it greets it with a smile.
Moreover, player Minagawa who reveals Christmas last year : the proposal.
It was said, "I terribly was important, and wanted to convey even only feelings to the Olympics each other early" in a sincere expression.

The Uemura player is 29 years old in the Hyogo Prefecture birth in 1979 now. It participates from Nagano Games in the Olympics by three rally serial.
The consequence is left in the world championship held Fukushima inside a prefecture in March this year, and the representation from Japan of next year's Vancouver rally is decided informally.
Player Minagawa is 32 years old of the Niigata Prefecture birth in 1977. It participates in the Olympics by Nagano, Salt Lake City, Turin, and three rally serial as well as the Uemura player.

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