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who had ended there was the gold medal for the first time in Netherlands Rotterdam after 65 years when the world championship became plural class system on the 30th.

「Historical thingIt is sure to prove worthwhile because of the rough time. 」Short-term strengthening plan for world championship in Tokyo of next autumn and Rondon Olympics this chairman who summarized it for 12 years and mention separately for long-term strengthening plan of junior layer. The Shinohara supervision taught in Nara and Tenri University is made to be resided in Tokyo after the understanding of the university is obtained and it is made to cooperate more intimately the strengthening player and belonging ahead for the short term.

On the other hand, the necessity of the strengthening of young people who are not appearing one after another the world junior king until last year 2 years in a row is stressed. It was declared to introduce the rule of which the foul defeat who was the player who had taken other party's leg without forming a partnership twice while playing a game from the all-Japan junior championship (Saitama) done in advance of the world on the 13th the 12th this month. This chairman「Not no speed and power but Japan is still a technology. I think that the consequence remains whenever the basis of destroying, making, and multiplying is steady. 」It expected it of the effect solving.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!

It waits and furnace Ishii.

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──。Teddy Rinal (20= France) that accomplished 2nd straight victory in 100 world championship boy kilo super-class of the judo threw the challenge at professional martial artist's Ishii by the super-class gold medallist of 100 Beijing Olympics kilo. Rinal is declared to be "After the Olympics of Rondon, I want to conclude it with the Ishi Juncus effusus var.decipiens" to the monopoly direct hit of this paper immediately after the end of the rally now. The acute interest was shown in the decisive battle by the integrated combative sports rule.

Rinal is won the championship in 100 kilo super-class that Yasuyuki Muneta ended because of the third round defeat showing overwhelming strength. The hero of the home country that was said the reappearance of the super-class gold medallist of 100 Sydney Olympics boy kilo and David Doie was received in "Teddy" call of the local fan after the rally ended and was a delight.
However, the expression changes completely when the name of Ishii who is declaring that oneself is a favorite judo athlete is heard. It spoke so by a serious look.
「Ishi Juncus effusus var.decipiens?It shall not be Shii Sato Shii. He is fighting spirits lingua Ine again. Does the Rondon Olympics end?」。
Very, it wants to take off Judo uniform even at once as soon as the Rondon Olympics ends in 2012, and to fight against Ishii by the Molva molva of mixed martial arts.
It is anxiety Hanai for the blow in which many of martial artists of the judo coming from have a hard time. A young world king「Punch?A no problem. 」The shadow ..losing one's temper Sld.. ..saying.. is announced while floating a smile not suitable. fame..fight..devote one's time.It seems to have the adequate confidence in the blow. Ishii who was speaking after the judo field is left, "I wanted to conclude it with Rinal" is also overjoyed in this rival's challenge.
「I love Rinal. Is his.. does it come to Japan and the rival ..'.. Yasshi Inoue?Hear..rival..say.I want to call Melsheborcu (Thanks so much). ..wanting come.. ..accompaniment.. was practiced at governor Tate University. Please tell, 'Wait with the Molva molva of mixed martial arts'. 」

Ishii and Rinal also had the difference of the class while being called rival, and the face-off with the regular match was not achieved. Rinal is defeated in the semifinal though attention gathered in the first confrontation as for last year's Beijing Olympics to participate in this class. Afterwards, because Ishii had converted it into the martial artist, two people did not fight.
However, when the representative of France group of players went on an expedition to Japan, "Ishii VS Rinal" was done many times in the gym as big as governor Tate.
Speaking, Rinal is "Again" is thatThe deployment of the incandescence lingua match like the real thing in the honeycombing according to Ishii every day. And, it is Iu at the end when filling each other was an established custom as for "Gddofait" and a good fight each other. Mat..achieve..dream..confrontation..Molva attention..card..become.
I cannot be mutually defeated until the day when it shakes hands with "Gddofait".

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
Governor Tate large (22) = = of Ishii of the super-class gold medallist of 100 Beijing Olympics judo kilo who changes over to an integrated martial artist has an interview in Tokyo on the first, and the assertion lingua of the ultra integrated combative sports event war participation.

Hitoshi Saito who had served as the judo boy supervision of the Beijing Olympics sent the yell to Ishii of "..learning.. Otout Neno" , saying that "It wants you to improve the body and the mind taking care about the injury because the stage that I had chosen in the match". Activity was expected," "Because of man Ishii who did not compromise in tender accents though a severe comment was done in the professional conversion riot the Beijing Olympics and afterwards.


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