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Beach volleyball, JBV tour 2009, the 3rd war, and the Kirishima brewing opening (Miyazaki Prefecture Miyakonojoshi and Kirishima factory Garden on the 15th) volleyball former Japan girl representative's "It is a princess who was" Sugayama or (30) = WINDS and Sayaka Mizoe (18) = Sanno Institute of Management = class that was was the first round, and it was defeated at Mutsumi Ozaki and Kusano pawn = Shonan Bellmare = class by 1-2.

Sugayama..Mizoe..set..score the first..set..set..drop..once..war..defeat.
It was defeated straight, and it disappeared to Yanagawa Yuki and the Keiko Urata class as 2-0 at the first day though Sugayama and the Mizoe class turned to the repechage.

Moreover, (35) of Ko Nishimura 1 and Keisuke Imai (29) class = Uinz = wins straight and has advanced the 1st round to the 2nd round about 2-0 about the boy to whom Sugayama and ardent love were reported.

Miwa Asao (23) and steady Nishihori (27) classes that came in 2nd place in the second war = id one = : by the first round.
It fights against Eiko Koizumi and Remi Shuto = free = class, and it advances to the second round in 2-0 and a straight winning. It aims at the top of Japan of the earnest wish again.


Sugayama kaoru

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The romance came to light on WINDS = = the 14th player (30) who was ..princess write specially of the nova.. Sugayama of the beach volleyball field attention. Sale..weekly photograph magazine..Friday..senior..aspect..combination..say..fold one's
The other party is player Ko Nishimura 1 who converted it from the former and all-Japan representative player into beach volleyball as well as the princess write specially (35). Two people are scheduled to participate in the rally that starts on the 15th in Miyazaki Prefecture.
What remark is attention ..whether shoot out...

It was popular after it converted it into beach volleyball at white beautiful skin and the pretty face as well as fairy and Miwa Asao (23) or came to light to the princess who was the romance.
Other party's Nishimura is a player who belongs to same professional beach volleyball team "WINDS".
One meter 75 and the height is a popular player only in the same libero coming from as the princess write specially who is collecting visual lines of the female fan by the body of the tightened myoplasm in addition to dauntless features though it is diminutive.

According to "Friday", two people have a meal together in the high level roasting on a hot plate shops in Tokyo and Hiroo together with the sponsor of the team on the night of a certain day. Afterwards, it gets on black Benz four-wheel drive that Nishimura drives and it will drive to the princess write specially at night.
Nishimura who got off the car when coming near in the ramen shop on the way : in ..difference beginning aspect combination.. state of the vinyl umbrella of ..saying.. in the princess write specially. And, princess write specially's arm twines round Nishimura's arm before one is aware ....
After eating the ramen, the car of two people taken is Iu when it disappeared in the underground car park in the apartment house where Nishimura lives.
The belonging office of two people : to the coverage of Sankei Sports. 「The belonging team must be and there must often be what to the same two people behave both. It is likely to move together by car. There is no fact of association. 」With the denial. Moreover, the clarification lingua of the point assumed to have gone to Nishimura's apartment house , saying that "Live in the separate building of the same apartment house group".
However, two good people must be in a considerably good dealings when there was a scene where the lover plays in the car besides the arm is united each other.

Volleyball is both started as a school child, and a nationwide victory is experienced at high school days. It is elected to all-Japan representative, and the position and the same libero etc. and the career look like. And, it goes forward both, and it seems to be able to be said to the same target that is the Rondon Olympics participation in 2012 an exactly suitable partner in above all.

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