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The match of the king prize duel always : though it became shape to take one's teens two people whom not only Ishikawa in the preliminary round but also Lee added along because it thinks the last stage of the tour. 「Is the sensorium of Ishikawa?It does and it sleeps. Danny Lee?Wisdom」The aspect doesn't change with the reaction.

Still, it is in the rally now and offered eagerness has the adequate one. Last year's rally participates through the man-day primary meeting.
Starting with the good fight though the arrangement in the head position was ended in 2nd place while facing the final day
Because it tied to the prize Seed win「The image is not bad. I'll make it up to you. 」。V declaration of the temple temple was said at the end.

Player Yuta Ikeda

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
it has been understood to have marked it 9.6%(..Kanto district.. video the research is examined). This figure is the super-more exceptional than 9.1% the average audience rating of "Hanshin - the giant" (back 7.00) professional baseball war broadcast at Sunday and prime time of the 12th. The occupation rate was "Good score. " of 37.2% though the program was a program for a long time lasting for about five hours from 11:10PM

Ishikawa (17) of all Britain debut turned in Tiger Woods (33) and this class in the first preliminary contest Hime at the first day and having been broadcast attracted attention on this day. Does person in charge Do Son of royal and Enschent club (R&A) that hosts a convention stop about the pairing of Ishikawa and Woods and does neither clarification Shite descending nor TV Asahi that broadcasts stop laughter in "Nice schott" the same as the expectation , saying that "The demand of the TV station was considered" ....

Sports Nippon:

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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