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"Varnalredes" of women's golf is done for three days from the 15th in Fukuoka and Fukuoka Century GC (6594 yards and pars 72). Kumiko Kanada (19) of the rookie to which the slump continues from the opening game declares the seal of a backward remark as a breakthrough on the 13th. It aims at "Ketsbat" in penal provision and it aims at the preliminary contest breakthrough of second at department Shite and four games.

The rookie that can hesitate aims at the breakthrough putting bind on oneself. Kanada where the preliminary contest breakthrough at four games hung to a minimum norm took a vow with a smile.

 「A backward remark has not been done any longer. There is golf's being sure being sure not to improve in a minus idea. It also was said also by papa. 」

The proposer is father and Mr. Hirokichi of the coach. All members of "Team Kincmi" ..an exclusive caddie and sweat shirts.. seal negative remarks such as "Became tired", "It is useless", and "It is in bad condition" on this day, and penal provision is a setting voluntarily lingua by ten times of the NG word , saying that "One time of Ketsbat".  Kanada

It faced by the formation of the backwater, and after the professional had been converted, the first qualification process in the fifth game was accomplished in "Life card ladies" in April , saying that "If it was useless, favorite ice was stopped this time, and the brown hair was returned to the black" (9th place). Reproduction of.  aimThe department slope rhe also ties to the speed-up the penalty of two degrees by a positive idea , saying that "Slowed because it was worried".

However, as much as seven degrees are short runs in the practice round on this day as for the NG word. "Became tired" seems to become considerable asceticism in Kanada of habit of saying.

The image: "Ketsbat" is department lingua Kincmi (left) in me by ten times of a backward remark. Does the trainer Suzuki already rehearse?


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