Takashi Fukunishiの最近のブログ記事

Takashi Fukunishi of former representation from Japan MF attended the event of "Pia toque battle sports hedonism 2009" in Tokyo on the first, and it talked about soccer etc. of details and the representation from Japan of own active service retirement.
Mr. Fukunishi retires from the active service at the end at the season of 2008 that Tokyo Verdi played.
About the determined reason「Feelings inclined at the retirement because motivation that it wanted to continue was not a conviction. The end was decided in my feelings though there was a talk from various team (transfered the register). 」Feeling was revealed solving.

It participates in the Russia war of the World Cup (World Cup) for 02 years as a representation from Japan. Mr. Fukunishi who plays in two group league games in the World Cup for 06 years, and is experiencing two rallies.
World Cup..member..choose..sleep..(..laugh..)..do..do..fall..think..television..ahead..see..member..announce..episode..announce.

To the representation from Japan「I do not think the representative to shoulder it at the national anthem unison.
It strains when singing while seeing the rising-sun flag in the World Cup and the Japanese representative war. It helps, and because various people are related to the game, it holds out and I think that your voice is terrible of for benefactors.
(You of the supporter :. )Present Japanese representative players want you to put pressure because of the full voice. 」It commented.  

About the future work「I want to do work to pile up the soccer field that tells soccer. It challenges a lot, it wants to expand my width, and to play soccer strongly by Japan. 」It concluded it.  

The source is http://sportsnavi.yahoo.co.jp/soccer/japan/headlines/20090601-00000030-spnavi-socc.html. 


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