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Kameda three brothers

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Advancing the preparation in which three brothers (Tsuyoshi of Oco Kameda, Otsuyo, and Watakeshi (both Kameda) of boxing) participate all together on June 27 in the performance of Mexico holding has understood the 15th. Father Shiro clarified it.

Three brothers' becoming complete short covering at a loss is the first if it achieves it. Fighting named lobster Salado (Mexico) in the ninth this flyweight place is decided informally as World Boxing Association (WBA) former light flyweight king's Ocotakeshi. The camp is requesting to WBA that this is assumed to be a final match of Lightweight tentative throne.

Dencaosan of a present king of this class (Thailand) has a problem in the management as Ocotakeshi and double are contracted.
"100 percent in hearing" and it ..Shiro.. ..possibility to be recognized the final match of the tentative throne.. insists.
As for Otsuyo, when the Inter Continental throne is made to be aimed, it is Iu.

Moreover, it mentioned it to the possibility of receiving Encbat of the Beijing Olympics bantamweight gold medal (Mongolia) as a cadet in the Kameda gym.


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