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Mardie Brown supervision (46) of Hiroshima is the preemptive attack "Ctiu" lingua to optimism and the Nomura supervision on the 16th.
The team such as "I do not want to say the minus of my team" is ..Nom who complains.. Ticri. Two successive victories in K Sta Miyagi in the last fighting. Enemy's commander is made to be complained by successive victories further as a complete victory four wars this time.

Carp that has already decided alternating current war leading. The Brown supervision poured the preemptive attack "Ctiu" on the enemy's general by the invective to outdo the Nomura supervision.

「(In the optimism war. )The Nomura supervision only has to come to complain. It says very much or the complaint might be happy because I do not understand Japanese though it is not from the amount. 」

Confidence was shown to Cata and the optimism concrete facing while speaking to a sarcastic mixing after it had practiced in the Mazda stadium.

In the alternating current war, it fights with confidence as showing of the result to here of 12 victory seven defeat division into one.
Forerunner Iwaguma was done in the first match and KO was done four times in K Sta Miyagi of the last fighting. Though the forerunner is ..Tanaka who has enumerated eight victories of both league top Thailand on Hasebe and 18 on the 17th.. thick「Who defeats Uti even though who throws out?I think that it can win by even the first fighting by pitcher Tanaka's throwing out if baseball of Uti is done. 」It asserted it with great confidence solving.

In addition, the complaint of the Nomura supervision is Ticri. 「I do not want to say the minus of my team. A negative thing is not put out from my mouth. I think that it doesn't want to hear the fan. 」。The Brown supervision is thought that speaking ill of the player doesn't do, praise, and extend the merit. It is not complained, "You bet it is".

Full is thrown and Lewes of ..possession.. strongest Carp associate is thrown on the 17th. "Bow playfield park baseball stadium" in which the professional baseball is held after an interval of 52 years from 57 year and associate that the forerunner is powerful. 「The optimism war has been defeated last year, and wants to extrapolate the results if it throws out. I want to take the out by a little number of balls. 」It was enthusiastic. 
It regrettably defeats it in the mound where the first in the history of the alternating current war six successive victories hung last year. The fighting spirit is burnt to the revenge.

The Nomura supervision : in one side. 「It doesn't seem to be able to win Hiroshima. It was good in Pa. The low rank of outstanding when going to Se. 」The complaint doesn't stop before it fights. I want to open Nom's complaint completely by the complete victory four optimism war wars.


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Hiroshima was drawn by 4-4 with Sab (Seibu Dom) on the 14th at the end of 12 times of the extension.
The Brown supervision put substitution infielder's Kokubo in Suenaga of the left by a desperate large pinch of the defense and the bases full with none out of 12 times of the extension, and paved five infielder body pose in which it was made to defend behind the pitcher.

Left-..capture.. ..left grounder double play.. ..strike.. . that - 1 is unusual.  fly in front of of Kokubo the stricken strong grounder Kurose here
「It came off to Nakamae if not defensive there. Hama is the first time even here. 」(Kobayakawa blow coach)It made it big, and following Eto killed, and came away with a draw to Asot in a usual defense system.

Both fail though it attempts twice 2006 year though 5 person in Uchino plan is the 4th times in the assumption 4th year.
It the first succeeds in Nacabi now on the Sue May 6. In taking in the double play, this time is the first time.

The Brown supervision「It made it to such a defense as a means of last resort. It is understood that I think as the player cluttering, too and exists. 」The expression of and.

Two continuous fights and visitors' this one base side and right-wing seats were dyed red by the Hiroshima fan.
33,747 people and these days are super-crowded on the 13th by 32,795 people. The Hanshin game on the 11th the tenth seems to have by good Hiroshima than Hanshin of the slump and, now, to have the Cac ability in Kanto because it neither exceeded 30,000 people.

The baseball team affiliate of Seibu also「I think that it is from the giant war. It was supplemented though Hanshin game did not enter by the desire because the team was weak. 」With large thanks.

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(Seibu Dom on the 14th in 12 time of alternating current war and 4-4 Seibu Hiroshima = extension defined tie and Final Race and 1 minute Hiroshima 2 victory a defeat)

A large pinch of the bases full with none out was surpassed, and it escaped the defeat 12 times of the extension of the same point Hiroshima. Sei Uchino 5 that the Brown supervision spoke with "Dernier resort" came true splendidly.

A leftist hand, and infielder's Kokubo is alternatively, and is position in front of second base basic the left hand.
It flew in front of of the Kokubo, and it captured and an unusual double play of - 1 left-was completed though the ball of the pinch-hit and Kurose was sharp.

Kokubo who showed play settled by a sudden turn「It took a defiant attitude. As for doing, the life is the first. 」It is pleased.  Aoki that escapes the crisis「It came off when it was not five people. It was good in such a consequence. 」We expressed our gratitude. 


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