Champion sumo wrestler Kaio of the Grand Sumo Tournament was invited to the working lunch of Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan opened in Tokyo and Yurakucho on the second, and it sweated like a pig in a severe question from the foreigner reporters.

It is thrust, smile wryly, look up at the sky, and own movement , saying that "When do you retire at last few years though are talked?". After the deliberation, "I want to put out one place one place and power until the day though it is not amusing even if such time when comes. "It spoke to another question with "I want always to win the championship until retiring".

In the question related to the wrestler death event that occurs in the Tokitsukaze room, the experience of receiving the corporal punishment before is revealed. Not bullying. There was this and it was possible to strengthen mentally. 」。

There was no hesitation in this in case of "I wanted to bring up a strong wrestler with my room ..being asked.." in the end "Dream in the future".




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