Toray Industries and bread Pacific 2009 of women's tennis
(Ariake Colosseum on September 27th - October 3rd etc.)..drinking.. during a day Dai association secretariat
It was announced that the participation of previous year champion's Dinara Safina (Russia) had been decided in the first place in world rank.
As a result, all one - 30th place will participate in the world rank the latest (dated August 31) in the this university association.
If ten top all members arrange its face in a domestic rally, the first time according to Nippon Tennis Society through the man and woman though the world rank varies by U.S. open under holding consequences. It is assumed, "There is little thing for top 10 to meet a temple excluding a four great rally" including foreign countries.
Toray Industries and bread Pashi were changed from holding to holding during the January-February till then in autumn last year.
It speaks with "It might have been thought that the epistatic player for the Australian Open in the last stage of the season and January next year raised the rank even a little" in the secretariat.

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Japan is good country!
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Kei Nishikori

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It has been understood that player Kei Nishikori of the men's tennis appears in game for Wii "EA SPORTS grand slam tennis".
23 great players of old and new like player John McEnroe and player Maria Sharapowa, etc. appear, and player Nishikiori is the only Japanese player, and it becomes "Debut" in the game.

15 players of ..Raphael Nadal.. active service (8 players of the legend by Pete Sampras and Bjorn Borg, etc. and the first world ranking places) appear in the game in the real name.
Each player's like player's face, wear, and the voice and a form, etc. when serving it features are expressed in the round.
Moreover, the monopoly license agreement is connected, and it becomes the hall of British Open.
The center court in Wimbledon was reproduced, and the court of a four great rally of all France and all Americans and all Australia also collected.
Remote control..racket..choose..manipulation..handedness..face..customize..player..promote..real

Player Nishikiori who appears in the Japanese version package as well as McEnroe and both players of Nadal
「I think the old and new superstar players in the world to be play at the tennis court on behalf of a Japanese player, and good at participation in the game.  very gladWhen you feel the excitement and the enjoyment as the professional in the game」It comments.  
Sale schedule of game this summer for 6090 yen.

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RAKUTEN to the crown sponsor of the tennis Japan opening.

Nippon Tennis Society announced that RAKUTEN became a crown sponsor with a new Japan opening in October the 14th. It is the first time and Iu that optimism becomes a support company that applies the name of enterprise to the crown of the Big rally of tennis.

It had a rough going the enterprise search that succeeded after American International Group, Inc. (AIG) of the U.S. insurance major withdrew from the crown sponsor after last year, and the influence of the economical depression was received. As the breakthrough, a Japanese association connected the affairs consignment contract of the aggregate amount one billion yen with IMG Tokyo of the major management company for five years, and was requesting the sponsor search.

Source: The Sankei Shimbun 2009.5.14 16:39


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