Pro wrestler: Hiroshima that falls while Mr. Mitsuharu of Misawa death playing a game

Mr. Mitsuharu, that is, Misawa pro wrestler (46) fell in president Nord in the professional wrestling Molva molva Nord Hiroshima University association that was Hiroshima prefectural synthesis gym in the Hiroshimashi Nakaku radical town at about 8:30PM of the 13th while playing a game, and the emergency was transported to the Hiroshima University hospital in the state of the cardio-respiratory arrest.
The death was affirmed according to the prefectural police Hiroshima Chuo station at 10:10.
The same police station is listening to circumstances from the sponsoring body and the opponent, etc.

Mr. Misawa participates in this day tag match according to Games-related personnel and the spectator.
Other party's backdrop was not able to be received, to hit one's head hard, and to move.
Mr. Misawa answered though the referee asked Mr. Misawa, "Were you able to move?", "It is not possible to move".
The game is a disruption as it is. When the man of the spectator that it is a doctor attempted reviving with automated external defibrillator (AED), it is Iu. At that time, there were about 2300 spectators.

Mr. Misawa belongs to the wrestling club by Tochigi and the Ashikaga worker large applying amount, and is an introduction in 81 to all-Japan professional wrestling.
It became face mask man's Tiger face mask (the second generation) in 84, and was popular.
The face mask is taken off for 90 years, and it acts by the real name.
It took an active part as an ace who followed Giant Baba and a jumbo Tsuruta both players (both deceased).
It resigns from all-Japan in 00, professional wrestling Molva molva Nord is established, and it serves as the president concurrently.
It was an acknowledged wrestler in a passive taste.

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