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Cannot the war of Uzbek Tamada 6.6 occur?... As for Japan Okada, the FW formation is catastrophic.

The possibility to be driven in to the situation with catastrophic FW formation of Japan Okada that puts this war ticket on an Asian final preliminary contest of the World Cup and the Uzbekistan war (Tashkent) on June 6 has come out the 29th. The Chile war on the 27th, and Keiji progression of the disease lingua FW Tamada takashi(29) is this Hiwake menu and adjustment.  the pain in the right ankleThe absence of the Giraffa camelopardalis cup and the Belgium war (national) on the 31st is decided, and fear that influences the Uzbekistan war has come out. The miscalculation that main force FW suffers from the accident seems to continue, and to be going to face the hot match in the contrary wind.

The accident overcame it FW of the resort. It starts in advance, and FW Tamada who has enumerated two scores is another menu and adjustment to five final preliminary contest all games on this day.
Supervision (52) of Takeshi Okada「It is said that it will be thought that the soreness occurs when kicking by the right foot. The next Belgium war is not used. 」The Giraffa camelopardalis cup the 31st declares it is made to take a rest.
In addition, the time of a complete confluence is opaque, and the possibility to influence the Uzbekistan war on June 6 has come out, too.

It fights Chile on the 27th progression of the disease lingua the sprain ..no sleep of the right ankle of the old wound... When it twisted, and the ball was kicked to the other party decayed and filled being stepped on the right foot from the rear side by the right foot immediately after the start at 32 the first half minutes, it hurt it again. Kicking by the right foot before it plays a game turns around and difficult Tamada turns around , saying that "Did not stop though it tried to stop thinking that the ball was recovered". It became a turnover on the way regrettably the seven minutes later.

Tatsuya Tanaka (Urawa) is nonparticipation in main force FW due to injury as for the training camp now. Tamotsu FW Ohisa also : because of bad health.
There was a blank of one week, and it just joined the way anther practice of this day. FW with results came though it was good news that FW Okazaki left two scores and consequences by the Chile war, and it suffered from the accident in succession, and situation Tona who left the anxiety aiming at the final qualifier in June came.

Tamada in the state that the soreness occurs : even running. 「Uzbekistan war?I think that it depends in the state at that time. 」Though the declaration is avoided「I think that here to negative go to positive leprosy without the fool because it is unpleasant. It is for one week or more, and I think that it is settled in my sense (The soreness :). 」It aggressively tries.  Tamada who becomes the source of the attack by preeminent keep power is a keyman person of Japan Okada.
It can do nothing but expect it of a marvelous restitution now.


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