Shinobu Moromizatoの最近のブログ記事

Career earnings also exceeded 300 million yen in seven tour totaling Kajime.

Strength of Moromizato is the stable lower half of the body after all.
Hips are 100 centimeters how though the height 160 centimeters, and 60 kilo in weight.
The beauty of the swing form may be called a number 1 in the girl professional.

Now, the state of invincibility in Japan-domestic. View for the first queen prize is also benign.

Such she is 23 years old.
His.. offering internally at present though it is not mysterious even in case of being.  one and 2 of the floating stories
When winning the championship in the salon passing cup of May
In the interview「There is no boyfriend. If possible, please give offering Shite to me with the newspaper. 」It appealed and it became a topic.

To our regret, "Echo Hanai" etc. at present.
Is you, and Changsu of Coshiri Feti?!


Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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