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-  Comerica Park on 1-3< Tigers Raz >* the 29th (the 30th in Japan standard time)

The rehabilitation lingua after an interval of about three months.  Raz Iwamura Akinori infielder (30) who is DL of 60 days injure a left kneeWhen the forerunner participation is done by "The ninth second base", ..the first at bat.. ..strike.. . in front of the right suddenly. It contributed to victory by two at bat one safe hit 24 sphere two scores.

「It adds terribly for me by can the game even if win or defeated and not becoming of the calositas the language. Moreover, being possible to contribute to victory by stepping on the home base twice was terrible and big. 」It was spoken that it chewed it well solving.

Detroit entering at expedition destination of 3A Durham Corp. from Virginia Norfolk at morning of this day. When the forerunner participation was percussed, it is Iu from the Madon supervision , saying that "Is the preparation good?".

Left knee of sliding receiving of Iwamura by the Marlins war on May 24 anterior cruciate ligament's (..dust.. ..passing..) etc. wounds. The undeletion ..miraculous...  temporary Sue despair seeing nowIt returned for the team that aimed at the playoff advancement.

【 pitcher ])Price, Weiler, Balfour, and Hauelunabaro
(Ta)Robertson, minor, and perry-Laird
【 responsibility pitcher ](victory)Six Price 7 victory defeat (S) 1 Robertson of ..defeating..) victory 1 ..(of Howell Corp. 16S.. defeat

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As a result, Japan return → Hanshin Tigers Iri theory disappeared completely.

The charge reporter of Yankees talks.  It might be ..".. so. It had been said for a long time, and the person in question began to have stricken resignation once as it came here and the person changed though resolution red sandal tree, and Yankees seems to have decided that Matsui was discharged at the season of now the residual.

The answer seemed to have gone out for the discussion of Matsui's agent (agent) and Yankees at the end" The major-leaguer who was connecting the multi agreement doesn't move by the following agreement in the final year of the agreement. Minimum has times of the muck so that the agent may take the following agreement at the previous year.

There you go for Matsui. 「Matsui's agent has behaved in old times of. It seemed to have Matsui's Dodgers transfering the register at time when the Torri supervision to which Matsui was assessed high left Yankees and it changed over to the supervision of Dodgers and to have had the discussion with Yankees by the fear Shite agent in the place in which it had heard it. 」。

The story of Dairigtool. , saying that "The failure is held for Matsui, it operates on the knee, and the agent thinks that it held out considerably".

There was five horn element in the reason why Yankees inclines at the recontract with Matsui.
(1)A lot of runs batted in are match strong.
(2)It knows baseball well.
(3)The leadership criticism is not done.
(4)It does to the team mate well.
(5)There is absolute popularity from the Japanese person in local, and are a lot of fans from Japan, too.

And, having become the conclusive evidence of the residual :. 「A present Matsui excelling is another baseball team Hanai who does the multiyear contract. The next season becomes an agreement from the state and the age of the body for one year. The annual salary is suppressed naturally, and it is worth using it in case of it. 」(charge reporter)It becomes it.  Any large player is wandering in Major League as the agreement is exchanged for one year in many baseball teams in later years.

The idea of the respect is dry. And, the way of calling the baseball team in Japan when there is no offer is a quotation.

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Yankees White Sox (Yankee Stadium and 13:05 Japan standard time: 2:05 on the 31st) White Sox 1  0  1  0  0  0  0  0  1 Three Yankees.     1 0 2 0 0 0 5 0 x 8

Strikeout batting average of four Hideki Matsui 5 designated hitter forerunner participation result at bat score safe hit runs batted in spheres
 4 0  0  0  0  1   .268
Grounder ..back first batter line blink (right).. eight times six time in third Garcia 2 (right) back no death two time in first at bat four time in second back first batter Garcia (right) miss struck out at bat one base grounder at bat two death in back base in the fourth Garcia 2 (right) grounder at bat

【 pitcher ]
(Ho)Garcia is Williams, and a line blink peer jeans key.
(Ya)(victory) Chamberlain, Asebes, Marte, Robertson, fuse, and coke Posada 【 responsibility pitcher ]  Garcia of ..defeating..) nine Asebes victory one defeat two ..(.. defeats

【 home run ]
(Ho)Solo (Ya) two the 24th daemon Laon and 3 the 25th die Laon of the 32nd Tesheira

and was not made a safe hit to the White Sox war in New York by "The 5th and designated hitter" on the 30th (the 31st in Japan standard time).  four at bats
Yankees won a sweeping victory the game by 8-3.
Caiot did not sound in the at bat afterwards when Hideru Matsui was held in check to the struck out swinging by Garcia of the White Sox forerunner in the first at bat of two times either. Blow contents are the struck out swingings, two grounders, two grounders, and grounders.
It ends in no four at bat safe hit, and the batting average :. It became 268.

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Yankees White Sox (Yankee Stadium and 13:05 Japan standard time: 2:05 on the 30th) White Sox 0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0 Yankees  0  4  0  4  0  1  0  1 X 10

Four at bat one score two safe hit one runs batted in 04 sphere 0 strikeout batting average. It strikes, the back pinch-hit is sent the back death three time in Hidarit second base Contreras (right) second at bat six time in fourth at bat of back first batter Contreras (right) one grounder four times in the third at bat and back death 1 and third base Contreras (right) right-wing line two-base hit (runs batted in 1) one base 8 times back of 271 the first onetime in the at bat two deaths 1 when prevenient in Carasco (right), and it moves backward.

【 pitcher ]
(Ho)Contreras and Carasco, Panyarpiagenske, and Castro
(Ya)Mitore and Molina Gordin

【 responsibility pitcher ]
(victory)Three Mitore victory one defeat
..(.. ..defeating..)Five Contreras victory 13 defeats

【 home run ]
(Ya)The 23rd Rodriguez solo

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Outfielder Hideki Matsui of Yankees Rangers (New York on the 27th) Yankees participated by "The 5th and designated hitter", and was not made a safe hit.  three at batsThe contents is four balls, four balls, a strike three call, a struck out swinging, Hidarit, and batting averages are eight rins for 20 percent sixminutes. The team was defeated by 2-7.

Hideru Matsui of Yankees of the good condition ended in no safe hit at four games in August. 24 spheres were spoken with 2 strikeouts and Hidarit of the other party pitcher now, "A good ball had come".

There were a lot of close balls that pierced the corner. The ball where an interior angle ball and the overlooking strikeout that draws a walk to the first at bat are taken is almost the same course. Hideru Matsui「I think both to be a ball. (To the strike. )It is likely to be taken. It is reluctant. 」It turned around. 

A slight judgment remains, and however, the fourth at bat is judged that the movement that reacted to an interior angle ball ball is a half swing, and is a struck out swinging. The team was defeated, too and a dull expression though spoken, "(blow) The state was not bad".
Yankees and Hideru Matsui (AP) who fell in five times and overlooking strikeouts of Rangers war Http://

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Ichiro of U.S. Major League and Mariners was ..Royals war on base ground.. absent for putting a left calf on the 27th (the 28th in Japan standard time). Kenji Jojima is "The 7th and catcher" and the log linguas as for the forerunner participation doing and one safe hit one runs batted in. Mariners is defeated at Royals, and no four successive victories of the game.

It did not participate in the game though Ichiro who was absent because of four game serial moved its body by catch and the batting practice, etc. before it played a game. Expectation of judging participation while it is because there is still sense of incompatibility when running, and seeing state in the future.

The timely hit to the left line was shot at the second at bat that had been received in the no death second base though Jojima fell in the struck out swinging in the first at bat. The third at bat received by two deaths 2 in the third base is a struck out swinging. However, the hit to the left line is stricken to the fourth at bat, and this day is four at bat two safe hit one runs batted in.
The batting average became nine rins for 20 percent threeminutes.

The game added two points every seven times when extending one's lead in two Laon (six times and Caraspo that Royals had faced by one point lead of 3-2), added one point to nine times, and threw off Mariners. It won victory by 8-4 though two points every nine times were deprived.

【 pitcher ])Davies and light and Chen B Panya
(Ma)Pfister, Vanellus cinereus, and messenger-Jojima
【 responsibility pitcher ](victory)Pfister 1 of ..defeating..) victory 5 Davies victory 9 defeat 1 ..(.. defeat
【 home run ])B, two the fifth Panya Laon, and the fifth Betancort solo and 2 the eighth Caraspo Laon
Two the 11th Dehess Laon
(Ma)Wilson 5-2 Laon

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It is answered promptly in Spanish when it is asked from TV station Mendi Annot in Venezuela, "May I interview it?", "You bet it is".

「The player of the Hispanic system is not taking an active part recently. No, it jokes and it jokes. 」It answered, and making a great hit in all fluent Spanish.

The interviewer「..encounter.. . in where to have remembered SpanishIt was moved such candid Ichiro. 」It was overjoyed at an unexpected heavy crop.

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Ichiro of U.S. Major League and Mariners did not participate in the Royals war on the base ground for putting a left calf on the 29th (the 30th in Japan standard time), and became absent because of six game serial.
Kenji Jojima was two game serial and did not have the participation occasion. Yabuta Abiko of Royals accomplished the Sue majors first starting call now, and suppressed one time to a no lost point. Mariners won a sweeping victory to Royals by 8-4.

It did not participate in the game though Ichiro did the batting practice before it played a game. Outlook that is absent also of Royals war on the 30th the next day, and returns from Angels war on the 31st to line of battle.

Yabuta that had become an Sue first starting call now took the plate as three counts every seven times that chased five points, and suppressed one time to easily put out three people.

The failure person comes out one after another in ..disabled list.. entering also of Branian to have shot 31 home runs of most in the team at here etc. Mariners. This day got into a position to dictate the run of a game from the first stage the tough going. Four points are added first time in three run-scoring doubles and the 3 on is added to four times urged by two point differences by Hanna Han and Johnson's home runs when carrying out a preemptive attack. Ropez pushed to eight times well, the bullet was shot, and it extended one's lead. Two successive victories to Royals by 8-4 though two points every nine times were lost.

【 pitcher ])Mesh, Teheda, Yabuta, and colon reservoir
(Ma)Snell, Batista, and messenger-Johnson
【 responsibility pitcher ](victory)Six mesh of ..defeating..) victory five Snell victory nine defeat ten ..(.. defeats
【 home run ])Two the sixth reservoir Laon and the 11th tea en solo and solos thirdly in mire
(Ma)Hanna Han 4 solo, 2 the 2nd Johnson Laon, and the 20th Ropez solo

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Ichiro of U.S. Major League and Mariners resumed a free blow in the whole team practice on the 27th. The Royals war on this day came off from the forerunner as for the confluence after putting was felt for the left foot calf by the Indians war on the 23rd to the team and the blow practice though the first time, too and it became absent of four game serial.

The Matsu Waka supervision「The time limit has not been especially decided though it seems to improve considerably since the day before (return). Anyway, I want you to cure it without rushing it. 」Careful posture was not relaxed.

Ichiro exchanged this supervision and the sweat shirt and talked about the future when the body was lightly moved before the whole team practice. It is supervised, "When the time thrown out and striking it, the feeling when running seems to be only always and a little different though must Sweet as by anything".  thisLeadership clarifies the policy of not returning it until recovering to 100 percent.

Other Ichiro is a batting practice and a short run as for the hedge excess. There was no appearance that changed especially compared with before it was absent.

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.doing large Yab.. suffer a series of defeats.

For putting a left calf on the 31st (the first in Japan standard time), Ichiro of U.S. Major League and Mariners was ..three continuous fight first match.. absent with done Angels on the base ground. Kenji Jojima doesn't participate either. Mariners suffers a crushing defeat to Angels by 0-10, and is lingua as for two series of defeatss.

It takes extra precaution and it doesn't participate from this game on this day though it is Ichiro who also has the possibility of the return.
It became serial absent eight games by this. The line of battle is scheduled to return to fight the second of doing in a day tomorrow as a starting member.

Angels overwhelms Mariners to the game by pitching and hitting. Geraro is two 12th fourthLaon in hunter's sacrifice fly that continues when carrying out a preemptive attack the third every three times as for one point. The fifth Rivera deprived to five times and the cleanup deprived of in large quantities ten points in playing a big roll of eight runs batted in as Geraro shot these two 13thLaon of two game flat knots at three 21stLaon and seven times. Saunders of the forerunner enumerated Kajime Sue 11 in the nice pitching of 7 time 3 safe hit no lost point now when throwing out.

【 pitcher ](E)Saunders and Berg French
(Ma)French, Jacbauscas, messenger, and ....low.. -.. Johnson
【 responsibility pitcher ](victory)Four French of ..defeating..) victory 11 Saunders victory seven defeat four ..(.. defeats
【 home run ](E)Guerrero 12-2 Laon, 2 13thLaon, and Rivera 21-3 Laon

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Kenji Jojima marked the forerunner participation doing and one safe hit by "The 7th and catcher". In the game, Mariners is lingua in Royals as for the shut-out defeat.

Jojima had shot the hit at the first at bat before the center of Mariners that became the only safe hit.
It is killed both, and one three at bat safe hit on this day of the second at bat and the third at bat to the short grounder.
The batting average became one rin for 20 percent fourminutes.

The Glynn key to the Royals forerunner marked nine times in the game, and the throw of the masterpiece sealed off was announced to one safe hit no lost point, and 13 Kajime was marked. The the batting lineup that became silent in front of Rolland Smith of the Mariners forerunner also covered the Glynn key to five times depriving Oribo of the 3 on at the right time, and Royals took down Mariners by 3-0.

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In U.S. Major League, the Matsu Waka supervision of Mariners is a left calf on the 30th.
The return of the Ichiro outfielder for whom it hurt and had left the line of battle for the Angels war on the 31st (September 1 in Japan standard time) was suggested , saying that "It is likely to be going to return from tomorrow". The expectation of participating if the state of a left calf is affirmed before it plays a game, and there is no problem.
Ichiro handled the base running for about 15 minutes as it being watched by the trainer before the war of Royals on the 30th. Ichiro「(..running in base.. actuality)It is different from the game. (Whether can it return or not?)After tomorrow comes. 」A careful tone.  solved

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Sugiyama's four large rally serial participation becomes 57 times of successive single most in last year's Wimbledon through the man and woman, and it has already been treated as a world record in the tennis field.

- Source

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  and Japan broke South Korea by 4―1 in the final of the group, and 3rd straight victory since the 12th that the team competition starts was accomplished.

Japan privately occupied three of best 4, and Yukiko Takami (Kimitsu educational institution employment) defeated it to Sachie Shojima (Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department) as for the final that had become a debut fighting. Japanese power became four rally serial victory in the individual competition without the defeat.
Niisato Ticaya (Niigata Prefecture Japan Amateur Sports Association) defeated in the semifinal was 3rd place.

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The wrestling of the present Olympics does each of seven classes and four girl classes (free of the boy and Greco-Roman), and FILA has requested same implementation of seven girl classes as the world championship.
The amendment idea that decreases the number of participation frames of the man and woman each floor class and doesn't increase the total of the player will be presented though the reduction in the boy class was discussed for IOC that worries about expansion.

The women's wrestling becomes an official program from the Athens Olympics for 04 years, and Japan has won a medal successive victories of Saori Yoshida of 55 kilo class and Italy Caol of 63 kilo class (both Sogo Keibi Hosho Co., Ltd.) etc. by two rallies in the past by all classes.

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Career earnings also exceeded 300 million yen in seven tour totaling Kajime.

Strength of Moromizato is the stable lower half of the body after all.
Hips are 100 centimeters how though the height 160 centimeters, and 60 kilo in weight.
The beauty of the swing form may be called a number 1 in the girl professional.

Now, the state of invincibility in Japan-domestic. View for the first queen prize is also benign.

Such she is 23 years old.
His.. offering internally at present though it is not mysterious even in case of being.  one and 2 of the floating stories
When winning the championship in the salon passing cup of May
In the interview「There is no boyfriend. If possible, please give offering Shite to me with the newspaper. 」It appealed and it became a topic.

To our regret, "Echo Hanai" etc. at present.
Is you, and Changsu of Coshiri Feti?!


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Toray Industries and bread Pacific 2009 of women's tennis
(Ariake Colosseum on September 27th - October 3rd etc.)..drinking.. during a day Dai association secretariat
It was announced that the participation of previous year champion's Dinara Safina (Russia) had been decided in the first place in world rank.
As a result, all one - 30th place will participate in the world rank the latest (dated August 31) in the this university association.
If ten top all members arrange its face in a domestic rally, the first time according to Nippon Tennis Society through the man and woman though the world rank varies by U.S. open under holding consequences. It is assumed, "There is little thing for top 10 to meet a temple excluding a four great rally" including foreign countries.
Toray Industries and bread Pashi were changed from holding to holding during the January-February till then in autumn last year.
It speaks with "It might have been thought that the epistatic player for the Australian Open in the last stage of the season and January next year raised the rank even a little" in the secretariat.

Http:// participant
Http:// Toray Industries and bread Pashi

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  Surrey Con'wa (Britain) was broken by throwing over one's shoulder in the 3rd place final though Watanabe of the debut was defeated at Annette Mesa Rosh (Hungary) by one because of the semifinal. It became piece in medal of the rally and Japanese power piece fifth (money 3, argentic, and copper 1) following three money girl fourth now. As for 78 girl kilo class, even Nakazawa (Sogo Keibi Hosho Co., Ltd.) who two rally serial and was 2nd place in the world championship competed and was defeated at Celine Le Brun (France) in the first world ranking place in the first match.

Takushi Ono (Ryotoku-ji Temple educational institution employment) defeats 90 boy kilo class at the player of Uzbekistan by the third round.

- The smile doesn't show it to a painful deployment.
A painful 3rd place final. Con'wa is advanced, and it is continued to become obstinacy though throwing good over one's shoulder doesn't hang to the other party, and is not advanced the game to the precedence. "The others' games are seen and played a game 'It is not ..that judo.. equipment..'. "The smile was hardly shown though throwing over one's shoulder was decided at last at the end of extra innings and the bronze medal was won.

The cause was in the semifinal. The other party is Mesa Rosh that fought many times in the world junior age.
It is a player of "Wrestling type" to give priority to the strategy that takes the leg from the union person. The guidance of passive posture was taken , saying that "Let's drew in to my pace and put the technique" at looking for other party's attitude, and about 30 seconds. It goes flooey, and the defeat by one. It became a monotonous attack and the judo that was able to consent was not able to be done even by the 3rd place final.

However, there is a light in the medal in the debut, too. Upper Yamiyabimegmi who was the authority in 70 girl kilo class is an assertion in March as for the active service retirement. It led by one step by a class not amusing when whoever became a representation from Japan.

Tomoko Fukumi (Ryotoku-ji Temple educational institution employment) who won a gold medal at 48 girl kilo class is a classmate of Ibaraki and Tsuchiura.
Watanabe of 23 years is Iu , saying that "Understand when encouraging it though there is no conversation each other". The activity of Fukumi connected by hard bond is sure to become Watanabe's support in the future.

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(..may being to stop.. = Mitsui The Sumitomo Marine and Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.) in the first world ranking place it wins by one and do the first victory of class bronze medallist's of 63 Beijing Olympics girl kilo Erisabet Berebultose (Netherlands) in 63 girl kilo class in the final. The gold medal of the rally of Japanese power piece third was won now. Five games, and the Iu Chito all one Honsho-overwhelmingness from the 1st round to the final. Shite defeat of defeat by one at player Switzerland by the third round though Hatahico (Asahi Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.) exceeded the second round of the first match to world championship among Tomo in three time Mede place et al. (of) in 81 boy kilo class.
It did not advance it to the repechage because 16 strong stopping.

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  and Misato Nakamura of the Beijing Olympics bronze medal (Mitsui The Sumitomo Marine and Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.) won a gold medal at 52 girl kilo class. Kaoru Matsumoto of 57 kilo class (Teikyo University) was defeated in the 3rd place final, and the medal win did not become it.
Nakamura won by a tenacious war, stood from the second round of the first match to Yanet Berg Moi (Cuba) in the final, and it stood in the top in the predominant victory Chio putting and the debut. The hurt calositas in the quarterfinal ..Kaoru Matsumoto of the debut (Teikyo University).. ..the right hand.. sounded in 57 kilo class, and it was defeated by one with the semifinal and the 3rd place final.
The Otsuka Masahiko of 73 boy kilo class (Asahi Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.) was defeated at David Kebhishibiri (Georgia) by one by the first round, and defeated.

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and confers based on the current state of the boy who doesn't go out the gold medal on the night of the 27th.
To demote the player who had failed in the medal win to "Senior" under the case at once because of one top strengthening specification "National" of All Japan Judo Federation, the instruction lingua was revealed.

「Taking in the other party who can win and spilling have sweetness somewhere. If you do not allow it to crawl up after it pushes it down once」。After the Koudoukan cup ends of November, the review of the strengthening specification : if usual.
The purpose of the arbitrage of the exception is sweeping of The Anatomy of Dependence. All seven representative players of the rally now are National.
The frequency of the training camp and the expedition decreases, big International Convention participation is limited, and the occasion of the appeal to leadership will decrease sharply when becoming senior.

The world rank system starts in January this year. It is necessary to enter within the each floor class the 22nd place to secure the participation right of the Rondon Olympics unconditionally. Fighting in the world championship that the point is the largest excluding the Olympics hard is a big anxiety element to the future. It cannot be when having already become, falling, and caring.

The source is

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  taking the leg of the opponent by the hand twice by one game becomes a foul defeat on the 30th and the idea of doing the early introduction by the all-Japan junior championship done in saitama prefecture Ageoshi in September this year was clarified.

In the rule amendment, it is an aim to regulate "Tackle technique" that tries to be knocked down without forming a partnership aiming at only the leg. International Judo Federation (IJF) is deciding a similar rule amendment to be introduced from the world junior championship (Greece) in October this year experimentally on the 23rd, and all-Japan junior is executed in early shape to this.

The Uemura chairman「There are a lot of players who have poor posture, and the trial is Changsu Yoi even in the adult. Japan wants to show a tidy judo. 」It spoke.  The rule amendment is consulted in the IJF board of governors in November this year referring to the preliminary result.

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and a Japanese boy ended there were in the Olympics and the world championship after the class system had been executed gold medals for the first time.
Maki Tsukada of Anai Tacashihata of 100 boy kilo class (Shoc) and 78 girl kilo super-class (Sogo Keibi Hosho Co., Ltd.) wins the bronze medal. Japanese boy's medal is an argentic, and one copper.
Girls were money 3, and two copper.
The defeat at the Azerbaijan player because of the quarterfinal by one though all-Japan king's Anai was won regularity and went up by 2 and the third round. It ..repechage.. won, and it won to player Ukraine by the 3rd place final by one.
Yasuyuki Muneta of 100 boy kilo super-class (Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department) fouled, was defeated at player Mongolia by the third round, and disappeared by the rally indiscrimination class champion last time.
Tsukada of the Beijing Olympics silver medal medals it in the quarterfinal.  five strakes
- (*= Winter in Ninben. )It was defeated at the sentence (China). ..3rd place final.. foul won from the repechage.
Next year's world championship is held in Tokyo in September.

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who ended in suffering a disastrous defeat in the world championship that ended in this place of Shinichi Shinohara on the 30th, "(The policy of continuing to the Rondon Olympics :) Do not change". The boy ended of the world rally and the gold medal did not exist for the first time including the Olympics.
It was selected last November ..the super-class silver medallist's of 100 Sydney Olympics boy kilo Shinohara supervision.. ..a representative inexperienced coach... This strengthening chairman「One year yet doesn't pass. It is important to understand the player. It is, and here fights to the utmost. 」It spoke.

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of cancer on the 27th. 59 years old.
International Judo Federation (IJF) announced the 29th in the world championship hall done in Rotterdam.
It takes an active part by the international scene as losing in the world championship indiscrimination class semifinal of 75 years to Uemura Haruki and a present chairman of All Japan Judo Federation by a narrow margin, and coming in 3rd place, etc.The pro wrestler and Antonio Inoki of Mr./Ms. are done "Heterologous combative sports war" in Tokyo Dome in 89, and KO has defeated it to Mr./Ms. Inoki.
After it had retired, the important position of Georgia was held successively in the realm of sport.
Assistant to the President Shorta Chochoshibiri in Antonio Inoki (center) who visited president Mikhail Sarcashibiri (left) in Georgia where it came to Japan and mediation lingua this country

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who had ended there was the gold medal for the first time in Netherlands Rotterdam after 65 years when the world championship became plural class system on the 30th.

「Historical thingIt is sure to prove worthwhile because of the rough time. 」Short-term strengthening plan for world championship in Tokyo of next autumn and Rondon Olympics this chairman who summarized it for 12 years and mention separately for long-term strengthening plan of junior layer. The Shinohara supervision taught in Nara and Tenri University is made to be resided in Tokyo after the understanding of the university is obtained and it is made to cooperate more intimately the strengthening player and belonging ahead for the short term.

On the other hand, the necessity of the strengthening of young people who are not appearing one after another the world junior king until last year 2 years in a row is stressed. It was declared to introduce the rule of which the foul defeat who was the player who had taken other party's leg without forming a partnership twice while playing a game from the all-Japan junior championship (Saitama) done in advance of the world on the 13th the 12th this month. This chairman「Not no speed and power but Japan is still a technology. I think that the consequence remains whenever the basis of destroying, making, and multiplying is steady. 」It expected it of the effect solving.

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It waits and furnace Ishii.

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──。Teddy Rinal (20= France) that accomplished 2nd straight victory in 100 world championship boy kilo super-class of the judo threw the challenge at professional martial artist's Ishii by the super-class gold medallist of 100 Beijing Olympics kilo. Rinal is declared to be "After the Olympics of Rondon, I want to conclude it with the Ishi Juncus effusus var.decipiens" to the monopoly direct hit of this paper immediately after the end of the rally now. The acute interest was shown in the decisive battle by the integrated combative sports rule.

Rinal is won the championship in 100 kilo super-class that Yasuyuki Muneta ended because of the third round defeat showing overwhelming strength. The hero of the home country that was said the reappearance of the super-class gold medallist of 100 Sydney Olympics boy kilo and David Doie was received in "Teddy" call of the local fan after the rally ended and was a delight.
However, the expression changes completely when the name of Ishii who is declaring that oneself is a favorite judo athlete is heard. It spoke so by a serious look.
「Ishi Juncus effusus var.decipiens?It shall not be Shii Sato Shii. He is fighting spirits lingua Ine again. Does the Rondon Olympics end?」。
Very, it wants to take off Judo uniform even at once as soon as the Rondon Olympics ends in 2012, and to fight against Ishii by the Molva molva of mixed martial arts.
It is anxiety Hanai for the blow in which many of martial artists of the judo coming from have a hard time. A young world king「Punch?A no problem. 」The shadow ..losing one's temper Sld.. ..saying.. is announced while floating a smile not suitable. fame..fight..devote one's time.It seems to have the adequate confidence in the blow. Ishii who was speaking after the judo field is left, "I wanted to conclude it with Rinal" is also overjoyed in this rival's challenge.
「I love Rinal. Is his.. does it come to Japan and the rival ..'.. Yasshi Inoue?Hear..rival..say.I want to call Melsheborcu (Thanks so much). ..wanting come.. ..accompaniment.. was practiced at governor Tate University. Please tell, 'Wait with the Molva molva of mixed martial arts'. 」

Ishii and Rinal also had the difference of the class while being called rival, and the face-off with the regular match was not achieved. Rinal is defeated in the semifinal though attention gathered in the first confrontation as for last year's Beijing Olympics to participate in this class. Afterwards, because Ishii had converted it into the martial artist, two people did not fight.
However, when the representative of France group of players went on an expedition to Japan, "Ishii VS Rinal" was done many times in the gym as big as governor Tate.
Speaking, Rinal is "Again" is thatThe deployment of the incandescence lingua match like the real thing in the honeycombing according to Ishii every day. And, it is Iu at the end when filling each other was an established custom as for "Gddofait" and a good fight each other. Mat..achieve..dream..confrontation..Molva attention..card..become.
I cannot be mutually defeated until the day when it shakes hands with "Gddofait".

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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