Takeshi Okadaの最近のブログ記事

Giraffa camelopardalis cup Belgium war done in Tokyo and National Stadium last night (May 31). I want to introduce the event before it plays a game here with the losing my temper calositas though representation from Japan and supervision (52) of Takeshi Okada won a great victory at a press interview by 4―0 after it plays a game though it is as telling it in assistant's this paper today (the first).

Team Bath of the representation from Japan arrived at 5:30PM. 20 recruited school children met the player in front of the locker room entrance as part of "JFA use program". MF Yasuhito Endo who had originally stepped down from a bus in the player walked while highly touching children by (29) =G Osaka =.
Afterwards, other players followed to Endo, too. Play a game..team..temporarily..dissolve..both hands..luggage..full of..player..provide..one of..hand..have..substitute..high touch..who has made.

However and .
It did not give children eyes, the high touch was not done, and there was a player who disappeared in the locker room who has made the earphone in 25 two people. I looked lonely the two Japanese representative players though it was likely already to have concentrated before it played a game.

In contrast, (30) = cell tick = is MF Shunsuke Nakamura to which it has gotten off Bath at the end.
He entered the locker room shaking hands with not the high touch but one person one. All children were chortling really looking at each other. I who had seen the spectacle became glad, too.

The player might have the idea of my own way about how before it plays a game to spend it.

However, still.
Eyes of two players and children who passed by in front of children are seen and it is Shunsuke Nakamura who has made the handshake. I think that the difference is great.



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