Ichiro and Mariners five at bat one safe hit five series of defeats 2010.7.31 12:32

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Ichiro and Mariners five at bat one safe hit five series of defeats 2010.7.31 12:32

The Ichiro outfielder of Twins Mariners (target field on the 30th) Mariners was a forerunner participation doing, and five at bat one safe hit in "The 1st and right wing". Batting average and 310. It is defeated by 3-5 and 5 series of defeatss of Mariners.

The flight, and Ichiro plays and falls end and as many as three times in the grounder when mesne the launch of one time and the first ball. It cut in the struck out swinging and it was taken in the chance of six time two death third base where two points were chased though the straight ball of the external angle was carried to the adversity in the third at bat of five times. The fifth at bat of nine times is two grounders.

Mariners bathes in two point home run in Tormi by Pfister of the forerunner when the runner is permitted from two deaths twice because of the error of Figins and carries out a preemptive attack. It permitted to three times and when one point was lost by twining the error, an additional point was permitted to five times by two point home run of Casheya.
Mariners did not reach though connected the the batting lineup with six times and returned the 3 on.

In the practice before it fights of Twins, Ichiro of Mariners that confirms the feeling of the fence of the target field visited for the first time Http://www.sanspo.   com/mlb/images/100731/mla1007311155008-p1.jpg http://www.sanspo.com/mlb/images/100731/mla1007311155008-p2.jpg

【 pitcher ](Ma)Pfister, light, Orson, and ..B.. Sweeney-bird
(Ts)Baker and crane, Mihares, Geriar, and Cappsumauar
【 responsibility pitcher ](victory)Nine Baker victory nine defeat (S) Seven Pfister 3 of ..defeating..) victory ..Capps 1 S (.. defeats
【 home run ](Ts)Two the 13th Tormi Laon and 2 the first Casheya Laon

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