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Two of the 43 precessions who had played in this class exceeded the preliminary contest by men's golf and British Open championship (turn berry Eilsacors) 2nd round on the 17th. Watson of 59 years who wins five degrees in the past the championship and Manna cello of 16 years old. Peaceful atmosphere like the parent and child drifted for a long time in the round mesne of two days. Watson「It was a very impressive child. While facing the hall by the 18th『Nothing is changed. Let's enjoy it according to the current. 』It was told. "The Manna cello「It doesn't forget for a long time for this two days. I want to show wonderful play until the weekend. 」。


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putting out.. and the circumference are the quina ..sighting information of "Hero who fell".. odors of the plural from the golf affiliate and the gallery. What on earth has occurred in the jumbo?

There is a stirring performance and the sports goods company affiliate who knows well specifies though it is jumbo, "Here begins to wither rapidly recently". The abstention on the way plays a game and three games of two games and preliminary contest falls though it participates in seven wars in total this year when You may depend on it. Only 54th place, 56th place, and San (Mr. phlegm) barrel consequence can be left though two games of the remainder finally pass the preliminary contest.

No exaggeration to say landing in hell from the jumbo with power to drop the flying bird of that before exactly.

「It is said, "The Malus japonica has started from jumbo Mr." in surroundings. It is likely to sit on the chair of the restaurant in one absent-minded person for a long time, and do eyes of the whereabouts of the hit ball and it exists very much also in the practice place ..the chase.. others on far eyes are nothing but sitting without gripping the club on the bench. 」(same as above)

In addition, being surprised had happened. A certain gallery talks about the witnessing story.
Tea was not pierced so that hitting one's tee shot in the teeing ground in the future may come but it was absent-minded, put out the marker, and it ..".. had almost left in the teeing ground.

Have it made a mistake on green of jumbo Mr. to Give me a rest, and everyone who was was frozen there.  safeReal..surprise..in addition..tournament..affiliate..score..count..make a mistake..very often.
being said (BG) though underestimated declaration Gse is from old times"

In addition, the jumbo is Iu because Hyogo and the Yomi melon country where the other day's Mizuno opening that Ishikawa had won the championship was opened were courses where ups and downs are intense when having from beginning to end screamed.
It ..".. was surprised because only it went up for a moment on the slope and there was a Hooch remark. Might it come here and physical fitness decreased at a dash.

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For the most favorite sports player, Ishikawa of men's golf progressed from last year's 12th place to 2nd place.

Ichiro of U.S. Major League and Mariners of 5 years in a row was favoured to 30 percent or more in the top. Hatadai Tanaka of the professional baseball optimism is top 10 it is the first entering. Mao Asada of figure skating with a lot of support among womens was 6th place, and 8th place of Shunsuke Nakamura who joined Espanyorl of 1 Spain was the highest in soccer. A white big bird is 1st place in a favorite wrestler of the active service 2 years in a row.

In favorite Prosports, the professional baseball defends 1st place 14 years in a row, and the variation is none also in 2nd place soccer, the 3rd place Grand Sumo Tournament, and the continuing order.
The advance ..approval rating.. lingua in the most favorite pennant chasers after an interval of three years.  giant of the head positionOptimism is maintenance in the first Pacific League place as for the entire 4th place.
Kashima in 2nd place stood in the top in a favorite soccer team in place of Urawa last year.

The investigation executed from June 1 this year to the 9th by an individual interview for 4000 men and women of 20 years or more in the whole country chosen randomly, and obtained the answer from 1244 people.


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(Shizuoka Prefecture Tomei CC=6542 yard and par 72 on the 17th) fell into disorder the schott and delayed starting Ricoh (33) == greatly with 105th place by ten over 82.
The head position is (32) = Chicheng CC= of Hiromi Motegi assumed to be six under 66 by seven birdies and one bogey.
Japan Hewlett-Packard (21) = = of Arimura wisdom in the second the first margin place.
(23) = Epson = is Yokomine cherry blossoms 38th place of one exaggerated.

It did not go to a private fair ..good...
"My ability. "The power of love was dropped and Higashio it was not possible to exert dropped the shoulder.

It is large and the bend bogey in the right of the tee shot by the tenth of beginning go out.
The triple bogey of six two on putts.  the 11th strike, ..left of.. bend, and of the first wandering from there in a right and left luff
「I am not understood. (The cause of the mistake :. )Another mistake goes out when thinking this. 」。
Not only the schott of the slump of the assumption of the second in the latter half etc. by four putts a double bogey but also the putt was Melo Melo.

Topics other than golf are NG since it has an interview on the 15th, and the language concerning association with Ishida is none.
However, Ishida who is visiting Italy returns home on the 18th today, and the interview is scheduled at night.
Now..Sue..preliminary contest..breakthrough..good news..deliver..Biggs..core..necessary.
「My best is only carried out. It was possible to do without throwing out the latter half today though the score in the first half was bad. It only tries. 」。
Riko doesn't give up to the last minute and charge it.

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(7204 yards and pars 70) in the British northwest is done, and Kenichi Kubotani is 2nd place Thailand of the head position and 1 margin and the generatephilie Susumu linguas by 65 of the 1 eagle, 6 birdies, and 3 bogeyes.

Ishikawa of the debut was applied to 21th place Thailand by 68 of the the head position and 4 margins in the history of a Japanese player at the age of 17 of minimus.
Both of Kondo Hiroshi is 68th place by 71. As for Ryuji Imada, 131th place, Yuta Ikeda, and Oda Komei delayed starting to 120th place and Yanohigashi with 140th place.

Miguel Angel Jimenez (Spain) in 3rd place rose to the top for 01 years by 64 of six under, and Tom Watson of 59 years (U.S.) and Pahudia cochinchinensis Curtis (U.S.) applied it to 2nd place with Kubotani.

Tiger Woods of the same class as Ishikawa (U.S.) is 68th place by 71.
37th place started from Padraig Harrington (Ireland) where it took 3rd straight victory by 69.

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It has done ..unpleasant... Is this called ..drinking.. deployment to You can't mean that?
Two starts under, and none of schott in the first half is imaginable.  ..latter half.. beat "42" by the stable Ishikawa playerIn addition, where do it revive to the last minute though the king Tiger, and I also was looking forward.

This preliminary contest fall of two people is "Fail together" that everyone fears. The swing was not stable to the Tiger from the first day, and a lot of duffle scenes were had as for as many as two Hime. A lot of swings that entered from the inside were seen from the downswing to the impact. The swing of the Tiger that the Daegu reservoir was not suitable for the track of the downswing was seen for the first time.
It is likely to have become a good experience for the Ishikawa player. The bogey short run afterwards is too good though it thinks the tenth double bogeyes to be reluctant. This Ishikawa player is to have learnt scary of that though it is golf that the flow changes due to one mistake.

The Tiger worried about golf of feelings bare of the rampaging Tiger, and was not able to play golf for the Ishikawa player though was seen the scene where reporters that surrounded the Ishikawa player worry of I. The end such as the worst consequences and failing together that noteworthy player's pairing brings will have been faced.

Well, I want player Kenichi Kubotani to keep remaining and to play golf without any inhibitions for two days though the viewpoint since tomorrow. And, I want Tom Watson who leads the rally in head position Thailand now the leading part and for you to exist like last year Greg Norman until the final day. Please ..enjoyment.. wait even for tomorrow's report my victory expectation.

The source is http://www.golfdigest.co.jp/magazine/tournament/hotnews/tne000001353001.html.

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This fellow and it has already slept and the furnace. Then, the name is a teaching furnace in case of not being.
One.  It massaged it, and great "Women's golf fore buttocks" and Gugu howeverTerrible sleep World Wide Web.

Arai Mai professional (20 years old). At all..impolite..the..milk..existence..know..full name..hear..entirely..pin..come..massage..in a word..before-mentioned..edit..in charge of..order..correct..prove.

The presentiment of the new star birth following Miyazato and Hengfeng because it seems to have cut the good start of five under head positions on the second Nichirei PGM ladies' day of the 19th, and it doesn't exist from Fn of golf though a round copy of the sport journal. I like face. Fore buttocks ..this.. are face, and ants.

The person who doesn't know is and Inda though not being interested in milk alone is a vale vale.  Mite image retrieving ShiteIt is an after all doubt "Will the one that doesn't disturb the swing?" that only and Kon first thinks it is deca. Still more care.  loan

Milk very if the operation region narrows when developing muscularly too much a good kipper might ..whether gentleness there...
Mr. Yutaka Enatsu of great pitcher Kano also says the meaning "Even if the belly goes out to length, it is influence Hanai if meat doesn't attach sideways" to it.

Is it Sho being able not to leave the very limit weight on pivoting foot side by the principle of the pendulum in case of the brassiere that doesn't spill horizontal milk?Milk..pull..shoulder..opening..without..up the middle..ball..fly..name..boobs..glide-step and quick swing..I'm sorry..golf..ring.

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fell into doing the 2nd round with turn berry Eilsacors (7204 yards and pars 70) in the British northwest, and the 21st first day place in the debut on the 17th the British Open championship of golf.

Tiger Woods of the same class as Ishikawa (United States) fell the preliminary contest four exaggerated ..exaggerated totaling 5.., too.
After it enters of the professional, it is the second due to the event since U.S. open championship in 2006 that the father's death and is the adjustment deficiency that Woods falls the preliminary contest in the majors rally.
Tom Watson of 59 years (United States) who had been giving eight majors victories including British all 5 victory rose to the top in the head position with the Steve Marino (same as above) with a total of 5 under.

Kenichi Kubotani in the second first day place finishes the 2nd round by 72, and Japanese power is a total of 3 under and 4th place Thailand.
Ryuji Imada who had gone out in 120th place turned by 69, and accomplished the qualification process of the wish ..exaggerated totaling 3...
As for Yuta Ikeda, Hiroshi was both exaggerated totaling 7 and Yanohigashi exaggerated and nine Kondo exaggerated, exaggerated 14 of Oda Komei, and fell into ten the preliminary contest.
70 epistatic people and player to the same order have advanced to the final round.

The source is http://sankei.jp.msn.com/sports/golf/090718/glf0907180542008-n1.htm.

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it has been understood to have marked it 9.6%(..Kanto district.. video the research is examined). This figure is the super-more exceptional than 9.1% the average audience rating of "Hanshin - the giant" (back 7.00) professional baseball war broadcast at Sunday and prime time of the 12th. The occupation rate was "Good score. " of 37.2% though the program was a program for a long time lasting for about five hours from 11:10PM

Ishikawa (17) of all Britain debut turned in Tiger Woods (33) and this class in the first preliminary contest Hime at the first day and having been broadcast attracted attention on this day. Does person in charge Do Son of royal and Enschent club (R&A) that hosts a convention stop about the pairing of Ishikawa and Woods and does neither clarification Shite descending nor TV Asahi that broadcasts stop laughter in "Nice schott" the same as the expectation , saying that "The demand of the TV station was considered" ....

Sports Nippon:

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It was diagnosed that Nishikiori examined a right elbow that did the stress fracture again in New York this month, and cured.
However, it returned home still for the soreness to remain, and to do the inspection and treatment in Japan. Expectation of staying in soreness not complete.
It did not leave Motuo of the return, and participation in the end of August from all over the U.S. became hopeless.

Nishikiori was determined, and a thorough receiving treatment was decided domestically.
In "To tell the truth" and the title lingua blog「It is in Japan now. To tell the truth, it came back last week. (omission)It is scheduled that it is in Japan until training for a while in Japan, and recovering. 」It clarified it. 

It was diagnosed by the authority of the elbow that looked after the major-leaguer etc. on May 20 as the stress fracture. It was said that the racket was not able to be gripped, and was obligated to about three months receiving the reinspection in six weeks. When the reinspection was received, "It was said that the stress fracture would already have recovered. "However, it is Iu , saying that "Made it because there was still a soreness to looking after in Japan".

The shock is inscrutable for Nishikiori. It is said, and it is said the long-run rest when recovering. It fluctuates between hopes and fears in every case, and it is brandished. In the blog June 22「It doesn't see ahead at all. It doesn't understand when to recover, and when it is possible to play tennis is not understood. It is painful ..That's it... 」Sorrowful feelings were revealed.

The cause of the soreness is still unclear, and the prospect of the return doesn't look up. Absence is thick so far though Nishikiori is training by National tray Sen in Tokyo now after an interval of Japan ..boy.. 71 years of last year.  ..16.. all Americans who ..strong.. entered
"When do it still recover without being discouraged though it manages not to understand?"
The greatest treasure of the Japan tennis field struggles.

Source: Http://www.nikkansports.com/sports/news/p-sp-tp0-20090718-519967.html

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